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Episode Notes/Recap:

  • Yoda Begins Disrespecting Gary.
  • Nick Learns That His Daughter Has A School Project Due. Apparently, Nick And His Daughter Have To Build A Model Of The Brooklyn Bridge. Nick Didn’t Read The Assignment Completely, And Has A Limited Time, To Build The Bridge. Gary And Clark Have Already Built Their Bridge, And Nick Claims That He Can Out-Do Them.
  • Yoda Continues To Disrespect Gary. Marny Begins Undermining Gary, When Gary Says Something To Yoda.
  • Gary Tells Marny That She Needs To “Butt-Out”, And Stop Undermining Him.
  • After Gary Tells Marny To Butt-Out, Marny Takes Ernie, To Sleep Train Him. It Seems That Marny Is Not Going To Help Gary With The Children, While She’s Angry.
  • Gary Begins Trying To Care For The Children, Until Marny Returns.
  • Marny Tries To Help Chris Sleep Train Ernie.
  •  Chris Tells Marny That Gary Told Her To Butt-Out At Their Apartment, So Now She’s Butting In At His Place. Chris Begins Walking Marny Out Of His Apartment, But Marny Closes The Door Behind Chris, And Locks Him Out Of His Apartment.
  • Marny Returns Home With Ernie, To Look For Her Book, That Shows The Steps To Sleep Train A Baby.
  • When Marny Arrives Home, She Sees Yoda At The Dinner Table. Marny Learns That Gary Has Made Yoda Sit At The Table, As He Hasn’t Yet Finished His Dinner.
  • Marny Tells Gary That He Has One Hour To “Break” Yoda. Marny Says In One Hour, She’s Putting Yoda To Bed.
  • The Guys Begin Trying Many Different Tactics, To Get Yoda To Cooperate.
  • The Guys Begin Playing Football In The Apartment, To Get Yoda To Finish His Dinner. While Playing Football, The Guys Throw The Football, And It Hits Clarke’e Model Bridge. The Bridge Is Severely Damaged, And It’s Due The Following Day.
  • Clarke Sees His Destroyed Bridge, And He Begins Disrespecting Gary, As Well.
  • Chris Finally Gets Marny To Let Him In His Apartment. Marny Wasn’t Able To Sleep Train Ernie.
  • Gary Tells Marny That He Needs Her To Help Him With Clarke And Yoda.
  • Marny Takes Control Over The Situation, And Makes Yoda And Clarke Show Gary Some Respect.
  • Nicks Outdoes Gary And Clarke, With His Bridge. However, Nick Notices That His Daughter, Violet, Doesn’t Like The Bridge. Nick Lets Violet Add Her Own Touch To The Bridge, By Painting It Purple, etc.

Favorite Episode Quote(s):

1) “When Did Smacking Your Child Fall Out Of Fashion?”   – Gary

2) “Oh, Did I Hurt Your Neck, You Little Baby?”   – Nick


Tonight’s Episode Of Guys With Kids Was Hilarious! In Tonight’s Episode, Gary Had To Try His Best To Get His Children To Respect Him. Gary And The Guys Try Their Best To Get Gary’s Kids To Cooperate, However Marny Ultimately Has To Take Control Of The Situation. Marny Is Able To Get The Kids To Show Gary Some Respect. I’m Becoming A Fan Of This Humble Comedy, As Each Episode Passes. Guys With Kids Is A Hilarious, Whole Comedy. Plus, The Jimmy Fallon Is Behind The Show, Which Makes It That Much Better. Overall, I Would Absolutely Recommend Guys With Kids. Watch Guys With Kids Live: Wednesday’s At 8:30/7:30C. On NBC.

~ Scott R.

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