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Harry’s Law

Episode Notes:

  • Phoebe Asks Harry and Adam To Help Her With a Case involving a Marching Band Member Who died, Due To A Hazing Ritual.
  • A Man Named Alden Claims That He was Raped By A Woman Named Cecillia, and asks Tommy To represent Him.
  • Harry, Adam, And Phoebe Gets The Client’s Side of  The Story.
  • It’s Revealed That The Band Members Aren’t Being Tried In Court Individually, But Instead, They’re All Going to Be Tried at one time.
  • It’s Revealed That Sam Is Representing a Portion Of The Band Members.
  • Sam Begins To Act Strange. (could he have suffered Severe Brain Damage, From The Nail?)
  • Harry Is Appointed As Lead Lawyer, In The Hazing Case.
  • Alden and Cecillia Each Tell Their Lawyers their side of the story.
  • Harry Asks The Judge to Throw Out the Felony Murder Rule, Which If Thrown Out, Would allow The Band’s Murder Charges to be dropped.
  • Tommy Suggests That Alden Let The Case Go. (But He Refuses)
  • The Judge States that the Felony Murder Rule Will not Apply To The Hazing Case, Therefore The Band’s Murder Charges are dropped. (However, The Lesser Charges Remain)
  • Tommy Meets With Jon, The Man That Cecillia Came To The Party With. (Alden Met Cecillia at the Party)
  • Jon Suspects That Cecillia Drugged Him. (Alden Claimed The Same Thing)
  • Alden Agrees to Not Involve The Police, If Cecillia Admits To What She Did, and Gives Him An Apology. (Cecillia Agrees To Do So)
  • (Unknown To Cecillia) Tommy Records Her Admission And States That The D.A. Will be able to make a Great Case, By Using That Evidence.
  • Alden Decides Not To Go To Court, Therefore, Tommy no longer needs the evidence
  • Harry And Sam Start To Become Friends, And Sam Asks Her Out for Drinks.

Favorite Episode Quote(s):

1) “The Woman Raped Me”   – Alden

2) “How Do You Tell A Rape Victim To just Let It Go?”   – Alden

3) “They toot Their Trumpets and Blow Their Little Horns. I’m Sure Some Would be happy To Blow Yours In Chambers, If That Would Help.”   – Sam


Tonight’s Episode Of Harry’s Law Was A Little More Racy, than Other Episodes, But That Definitely Made For A Better Episode. Tongiht’s Episode Really Related To Actual Occurences In America. If You Haven’t Yet Watched Harry’s Law, I Suggest You Do So. Watch Harry’s Law Live: Sunday’s at 8/7C. On NBC.


Once Upon A Time

Episode Notes:

  • Emma Gets August To Install a Deadbolt Lock, To Keep Regina From Using her Skeleton Key, To Gain Access.
  • It’s Revealed That Someone added A New Story To Henry’s book.
  • FlashBacks of Pinochhio are Presented.
  • It’s Revealed That August Is Actually Pinochhio.
  • August Tries To Stand and Walk, Realizes That His Leg Is Turning Wooden.
  • Mary Margaret Returns To Her Teaching Job.
  • August (Pinochhio) Spots His Father In Gold’s Shop, But Is Too Afraid To Speak to him.
  • Gold Agrees To Help “Nudge” Emma To Listen to August, Who Is Trying to Convince Her That The Curse is Real.
  • It’s Revealed That Pinochhio’s Father Is The Person Who Built The Wardrobe, That Saved Snow White’s Daughter.
  • Gold Informs Emma That He Will not Be Taking Her Custody Case, Which Causes Her To Go To August For Info On How To Beat Regina.
  • After Driving Her Home, Due To Car Trouble, David is Invited To Dinner, By Regina.
  • More of Pinochhio’s (And His Father’s) Past Is Revealed.
  • Regina and David’s  begin to get Closer, During The Dinner.
  • Regina Tries To Make a {Intimate} Move on David, But Gets Rejected.
  • Regina Goes Into A Furious Tantrum, Because She was Rejected By David.
  • The Birth Of Snow White’s Daughter, And The Events Leading to it, are Told From Pinichhio’s and His Father’s View-Point.
  • August Takes Emma To A Local Diner. As a Child, She Was Found by a 7Yr. Old and taken To this Diner. The 7Yr. Old Was August.
  • The Events Following Pinochhio’s (And Snow White’s Daughter’s) Entrance into StoryBrooke Are Revealed.
  • August/Pinochhio Takes Emma To The Tree (The Location Where They Both Passed through Into StoryBrooke) And Tries To Convince Her That The Curse Is Real. (But She Still Doesn’t Believe Him)
  • It’s Revealed That Pinochhio And Emma Were sent To An Out Of State Orphanage, after Their Entrance To StoryBrooke
  • It’s Revealed That August Left With Some Of The Other Orphans, Leaving Emma Behind.
  • August Gets A Job Working With his Father But He Doesn’t Reveal To The Man, That they are Related.
  • Emma Decides To Leave Story Brooke, and Takes Henry With Her.

Favorite Episode Quote(s)

1) “Meet Me At Granny’s, It’s an Operation Cobra Emergency”                  – Henry

2) “Sounds Like Sheriff Swan Needs a Course Correction” – Gold


Once Upon A Time Is a Superb Series. The Show Really Seperates itself from Any Other Show Currently Airing. If You Were a Fan Of LOST, Then You Will Love Once Upon A Time. Both Shows have the same Mysterious Feeling. I Highly Recommend You Watch Once Upon A Time. Watch Once Upon A TIme Live: Sunday’s at 8/7C. On ABC

~ Scott R.


AMC’s The Killing- 2×06 “Openings” 9/8c

Lifetime’s The Client List- 1×04 “Ring True” 10/9c


NBC’s Harry’s Law- 2×19 “And The Band Played On” 8/7c

ABC’s Once Upon A Time- 1×20 “The Stranger” 8/7c 

Community– 5/24 hour long

30 Rock– 5/17

The Office– 5/10

Parks and Recreation– 5/10

Harry’s Law– 5/20

Grimm– 5/18

Once Upon A Time– 5/13

Revenge– 5/23

Missing– 5/17

Scandal– 5/17

New Girl– 5/8

The Finder– 5/11

House– 5/21 Series Finale

Once Upon A Time

Episode Notes:

  • August Begins Looking for Something in Mr. Gold’s Office.
  • Emma Visits Kathryn (Who is in the Hospital.) and Kathryn Tells Emma The Details Of her ordeal.
  • It’s Revealed That Regina Hired Mr. Gold to Make Something “Tragic” Happen To Kathryn.
  • It’s Revealed That When Mr. Gold Started his Partnership with Regina, He may have had an Underlying Motive.
  • David goes to visit Kathryn, in the Hospital.
  • Mary Margaret Attends a Welcome Home Party, That Was Organized Especially for her.
  • Emma Begins to Suspect that Mr. Gold had something to do With Kathryn’s Disappearance/Return.
  • Mr. Gold Tries to get info About August, From Emma.
  • More of Rumplestilkin’s Past is Revealed.
  • Mr. Gold Breaks into August’s House, to Look For answers.
  • While looking Through August’s Belongings, Mr. Gold Finds a Drawing, depicting an item That Belongs To Rumplestilskin.
  • Emma Confronts Sidney, About the Bug that he Planted.
  • While Trying to Defend Regina’s Actions, It’s Revealed That Sidney May be in Love with the Mayor.
  • David Tells Mary Margaret That They need to Move Forward (Together)
  • It is Revealed that August Is Mr. Gold’s Son.
  • Mr. Gold Goes to Archie, To Talk About August.
  • Mr. Gold Suggests That August is in Storybrooke, To kill him.
  • It is Revealed That August is Angry With Mr. Gold, Because of something That Gold (Rumplestilskin) Did a Long Time ago.
  • Gold has a Heart-To-Heart Conversation With August, About what happened Ages Ago.
  • Gold And August find the Dagger That can ultimately Take Away Gold’s/Rumplestilskin’s Powers.
  • August Uses the dagger To try to Control Mr. Gold, But he Fails.
  • It is Revealed that August May not really be Gold’s/Rumplestilskin’s Son.
  • Regina Puts Sidney up to confessing to the Abduction of Kathryn.
  • Emma Tells Regina That She Plans To Get Henry Back.

Favorite Episode Quote(s):

1) “Honesty’s Never Been The Best Color on me.”   – Mr. Gold

“The Chances of you Surviving This Little Encounter Are Pretty Slim”   – Mr. Gold

Once Upon A Time Is Ahow That is very different from The others that are currently Airing. This Show is Never Boring. It Has Plenty of Conspiracy; If You are a LOST Fan, Then you’ll Love Once Upon a Time. Watch Once Upon A Time Live: Sunday’s at 8/7C. On ABC

Sidenote: Be sure To Catch The Season Finale of Once Upon A Time, In Just Three Short Weeks.


Harry’s Law

Episode Notes:

  • A Reality Show Star Asks Phoebe to be her Lawyer, in a case involving the Suicide of the Actress’s Husband.
  • A Woman Asks Harry To Be Her Lawyer, Because She Thinks the Police are looking for her, after she abandoned Jury Duty, In the Middle Of Deliberations.
  • Judge Badcock Attempts To Hold The Runaway Juror (Brianna) In Contempt, But Harry Demands a Trial, On The Contempt Charges.
  • Phoebe Agrees To Take The Reality-Star’s (Tina) Case, and Recruits Adam, To Help Out.
  • Tina’s Wrongful Death Trial Begins.
  • Brianna’s Trial Begins.
  • Brianna Testifies About The Emotional-Hardships Caused by the Deliberations.
  • Nancy Grace Weighs in on Tina’s Case.
  • Tina Is Put on the Stand, To testify.
  • Tina Begins To Get “Grilled” On The Stand, By The Prosecutor.
  • Brianna Begins To Fear that she may get Prison Time.
  • Brianna’s Doctor Is Called To Testify About Her Anxiety, Panic Attacks, etc.
  • The Producer of  The Reality Show (On Which Tina Starred) Is Called To Testify in the case.
  • It’s Revealed that the Video Of TIna Making Mean Comments About her husband was Actually edited, and taken Out-Of-Context by the producer(s)
  • Brianna Is Found Guilty On The Contempt Charge, and the Judge Asks The D.A. To File Obstruction Charges, Against Brianna.
  • Tina Is Found Not Guilty on the Main Charges, But is found Guilty on a Minor Charge, and is ultimately ordered to pay $120,000 To Elliot’s Family.
  • Phoebe again offers Adam A Job at her Firm, But Adam Returns With A Counter-Offer: Phoebe Should Come Work at Harry’s Firm.
  • Harry Suggests to Tommy, That Her and his Firm, Finally Merge.

Favorite Episode Quote(s):

1)  “She’s a Dynamo, Isn’t She?”     – Tommy

2) “I Hate Skype!”    – Cassie


Harry’s Law is an Off-Beat Version of Law and order. The Show Has Many Laughs Mixed in With Serious Situations. I’ve Watched Harry’s Law Since the First Season, and have yet to be let down. I High;y Suggest You Check Out harry’s Law. Watch Harry’s Law Live: Sunday’s at 8/7C. On NBC

Sidenote: Be sure To Catch The Season Finale of  Harry’s Law, In Just Three Short Weeks.


The Killing- 9/8c on AMC


The Client List- 10/9c on Lifetime



Once Upon A Time- 8/7c on ABC

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