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Air Date: 9/9/12

Best quotes in orange.

  • Cullen’s ex-solider buddies are planning on robing the payroll while everyone is out working.
  • The Doc is surprised Cullen is alive.
  • He’s walking the streets like the risen Christ“- Hawkins
  • The Doc stays back just outside of town.
  • Lily questions what she will do once the railroad is done.
  • The Swede has Reverend Cole chained up, keeping his sober.
  • The group comes into town scouting there plan of attack.
  • One of the men questions the bartender letting a negro in to drink. He’s referring to Elam.
  • Elam suspects trouble when the other man apologizes and buys him a bottle, he sees the man carrying Cullen’s gun. He goes right to Durant who asks him to arm everyone left in town and send for Cullen.
  • The McGinnes bothers are some of the few men left in town.
  • Elam finds all the weapon from the armory gone.
  • Elam give Psalms who is sick his gun to watch over the exit out of town.
  • Durant goes to the office warn Lily. The men arrive and he is badly shot.
  • Elam is in the middle of a shootout  as Cullen arrives.
  • Lily is being forced at gun point to open the safe while Durant lays wounded.
  • Cullen saves Elam and they go after the men.
  •  “You got you some nice friends“- Elam
  • Ain’t much fun killing them, but they seem to need it“- Cullen
  • The Swede is convinced the sound of the gunshots signify Cole’s crazy prophecy coming true while everyone else tires to save lives.
  • Psalms takes out the men leaving with the money.
  • A whore is shot and killed trying to grab some of the money. The McGinnes brothers take action and fire away at the shooter.
  • Lily gets a shot as Hawkins trying to load his gun. Cullen then shoots him in the shoulder.
  • Durant is dying in the office as Cullen gets Hawkins to tell him where the Doc is and races to get him. Elam locks up Hawkins.
  • Eva uses tricks she learned from the Indians to help Durant.
  • Elam gets Cullen’s gun back from one of the thieves.
  • The Doc works on Durant and Lily and Cullen get to talk.
  • “For a moment I felt relief that he may not live. You yourself would be free..of your debt to the railroad.”- Lily
  • “He ain’t dead yet.”- Cullen
  • (It would appear Cullen has no intention of leaving either way. He has found a propose and place with these people and the railroad.)
  • The Doc informs them that Durant needs a more qualified surgeon.
  • “Best do everything in your power to keep him alive”- Cullen
  • Cullen pulls doc aside angry that they continued robing.
  • “There never was any Mexico was there?”- Cullen
  • Cullen and Elam strut Hawkins trough town taking him to the cemetery to be executed.
  • Hawkins is convinced that the whole time Cullen was robing he was a double agent with the railroad.
  • He is given a chance to say his last words.
  • Hawkins trash talks Elam who shoots him.
  • Dammit Elam, the man wasn’t done speaking his last words.“- Cullen
  • Yeah he was.“- Elam
  • The Doc thinks its worth risking taking Durant on a train ride for further medical attention.
  • The Swede stole the guns, planning to make Cole’s prophecy come true.
  • Mickey his holding a wake for the whore when Elam shows up.
  • To Mr.Bohannon, he may be a son of a bitch but he’s our son of a bitch.“- Mr. Toole
  • Elam is kicked out as he was seen hiding during the robbery and Cullen had to save him.
  • The McGinnes brothers don’t stick up for him.
  • He goes to drink with freed men.
  • Elam is thinking about what would happen to them and him if Durant were to die.
  • (Elam knows his place would be among them if it weren’t for Durant.)
  • Lily hands Cullen a telegraph saying that all those aiding and abetting in the robbery are to be executed.
  • “The Doc just held the horses.”- Cullen
  • “Im sorry Cullen.”- Lily

Final Thoughts:

What a badass episode even though it was rather cliche with everyone out of town and Cullen of course rides in and saves the day. Speaking of Cullen, knowing that Durant’s death would be his freedom see’s Lily’s concern and tells the doc to do everything in his power to save him. We have seen all sides of this man and it would appear Cullen is sticking around know matter what happens.

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