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8/7c Once upon a time on ABC

Recap last weeks season 2 premiere.


9/8c Hell on Wheels 2 hour season 2 finale on AMC

“Cullen prepares for battle while the town celebrates; Cullen fights to save Hell on Wheels.”

Get ready for the finale by recapping previous episodes and watching a sneak peek.



9/8c Revenge on ABC

Recap last weeks season 2 premiere.


9/8c Dexter on Showtime

10/9c Homeland on Showtime

10/9c 666 Park Avenue on ABC

Read Aaron’s review of the season premiere “ABC Tries Horror Again”


Hell on Wheels Season two 2 hour finale Sunday October 7th at 9/8c on AMC

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Recap each season 2 episode:

2×08 “The Lord’s Day”

2×07 “The White Spirit”

2×06 “Purged Away With Blood”

2×05 “The Railroad Job”

2×04 “Scabs”

2×03 “Slaughterhouse”

2×02 “Durant, Nebraska”

2×01 “”Viva La Mexico”

Sneak Peek the Season 2 Finale:

Tour The Season 2 Set:

8/7c Once Upon A Time Season 2 Premiere on ABC

9/8c Revenge Season 2 Premiere on ABC

Recap The Season 1 Finale


9/8c Hell on Wheels on AMC

Just one episode remains until the season 2 finale.

Recap last weeks episode “The White Spirit”


9/8c Dexter Season 7 Premiere on Showtime

10/9c 666 Park Avenue Series Premiere on ABC

10/9 Homeland Season 2 Premiere on Showtime

Sunday September 23rd:

Hell on Wheels 2×07 “The White Spirit”

This was the first episode where everything quietly transitioned to all the characters. Nearly everyone’s actions were for there romantic interests, Elam getting involved with Sean/Mickey for Eva, Sean giving away land for Ruth & Cullen staying for Lily. This was also the first episode where the big action was put into character drama and not fight scenes which was a nice change.

Monday September 24th:

Revolution 1×02 “Chained Heat”

Who is Randall?

The Mob Doctor “Family Secrets”

After Seeing The Promos For This Show, I Really Thought That It Would Be A Cheesy, Quickly Produced, Tv Show. However, After Seeing The Pilot Episode, And The 2nd Episode, My Former Predictions Have Been Proven Wrong. The Mob Doctor Can Appeal To Fans Of Many Genres, Including Fans Of Medical Dramas, Fans Of Mob Shows, And Fans Of Great Thrillers.

Tuesday September 25th:

Go On “Bench Clearing Brawl”

Ryan Gives Away Janie’s Sewing Machine, Without Feeling Any Remorse For Doing So. However, Ryan Later Begins To Feel Remorse About Giving Away The Sewing Machine, And He Ultimately Has An Emotional Breakdown, Live, On His Talk-Show. Ryan Then Goes To A Wedding With Anne, So That She Doesn’t Have To Go Alone, Which Somehow Leads To Anne Kissing Ryan. It Seems That Ryan And The Group Are Slowly Becoming One Big Family.

Wednesday September 26th:

Guys with Kids “Chris’s New Girlfriend”

Chris Reveals That He Is Dating A Woman Named Jennifer. Nick Then Reveals That He Once Dated Jennifer, And Was A Big Influence, In Her Life. To Nick’s Dismay, He Learns That Jennifer Doesn’t Remember Him At All. Nick Finally Gets Jennifer To Remember Him. It Turns Out That Nick And Jennifer’s First Date Was Identical To Nick And Emily’s First Date. It Seems That Nick Used A General First Date Setting. Ultimately, Emily And Nick Make-Up. Also, Chris Reminds Gary That It’s His And Marny’s Anniversary. Gary Had Forgotten That It Was His Anniversary, And He Soon Learns That Marny Had Forgotten, As Well. Gary Takes Advantage Of This, And Makes Marny Feel Guilty About Forgetting Their Anniversary. Marny Ultimately Learns That Gary Too Had Forgotten Their Anniversary. Marny Becomes Highly Angry About The Way That Gary Made Her Feel. Ultimately, Gary And Marny Make Up, And All Is Well.

Thursday September 27th:

Last Resort “Series Premiere”

The Series Premiere Of Last Resort Was Purely Epic! I’ve Never Seen A Show As Addicting, Since I Discovered LOST. Last Resort Is Able To Mix Action, Thrill, And Even A Hint Of Conspiracy, Into An Epic One Hour Time-Slot. I’m Really Curious To See Where The Show Goes, And I Can’t Wait For The Second Episode Of The Season.

Thursday September 27th:

Scandal “Season 2 Premiere”

It’s Revealed That Quinn Is Wanted For Murder. Apparently, Quinn’s Name Was Lindsay. Quinn Got Angry At Her Boyfriend, And Sent A Package To His Job. Quinn’s Boyfriend Opened The Package, And It Exploded. The Explosion Killed Quinn’s Boyfriend, And Six Of His Co-Workers. Quinn Says That After The Explosion, She Made A Run For It, And Checked Into A Motel. Quinn Says That Someone Then Knocked Her Out, And She Woke Up In A Washington D.C. Hotel. Quinn Says That In The Hotel Room, She Found New Passports And Documents Laid Out For Her. Someone Had Virtually Given Quinn A New Identity. Olivia Acts As If She Doesn’t Know Who Knocked Quinn Out And Gave Her A New Identity. However, It’s Revealed That Olivia And Hucks Were The People That Knocked Quinn Out, And Gave Her The New Identity. There Weren’t Many Big White House Developments, Except For The Fact That Fitz & Mellie Learned That Their Baby Is Going To Be A Boy. Fitz Makes A Brief Phone Call To Olivia. It Seems As If The Two Of Them Still Have Feelings For Each Other.

Friday September 28th:


Returning Shows Sunday September 30th:

Once Upon A Time 8/7c on ABC

ABC Sunday nights @ 8pm

Season one of Once Upon a Time introduced us to a young man named Henry on his way to find his birth mother. Henry carries around a book of fairy tales that he is convinced are true. He explains to his mom, Emma Swan that his adoptive mom is really the evil queen from Snow White and she has to come save the town and its inhabitants from the curse that stuck them in Storybrook with time frozen and no memory of who they really are.

Revenge 9/8c on ABC

Revenge season one ended with a bang leaving many questions as we head into season two.

Dexter 9pm on Showtime

One of the best shows on TV right now, as you may, or may not know is Dexter, going into its 7th season on September 30th  followed by Homeland.

Homeland 10pm on Showtime

Last year after Dexter, Homeland made its primer, this year we get to go deeper into the plot with season two of this suspenseful political thriller. With an all-star cast, it is the American version of an Israeli show called Prisoners of War. Showtime has outdone itself and will without a doubt keep everyone glued to the edges of their seats on September 30th.

Air date: 9/23

Red marks the important details from the episode.

Best quotes in orange.

  • The Swede has covered himself in clay/cut his hair like an Indian and shows up for one their rituals.
  • The Fate of Durant is unknown and the men question if they can count on their wadges as Lily doesn’t have that kind of authority. Cullen gets them all back to work.
  • Cullen goes the church to see Ruth.
  • (He’s really just looking for his own answers.)
  • “Ms.Ruth I’m the one who put the knife in Joesph’s hand.”– Cullen
  • “It doesn’t matter Mr.Bohannon my father got what he wanted. Once he wanted to be a christian but in the end what he really wanted was to be a martyr.”- Ruth
  • Cullen asks if she thinks Cole’s soul can find peace. (Indirectly referring to himself.)
  • “The truth is I think some people are beyond redemption.”– Ruth
  • Elam speaks to Mr.Toole wanting to know if heard anything from Eva yet.
  • “Like it or not you know exactly why its my concern.”- Elam
  • “I come here because I care about her same as you do.”- Elam
  • Lily ask the Swede for help in making sense of the books while Durant is away.
  • Sean is give a plot of land away to the church. Mickey knows its only because hes likes Ruth.
  • Elam shows up with a proposition, they want to buy the salon but Carl wont sell and he wants to help in exchange for a cut of the profits.
  • Cullen shows up the office and is surprised and angry to see the Swede working.
  • “I see you let the fox in the hen house.”– Cullen
  • “Mr.Gundersen is helping me.”- Lily
  • “Like hell he is.”– Cullen
  • Cullen takes his rifle and aims it at the Swede. He then bashes the Swede with the back of the gun.
  • Cullen locks up the Swede.
  • “Are you one of the tribe now?’– Cullen
  • “I know it was you that armed the Indians then you took a harmless drunk and you lit a fuse. Its you that’s responsible for that massacre out there and you’re gonna confess to it.”– Cullen
  • “It was wonderful wasn’t it? Blood thirsty heathens with modern weapons led by a drunken white man of god.”– The Swede
  • “You try to tell yourself that you do not like the killing but you just can’t stop.“- The Swede
  • The Swede is trying to breakdown Cullen saying a good man with doubt wouldn’t kill. He believes that he gets satisfaction out of killing.
  • “You don’t need my confession you only need that to appease Ms.Lily Bell”- The Swede
  • The plot of land Sean give to Ruth for the church is right in the middle of town.
  • Lily asks Cullen if he confessed.
  • “You’ll have to set him free Mr.Bohannon”- Lily
  • “I can’t do that. He’s a dangerous man.”– Cullen
  • “He’s more valuable to me then dangerous to you.”- Lily
  • Cullen hands Lily the key.
  • Elam and Psalms rob the train bringing whiskey to the salon so that Carl is force to sell to Sean and Mickey.
  • The Swede now free shows up to drink with Cullen. He tells him about his awful imprisonment in Andersonville, thus why he hates confederates.
  • “I hated you before we even met.”– The Swede
  • “You’re one insane, evil son of a bitch.”– Cullen
  • “The reason you hate me is that I am a constant reminder of the capacity for evil that resides within you.”– The Swede
  • “I’m riding out of this mull piss town and I ain’t looking back.”- Cullen
  • Cullen is ready to leave when Lily stops him.
  • “So much for your honor.”- Lily
  • “I know that when things get hard you run. You shot and buried your friend, running away won’t change that.”– Lily
  • “You know that I waited for you at the dance.”– Lily
  • “Well you sure as hell found quick comfort didn’t you?”- Cullen
  • “You ran away. You can disagree with my decisions all you like but judging my choices won’t change yours.”– Lily
  • Lily walks away.
  • “Damit”- Cullen
  • Lily finds out it was Elam that robed Carl’s whiskey and goes to see him. She finds him drunk.
  • “I’m done negotiating, I quit.”– Elam
  • Lily is surprised to see that Cullen hasn’t left.
  • “Listen what you said was true. First thing I did after I buried Doc was pack my saddle bags. I was just looking for a reason then you let Swede out of the pig car…I was gonna up and run just like I always do.”– Cullen
  • “Look Durant’s half dead you know that, he ain’t holding here know more and either is that Swedish son of a bitch.”- Cullen
  • “Why are you still here?”- Lily
  • “I could leave but…”- Cullen
  • “I’m glad that you stayed.”- Lily
  • The Swede uncovers that Durant has been inflating the mileage which is what the government is paying them by thus committing fraud. He tells Lily.
  • Cullen goes to see Elam on his new piece of land and warns him that when the Indians attack they wont care who he’s working for.
  • “Heard you quit the railroad.”- Cullen
  • “Gonna build me a house.”- Elam
  • “Ain’t know place for me on this railroad.”- Elam
  • Sean and Mickey threaten Carl that they will continue robing his whiskey until he sells the bar to them, he agrees.
  • Lily shows up to see Cullen and they have sex.
  • (Song playing is Annabel by The Duhks)
  • Sean longingly stares at Ruth while Elam looks at picture of Eva.
  • In the morning Cullen tires to not wake Lily as he heads to work.
  • “Cullen”- Lily
  • “I better get out to the bridge site.”- Cullen
  • They both smile.

Final Thoughts:

This was the first episode where everything quietly transitioned to all the characters. Nearly everyone’s actions were for there romantic interests, Elam getting involved with Sean/Mickey for Eva, Sean giving away land for Ruth & Cullen staying for Lily. This was also the first episode where the big action was put into character drama and not fight scenes which was a nice change.

Next on AMC’s Hell on Wheels Sunday September 30th episode 2×08 promo: