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The Firm- Saturday’s 9/8c on NBC
  • Action/suspense- The opening and closing high action scenes along with the constant cliffhanger endings will keep you glued to your tv
  • The Cast- Josh Lucas, Callum Rennie, Tricia Helfer…
  • John Grisham- Author of the book the series is based off had some say and gave approval of the series during the first few episodes.
  • The story about a guy and his family caught in bad situation and in way over their heads.
  • The Mystery- Who is after them?, how much deeper to these cases go? the mob? The Firm?
All the episodes are available for FREE on Hulu-

My Review:

The Firm is a high paced action packed lawyer/drama show. Based 10 years after the end of the book/movie (No need to watch or read either.). The high action and suspense is what separates The Firm from the ordinary lawyer shows. The show continually uses flash forwards and flashbacks with the main plot catching up to them which builds suspense. I have described the show as “Harry’s Law” on steroids as the show provides far more action/intrigue and mystery.

Pilot Episode Promo: