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The Killing 2×03 “Ogi Jun” Notes

Posted: April 8, 2012 by Aaron M Zaffuto in The Killing
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The episode was rather quiet but considering last week was an intense opener that is ok. As usual it didn’t end quiet with the story getting even more mysterious as Rosie’s killing may be connected to the mob (Didn’t Holder think that during season 1?)

As one of my twitter followers says “@YaGottaBKiddnMe: Ok, I’m back to where I was last week at this time: They ALL did it.”

  • Holder is losing it, and so is everyone else but Linden
  • I would appear that Linden is (Finally) starting to worry about how her son is going up around hotel room and not moving
  • Richmond is just starting to come to terms with injury
  • Linden and Holder finally meet up to share what they had been uncovering and she understands why Holder took Rosie’s backpack
  • The episode ends with it being clear that Rosie’s murder has a mob connection which goes back to Stanley Larsen.
Next week on The Killing 2×04 Promo:

To all who celebrate Happy Easter!

On a night filled with mostly repeats Me and Scott got you covered with the few new episodes airing tonight.

Harry’s Laws 8/7c

The Killing 9/8c

Mad Men 10/9c

NBC’s “Harry’s Law” kicks off the night at 8/7c (Scott will have you covered)

Promo for tonight’s episode:


AMC’s The Killing 9/8c

I of course will be watching AMC’s “The Killing”.

The Killing has been getting ALOT of backlash from fans over the pace of the story and not revealing the killer yet, but I love every bit of the show and season 2 is really coming together a with massive conspiracy/cover up story.

The question is not just who killed Rosie, its who isn’t involved? Thats the exciting story.

Promo for tonight’s episode: