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Episode Notes/Recap:

  • The Team Has Yet To Find Their 2 Missing Crew Members.
  • Marcus Gets In Contact With A Senior Whitehouse Advisor. The Advisor Tells Marcus That She Is His Negotiator. The Advisor Tells Marcus That His Son Won’t Get A Burial, Until Marcus And The Crew Surrender.
  • Marcus Releases C.O.B. From His Holding Cell, Under The Condition That C.O.B. Won’t Undermine Marcus, etc.
  • The Crew Learns That A Julian Serrat May Be Holding The 2 Missing Crew Members Captive.
  • Grace’s Father Asks The Perseus’s Developer To Find Out Who Sent The Nuke Order. The Developer Gives Grace’s Father The Information That She Has, And Agrees To Help Find Out Who Sent The Nuke Order.
  • Marcus Arrives, To Speak With Julian. Julian And Marcus Make A Deal, To Get The Missing Crew Members Back. Marcus Has To Do A Task For Julian, And Julian Will Return The Missing Crew Members.
  • The Crew Begins Their Task, For Julian. The Crew Must Transfer Drugs From One Of Julian’s Boats, And Put It On The Sub. The Crew Uses The Perseus, To Slip Past The Blockade, And Reach Julian’s Boat.
  • The Crew Gets The Drug Shipment Transferred, To The Sub.
  • The Crew Is Forced To Turn The Perseus Off, As It Is Draining The Sub’s Power.
  • The Blockade Destroyers Spot The Crew’s Location, As They Were Forced To Turn The Perseus Off.
  • The Destroyers Begin Firing On The Sub.
  • The Destroyers Aren’t Able To Damage The Sub, And They continue Moving Forward.
  • The Destroyers Once Again Spot The Sub, And They Turn Around, To Go After The Sub.
  • The Sub’s Crew Plans To Take The Sub Through An Underwater Canyon, To Escape The Destroyers.
  • The Perseus Developer Arrives Home To Find Her Hard drive (That Contains A Vast Amount Of Information About The Perseus) Stolen. The Developer Suspects That Her Romantic Friend, Robert, Stole The Hard drive.
  • The Crew Begins Navigating Through The Canyon.
  • The Sub Successfully Makes It Through The Canyon.
  • Marcus And The Crew Aren’t Able To Make It Back In Time. Julian Begins Executing The Crew Members.
  • Marcus And The Crew Are Late, But They Deliver The Cargo To Julian.
  • Julian Releases 2 Crew Members To Marcus. Marcus Learns That Julian Executed The Remaining Crew Member.
  • The Crew Returns To The Village, And They Begin Planning Their Next Move.
  • It’s Suggested That The Perseus Developer’s Dad Stole The Hard drive.


Tonight’s Episode Of Last Resort Was Great, But Slower Paced. In Tonight’s Episode, Marcus Learns That Julian Has Taken 3 Of The Crew Members Captive. Marcus Makes A Deal With Julian, To Get The Crew Members Back. Marcus And The Crew Slip Past The Blockade That Is  Surrounding The Island, To Retrieve Cargo From Julian’s Boat. Marcus And The Crew Retrieves The Cargo, But They Are Late, When The Meet With Julian. Julian Releases 2 Crew Members To Marcus. Marcus Learns That Because He Was Late, Julian Executed The 3rd Crew Member. The Crew Then Returns To The Village, To Plan Their Next Move. I’m Becoming A Huge Fan Of Last Resort. The Show Has Everything that You Could Want: Drama, Action, Mystery, Conspiracy, etc. However, Tonight’s Episode Wasn’t As Thrilling As The Previous Episodes, But It Was Still A Great One. Overall, I Would Definitely Recommend Last Resort. Watch Last Resort Live: Thursday’s At 8/7C. On ABC.


~ Scott R.

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