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Episode Notes:

  • Riley Plans To Go On A Date Mark. They Plan To Go To A Country Club.
  • Taylor Begins Making Changes To The Salon’s Policy. The Changes Begin To Anger Lynette.
  • Dee-Ann And Ray (Her Love Interest) Begin Arguing In One Of The Massage Rooms. Riley Hears The Argument, And Goes To Investigate.
  • Dee-Ann Tells Riley That She Has Been Seeing Ray Romantically, And That He Is One Of The Guys On “The List”. Dee-Ann Also tells Riley That Ray Is A City Councilman.
  • Dee-Ann Tells Georgia That She’s Been Seeing Ray. Georgia Tells Dee-Ann that Because She Broke The No Outside Interaction With the Clients Policy, She Is fired.
  • Lynette Grows Tired Of Taylor’s Actions And Tells Taylor That She Is Quitting The Salon.
  • Riley Runs Into an Old Friend, Named Luke, At The Rub. (Kendra Has Been having Luke Lead The Employees In Meditation, At the Rub.)
  • Luke Reveals To Riley That He IS In Love With Kendra.
  • Riley And Evan Have A Argument About Each Other’s Love Interests. Evan Tells Riley That He’s Going To Stay Away From her And The Kids For A While.
  • While On Her Date With Mark, Riley Runs Into Evan And Selena At the Country Club.
  • Evan Learns That Selena Brought Him To The Country Club So that She Could Crash Riley’s Date. Evan Informs Selena that He Is Leaving The Country Club.
  • Mark Takes A condescending Tone With Riley, So She Goes To The Country Club’s Bar. When Riley Arrives At The Bar, She Discovers Evan, And Learns that He Didn’t Leave The Country Club.
  • Riley And Evan Go To the Country Club’s Pool To Eat Lunch. (Will They Become a Couple?)
  • Lacey Calls Riley And Tells Her that Katie Has To Look For Katie
  • Georgia Uses blackmail And Threats In An Attempt To Convince Ray To Leave The Girls Alone. The Threats Don’t Phase Ray At All.
  • Taylor And Lynette go To Look for Katie As Well. It Seems That Taylor And Lynette Are Somewhat Becoming Friends.
  • Riley And Evan Find Katie At The Local Soccer Field. Katie Ran Away Because Of Mark Trying To Play The Role Of her Father.
  • Riley And Evan Share A Passionate Kiss.
  • Taylor And Lynette Continue To Slowly Become Friends. Lynette Is Hired Back At the Salon, As Well.
  • Georgia Calls Cliff About The Situation With Ray. Cliff Says That He Can No Longer Be Involved With The Situation. Apparently Ray Has Gotten to Cliff.
  • Luke Tells Kendra How He Feels About Her. Kendra Begins Questioning If She Should Choose Bobby Or Luke.
  • A Very surprising Visitor Arrives At Riley’s House.

Favorite Episode Quote(s):

1) “Maybe You Should Meditate Out Some Of That Jealousy.”    – Riley

2) “See, Uh, We Pride Ourselves On Customer Service.”   – Selena

3) “Selena, I Think You’re Making The Guy Uncomfortable.”    – Evan

4) “We Are Going To Find Her. I Promise You.”   – Evan

5) “Just… Knew Everything Was Gonna Turn Out All Right.”     – Evan


Wow, Tonight’s Episode Was Magnificent! The Episode Had Many Twists In It, Such As Riley And Evan Rekindling Their Relationship. I’ve Liked The Series From The Beginning, Because It’s Simple And Easy To Follow, Yet It Has A Rich And Engaging Back-Story. I Was Really Surprised By The Person Who Came To Riley’s House At The End Of The Episode. I Would Highly recommend This Series. Watch The Client List Live: Sunday’s At 10/9C. On LMN.

Sidenote: Be Sure To Catch The Season Finale Of The Client List, This Sunday (6/17) At 10/9c. On LMN.


~ Scott R.

Episode Notes:

  • Selena Continues Dating Evan.
  • Taylor Discovers Travis “Taking Advantage Of  Her Daughter” (Twinkle)
  • Riley Gives Advice To A Man Who’s Girlfriend Wants Him To Stop Rodeo-ing.
  • Skylar (The Rodeo Cowboy’s Girlfriend) Confronts Riley.
  • Evan Shows Up At ‘The Rub’ To Talk To Selena. Selena Then Invites Him In For A Tour, But Riley Puts A Stop To It.
  • Riley Tells Selena To Never Bring Evan Back To ‘The Rub’.
  • Riley Tells Evan About Travis And Twinkle. Evan Says That He’s Going To Take Travis Fishing, And Talk To Him About The Situation.
  • Travis And Evan Go On Their Fishing Trip.
  • While On Their Fishing Trip, Evan Talks To Travis About The Situation. Travis Says That They Were Just Playing Dress Up.
  • Riley Decides To Help Her Mom Buy The Salon, She Then Learns That She Must Provide Tax Records, A Proof Of Income, Etc.
  • Riley Helps Skylar And her Boyfriend Sort Out Their Problems. The Couple Make Up, And Get Back Together.
  • Evan Tells Riley That Travis Wasn’t “Taking Advantage” Of Twinkle, But Rather, They Were Playing Dress Up.
  • It’s Revealed That Dee-Ann Is Cheating On Her Boyfriend.
  • Riley Learns That She And Her Mother Don’t Have Enough Money To Outbid Taylor For The Salon.

Favorite Episode Quote(s):

1) “Okay, We Are Trying To Have An Intelligent Conversation. Do You Mind?”    – Riley

2) “Do Fish Sleep With Their Eyes Open?”   – Travis

3) “Uncle Evan Decked A Guy!”   – Travis

4) “You Have No Idea What I’m Capable Of.”   – Selena

5) “Okay Ladies, Let’s Show These Boys How Drinking Is Done.”  – Georgia

6) “I’m Sorry, But This Hair Doesn’t Straighten Itself.”   – Selena

7) “Manipulation, It’s A Powerful Thing.”   – Riley

8) “Well If You’re Going To Act Like Children, I Intend To Treat You Like Children.”   – Georgia


Tonight’s Episode Of The Client List Was Great. I Like This Series Because It’s A Simple, Yet Interesting Show. You Can Practically Jump In On Any Episode Of The Show, And Still Grasp The Main Plot. I Would Definitely recommend This Series. Watch The Client List Live: Sunday’s At 10/9C. On LMN.


~ Scott R.