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Episode Notes:

  • Walt Learns That A Local Barn Has Caught On Fire.
  • Walt Arrives To The Scene Of The Barn Fire And Learns That Inside Of The Barn Is a Man Named Ray, And His Two Trophy Winning Horses. The Horses And Ray Have Both Been Killed By The Fire.
  • It Seems That The Only Survivor Of The Fire Is A Third Horse That Was Able To Escape The Barn. The Horses Has Severe Burns, And It May Not Survive.
  • Vic And Longmire Begin Investigating The Inside Of The Barn. They Find A Handgun With One Round Fired From It. They Also Notice That The Barn Was Padlocked From The Inside. This Leads Vic And Longmire to Suspect That Ray Killed Himself.
  • Ray’s Wife Tells Vic And Longmire That a Week Ago, Ray Asked His Doctor To Prescribe Him A Bottle Of antidepressants.
  • Ray’s (Unusually Short) Suicide Note Is Found On His Desk.
  • Longmire Suspects That Ray Didn’t Kill Himself. Longmire Believes This Because If Ray Did commit Suicide, Why Would He Leave His trophy Horses In The Barn With Him?
  • Longmire Decides To Pay For The Burned Horse’s (Who Is Still In recovery) treatment/Recovery
  • Longmire Learns That The Only Insurance Ray Had, Was A Policy On Alice (His Wife) And Policies On All Of His Horses. Alice Was The Beneficiary Of The Horse’s Policies.
  • It’s Revealed That Ray Didn’t Really Enter His Horses Into Competitions. In Fact, His Horses Were Neglected. (Why Is Alice Maintaining That Ray’s Horses Have Won Numerous Competitions/Trophies?)
  • Alice Reveals to Longmire That Ray Worked For A Crime Family. 11 Years Ago, Ray Ran Off With Some Of The Crime Family’s Money, Ray Even Had To Change His Name To Avoid Being Found By The Crime Family. Alice Says That After They Got Married, Ray Told Her His Secret.
  • Longmire Tries To Convince Alice To Come Back With him To the Police Station, So That He Can Protect Her from The Crime Family. Alice Says That She Can’t Come To The Station Because The Mob “Owns The Police”. Since Alice Won’t Come To The Station, Longmire Arrests Her.
  • Longmire Releases Alice From Jail, Because He Has No Legit Reason For Holding Her. Alice Goes To A neighbor’s (Bill)  House.
  • A Federal Marshall Comes To The Station Looking For Longmire, So That He Can Talk To Him About Ray’s Case.
  • Longmire Puts Together The Evidence And Learns That The Man Who Died In The Barn Wasn’t Ray, But Instead, It Was Someone Who Was Dug Out Of A Grave Site, And Placed In The Barn. Basically Someone, (Most Likely Ray) Dug Up And Placed, A Dead, Decayed Body In The Barn To Make It Seem As If Ray Had Died In The Barn Fire.
  • Vic And Longmire Go To Bill’s House To Talk To Alice. When They Arrive, Someone Inside The House Begins Shooting And Them.
  • Ferg (Lonmire’s Deputy) Arrives At Bill’s house And Tells Longmire That The Federal Marshall Who Came To The Station Is A Fake. (Could It Be The Fake Federal Marshall That Is Shooting At Longmire And Vic?)
  • Longmire Calls For Backup. Once Backup Arrives, Bill Runs Out Of The House With a Bag Over His Head. Bill Says That The Fake Federal Marshall Knocked On The Door, So He Let Him In. Bill Says That Once The Fake Marshall Got Inside Of The House, He Went berserk And Took Everyone  Hostage. Bill Also Says That He Knows About Ray Faking His Death.
  • Longmire Knows That The Fake Federal Marshall Is Most Likely One Of The Crime Family’s Hit Men.
  • Longmire Dodges The Fake Marshall’s Bullets, and Is Able To Get Into Bill’s Basement. Once Inside Of The Basement, Longmire Finds Ray Hiding.
  • Ray Says That He Saw Lendetta (A Member Of The Crime Family) In Town, And Lendetta Saw Him. Ray Says That He Knew He Needed To Hide From The Crime Family, So He Faked His Death, And Killed His Horses To Get the Insurance Money.
  • Longmire Handcuffs Ray To the Basement Ceiling, So that He Can Go Into the House, And Apprehend The Fake Marshall.
  • Ray Yells Out, Causing The Fake Marshall To Shoot At The Floor, In An Attempt To Kill Ray.
  • Longmire Infiltrates the House, And Apprehends/Arrests The Fake Federal Marshall.
  • Logmire Goes To The Basement to Get Ray, But Learns That When The Fake Marshall Shot At The Floor, The Bullets Killed Ray.

Favorite Episode Quote(s):

1) “This Is Why I Don’t Have A Cellphone.”  – Longmire

2) “Well, I Always Prefer The Long Shots.”   – Longmire

3) “I Just Need You To Stop Lying.”   – Longmire

4) “We Just Wanted A Normal Life.”    – Alice

5) “Walt, This Makes All Of Us Look Bad.”    – Vic

6) “Do What I Do. Don’t Read The Paper.”   – Longmire

7) “You Really Hate It When I’m Right, Don’t You?”   – Cady

8) “Nothing Surprises Me Anymore.”   – Longmire

9) “We’re Gonna Need Some Backup.”   – Longmire

10) “This Weather Sucks.”   – Vic

11) “I Told You I Wasn’t A Coward.”   – Ray


Tonight’s Episode Of Longmire Was Great! Tonight’s Episode Was Able To Mix Drama, Suspense, Mystery, And Humor Together, Which Was Fantastic. Tonight’s Episode Even Had Some Sad/Emotional Sections In It. Longmire Mixes Every Tv Show Genre Into One. I’ve Liked The Series From The Pilot Episode, And As Each New Episode Arrises, I’m Becoming A Bigger Fan. Overall, I Would Definitely Recommend This Show. Watch Longmire Live: Sunday’s At 10/9C. On A&E.

~ Scott R.