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Episode Notes:

  • A Fisherman Reels In The Bodies Of Two Unknown Males.
  • Longmire And Vic Arrive At The Scene, And Discover That Both Bodies Have Gunshot Wounds To The Chest.
  • Longmire Suspects That The Two Deceased Men May Have Be Of Cheyenne (Native American) Decent.
  • Vic Finds A Keycard, (Most Likely For A Hotel Room) On One Of The Bodies. The Key Card Is Plain White, Meaning That Longmire And Vic Have No Idea What Hotel The Keycard Belongs To.
  • Longmire Learns That The Land, On Which The Bodies Were Found, Belongs To A Woman Named Lizzie Ambrose. Vic And Longmire Head To Lizzie’s House To Tell Her About The Discovery Of The Bodies.
  • Longmire Shows The Pictures Of The Two Bodies To Lizzie. Lizzie Faints After Seeing The Photos. After Lizzie Recovers From Fainting, She Says That She Has No Idea Why She Fainted, And She Doesn’t Recognize The Two Deceased Men.
  • Lizzie Begins Flirting With Longmire.
  • Longmire Learns The Identity Of One Of The Men. One Of The Men Is Identified As A Man Named Freddy.  Freddy Was Described As Being A Good Kid Who Lived On The Reservation. Freddy Was Caught Selling Marijuana At The Red Pony, And Was Banned. The Identity Of The Other Body Is Still Unknown.
  • Vic And Longmire Find The Hotel Room That The Keycard Belongs To. The Proceed To Enter The Room.
  • Vic And Longmire Search The Hotel Room, And Find A Cache Of Weapons And Money.
  • Longmire Learns That A Man Named Octavio Is The Person Who Checked Into/Payed For The Hotel Room. Octavio Also Rented A Car From L.A. The Rental Car Is Nowhere To Be Found.
  • Longmire Learns That A Statue, That Was Found In The Hotel Room, Represents The Patron Saint Of The Smugglers. The Statue Is Highly Praised Among The Mexican Drug Cartel(s)
  • Longmire Learns That Freddy’s Grandmother (Alma) Wants Freddy’s St. Christopher Medallion Back. Apparently, Freddy Always Carries It On Him. Oddly, The Medallion Wasn’t Found On Freddy’s Body.
  • Longmire Learns From Mathias That A Month Ago, The Reservation’s Police Force Raided A Marijuana Growing Operation On The Reservation. Mathias And His Men Arrested 4 People, Who Were Later Released Because The FEDS Never Showed Up To Take Them Into Custody. Neither Freddy Nor Octavio Were One Of The People Arrested.
  • Longmire Talks To One Of His C.I.’s (Jamie), Who Was A Regular Customer Of Freddy’s. Jamie Says That He Heard Freddy Talking On The Phone With A Man Named “El Lupo”.
  • Branch And Ferg Talk To 2 C.I.’s Of  Their Own. The 2 C.I.’s Say That If Freddy Was Dealing Marijuana, He wasn’t Dealing It On The Reservation, Because They Would’ve Known About It. The 2 C.I’s Claim That “El Lupo” Is Spanish For “The Wolf”.
  • Lizzie Comes To The Station To Bring The List Of Contractors That Are Working On Her Home renovations. Lizzie Also Writes Longmire A Check To Help With His Re-Election Campaign, And Tells Him That They Should Go To Dinner Sometime.
  • Vic Gets A Call From The L.A. Car Rental Agency, And Learns The Location Of Octavio’s Rental Car. The Car Is At A National Forest, And Very Close To The Reservation.
  • Longmire And Vic Search The Car. Inside, They Find Freddy’s St. Christopher Medallion. (This Means That Freddy Was In The Car With Octavio.)  Along With The Medallion, Vic And Longmire Find Mysterious surveillance Photos, In The Car. One Of The surveillance Photos Is Of Mathias.
  • Octavio Is Shown Checking Into Another Hotel.
  • Longmire Gets A Call From A Man Who Was Hiking In The National Forest, And Smelled The Stench Of Marijuana. Longmire Begins Investigating The Area And Finds Dozens Of Marijuana Plants, Along With A Tent. No-One Is Inside Of The Tent, But There Is Ak-47 Ammo And Pounds Of Nitrogen Fertilizer Inside.
  • Vic Learns That A Bulk Supply Of Nitrogen Was Sold To A Man Named Nomar. Nomar Is On The List Of Lizzie’s Contractors.
  • Longmire Questions Nomar About “El Lupo”. Nomar Says That Freddy Gave Him Bags Of Cash Th at Were From “El Lupo”. Nomar Then Took The Money And Bought The Growing Supplies That “El Lupo” Needed. Nomar Then  Took The Supplies And Dropped Them Off At A Pre-Set Location. Nomar Says That He Never Met “El Lupo”.
  • Nomar Shows Vic And Longmire The Location Where He Dropped Off The Supplies.
  • Vic And Longmire Discover A Stockpile Of Growing Supplies, At The Drop-Off Location.
  • Vic , Longmire, And Eli Find 2 Water Pipes In The Forest. Longmire And Eli Begin Following 1 Water Pipe, And Vic Begins Following The  Other Water Pipe.
  • Longmire Gets A Call From Henry And Learns That The Marijuana Plants (From The Growing Operation That Was Discovered In The National Forest) Are A Rare Strain That Only Grows At Altitudes Of 6,000+ Feet. The Strain Originates In Afghanistan. The Mexican Drug Cartels Are Not Involved With This Particular Strain Of Marijuana.
  • Longmire Learns That Eli Is “El Lupo”. Eli Served In Afghanistan, And Brought The Marijuana Back With Him. Longmire Cuffs Eli.
  • Eli Says That Freddy Brought One Of His Mexican Cartel Friends To Come Check Out The Growing Operation. The Friend Wanted To Buy Eli’s Business, But Eli Refused To Sell His Operation. The Man Then Shoots Freddy In an Attempt To Scare Eli Into Selling His Operation. Eli Doesn’t Scare, And He Shoots The Man In The Chest. He Then Got Rid Of The Bodies.
  • While In The Forest, Someone Opens Fire On Longmire And Eli. Longmire Un-cuffs Eli, And Returns His Sidearm To Him, So That They Can Subdue The Unknown Shooter.
  • Longmire Sneaks Up On The Shooter And Fires at Him, And Kills Him. The Unknown Shooter Is Identified As Octavio.
  • Eli Is Re-Cuffed, And Arrested.
  • Lizzie Orders A Pizza, And Has It Sent To Longmire’s House. Along With The Pizza, Lizzie Sends A Note Saying That Longmire Now Owes Her Dinner.
  • Longmire Gives Freddy’s St. Christopher Medallion To Henry, And Tells Him To Give It To Alma. (Freddy’s Grandmother.)

Favorite Episode Quote(s):

1) “It’s Illegal, Remember?”    – Longmire



Tonight’s Episode Was Great! Tonight’s Episode Focused On An Individual Case, Much Like Law And Order Does. The Show Has Been Able To Keep Me Interested Since The Pilot Episode. I Love How The Show Focuses On Individual Cases, While Also Focusing On Longmire’s Progression/Experiences. Overall, I Would Definitely Recommend Longmire. Watch Longmire Live: Sunday’s At 10/9C. On A&E.


~ Scott R.