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Episode Notes/Recap:

  • A Young Cheyenne  Foster Child (Neel) Goes Missing, While Playing Outside.
  • Longmire Suspects That Neel May Have Kidnapper.
  • Longmire Begins Looking For Leads, To Help Find Neel.
  • A Woman Comes In And Says That Her 35 Year Old Son (Jeremy) Is Missing. Apparently Jeremy Is An Unregistered Sex Offender.The Woman Fears That Jeremy May Have Taken Neel.
  • Two More Cheyenne Children Go Missing From A Local Orphanage. The Orphanage’s Manager (Ryan) Is Nowhere To Be Found.
  • Longmire Goes To Talk To The Kids’ Case Worker. The Case Worker  Doesn’t Give Up Any Useful Information.
  • It’s Revealed That Ryan And Jeremy Wrestled Together In High School. This Means That They Knew/Know Each Other.
  • Jeremy Is Found And Brought Back To The Station.
  • Ryan’s Car Is Found Abandoned. The Police Begin Searching The Area, And They Find Ryan Dead.
  • Jeremy’s Alibi Checks Out, And He Is Released.
  • Longmire Suspects That A Man Named Hector Killed Ryan. Hector Is A Former Boxer That Lives On  The Reservation. Hector Is A Hired Hand, He Beats Up Criminals.
  • It’s Revealed That When An Orphanage (Or Family) Houses A Cheyenne Child, They Get Double The Federal Money, That They Normally Would. Oddly, Ryan Housed 13 Cheyenne Kids, But He Never Reported The Extra Money That He Was Getting From The Government.
  • The Kids’ Caseworker Is Attacked. She Says That Her Attacker Was Cheyenne, And Had A Big Scar Under His Eye. (Hector Is Cheyenne And Has A Large Scar Under His Eye.)
  • Walt Arrives Home, And He Is Attacked, And Knocked unconscious By An Unknown Attacker. When Walt Awakens, He Finds Hector Sitting Beside Him. Hector Says That He Didn’t Kidnap The Kids, And Proceeds To Leave Walt’s House. Walt Arrests Him, And Takes Him Into Custody. It Turns Out That Hector Doesn’t Have The Kids.
  • It’s revealed That An Anonymous Call Sparked The Investigation, In Each Of The Kids’ Cases. The Concerned Caller, For Each Of The Children, Is The Same Man. The Man Is Cheyenne, And Lives On The Reservation. The Man Is Currently unconscious, In The Hospital.
  • Henry Arrives At The Red Pony, And Finds All Of The Kidnapped Children Inside, Playing billiards.
  • The Children Say That They Were Taken By “The Dog Soldier” (A Creature Related To An Old Cheyenne Folktale.)
  • Longmire Determines That Hector Isn’t The Kidnapper, So He Releases Him.
  • Longmire Is Able To Determine That The Kids’ Caseworker Is The Kidnapper. Apparently, She Kidnapped The Kids For The Extra Money. Ryan Was Her Accomplice, But He Was Planning On Coming Clean With The Police, So The Caseworker Killed Him. She Then Faked Her Attack, To Draw Attention Away From Her. The Caseworker Is Arrested.

Favorite Episode Quote(s):

1) “My Grandmother’s Got A Longer Rap-Sheet.”   – Vic

2) “You’re Not Facebook Friends, I Take It.”     – Branch



Tonight’s Episode Of Longmire Was Great! The Show Continues To Entertain Me With It’s Western Spice, And Intriguing Cases. The Show Continues To Hint At A Mysterious Backstory For Walt Longmire. The Backstory Is Very Vague, But I Expect It To Be Revealed In Further Episodes. I’ve Been A Fan OF The Show Since The Pilot, And I Continue To Enjoy Each Episode. Overall, I Would Absolutely Recommend Longmire. Watch Longmire Live: Sunday’s At 10/9C. On A&E.


~ Scott R.