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Episode notes/Recap:

  • A Man Is Found Dead In The Woods. Apparently, The Man Was Mauled By A Bear.
  • The Man’s Wallet Is Found In His Pocket. The Only Thing Inside Of The Wallet Is The Man’s Driver’s License. The Man Is Identified As Ed Crawley.
  • Drug paraphernalia Is Found Near The Body.
  • Longmire Knows That He Needs To find The Bear That Killed Ed, And Capture It.
  • Longmire Learns That Ed Was A Convicted Murderer, Who Was Just Released From Prison 2 Weeks Ago.
  • Longmire Learns That Flank Steak Was Tied To Ed. This Suggests That Someone Baited Ed, To be Killed.
  • It’s Revealed That Ed Was In Restraints When He Died.
  • Longmire Enlists A Local Hunter (Omar) To Find The Bear That Killed Ed.
  • Longmire Goes To Talk To Ed’s Sister. Apparently Ed Was Staying With Her. Ed’s Brother-In-Law Says That Hr Loaned Ed His Truck To Drive. The Vehicle Is Nowhere To Be Found.
  • Longmire Goes To Talk With The Girl’s (That Ed Killed) Parents. The Girl’s Parents See, To Have Huge Amounts Of Anger Towards Ed.
  • Vic And Omar Head Out Into The Woods To Find The Bear.
  • Vic And Omar Find The Bear, But Before They Can Tranq It, Vic Gets Shot With A Tranq Dart, By Pete. (A Local Animal Activist.) Pete Claims That He Was Aiming for The Bear, And Accidentally Shot Vic.
  • Vic Is Taken To The Hospital. She Is Expected To Make A Full Recovery.
  • Ed’s Brother-In-Law’s Truck Is Found At A Local House. Three People Burst Out Of The House, And Make A Run For It. All 3 Of The Men Are apprehended.
  • One Of The Men Says That Someone Left The Truck In The Front Yard, While He Was Sleeping. The Man Also Reveals That The House Where They Were Arrested At Belongs To A Man Named Greg. Greg Rents The House From A Woman Named Amy.
  • The Man Also Gives Longmire A List Of Names Of The People That Crash At Greg’s House, On A Regular Basis.
  • The 3 Men (Who Are In A Jail Cell, Back At The Station) Begin Eating Greeting Cards. The Men Are Rushed To The Hospital, Where It’s Revealed That The Are Showing The Signs Of A Meth Overdose. Apparently, The Cards Were Laced With Meth.
  • It’s Revealed That Ed Was Shot With A Tranq Dart, Restrained, And Baited With Steak. Apparently, His Murder Was Carefully Planned.
  • Amy’s Nephew (Who Was A Guard, At The Prison Where Ed Was At) Is Brought In For Questioning.
  • Amy’s Nephew Doesn’t Say Much.
  • Pete Captures The Bear, And Longmire Goes To Pick It Up. Longmire Stops By Dan’s (Longmire’s Friend, And A Former Warden At Ed’s Prison) With The Bear.
  • Dan Admits That He Killed Ed. Apparently, Dan Killed Ed, Out Of vengeance. Ed Killed One Of The Guards At The Prison, And Dan Still Had A Grudge Against Him, Which Is Why He Killed Ed.
  • The Bear That Killed Ed Is Released Into The Wild, And Dan Is Arrested.

Favorite Episode Quote(s):

1) “I’m Thorough.”    – Longmire



Tonight’s Episode Of Longmire Was Magnificent! I Love How The Series Presents Individual Cases, While Also Focusing On Longmire’s Progression. The Show Keeps hiting At A Dark Past For Longmire, So I’m Really Curious To See How That Plays Out During The Rest Of The Season. The Show Is Simple, And Entertaining, And I’ve Become A Huge Fan Of It. Overall, I Would Definitely Recommend Longmire. Watch Longmire Live: Sunday’s At 10/9c. On A&E.


~ Scott R.