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Episode Notes/Recap:

  • Lizzie Stays The Night At Longmire’s House. Vic And Ferg Bring Longmire’s Repaired Bronco  To Him, And They Learn That Lizzie Stayed The Night, At Longmire’s.
  • A Young Teen Is Found Dead. He Was Shot With An Arrow, And He Has A Strange Drawing On His Forehead.
  • Longmire Identifies The Body As That Of A Young Teen Named Greg. Apparently, Greg And 3 Other Teens Were Acquitted Of Raping A Cheyenne Girl. The Trial Was A Year Ago.
  • Longmire Goes To Inform Ayasha (The Victim Of The Sexual Assault) And Her Family, Of Greg’s Death.
  • It’s Revealed That Ayasha Has Developmental Problems. Apparently, She Had Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, When She Was Born.
  • A Detective Named Fales Approaches Longmire. Fales Works For The Denver Police Department, And He Tells Longmire That He Needs To Speak With Him The Following Day. Fales Tells Longmire That They Have Found His Wife’s Murderer.
  • Longmire Learns That Whoever Shot Greg Didn’t Need Much Skill To Do So. Basically, Virtually Anyone Could Have Killed Greg.
  • It’s Revealed That 1 Month Ago, Someone Vandalized And Spray Painted Greg’s Car. The Vandal(s) Spray Painted An Emblem On Greg’s Car. The Emblem Is The Same One That Was Found On Greg’s Forehead.
  • Longmire Speaks To The Other 3 Teens That Were On Trial.
  • Branch Suspects That Viho (Ayasha’s Brother) Killed Greg. Longmire Thinks That Viho Had Nothing To Do With Greg’s Murder.
  • Branch Heads Towards The Reservation To Arrest Viho. Longmire Drives Up Behind Branch On The Highway, And Tries To Stop Him.
  • Longmire And Branch Pull To The Side Of The Road, And A Fist-Fight Erupts Between The Two Of Them.
  • Vic Arrives, And Breaks Up The Fight Between Branch And Longmire.
  • Another Teen Is Killed By An Arrow. The Body Is Identified As That Of A Boy Named Paul (Who Was One of The 4 Boys On Trial For The Sexual Assault).
  • Rich (Another One Of The 4 Boys Who Was On Trial For The Sexual Assault) Is Also At The Scene. He Says That He Got A Text To Meet Up With Paul And Jake (Jake Was Also One Of The Boys On Trial). Oddly, Jake Never Showed Up To The Meet. Only Paul And Rich Showed Up.
  • Longmire And Vic Get A Warrant, And Search Through Viho’s House. Also, Viho Is Taken Into Custody.
  • It’s Revealed That Ayasha Is Pregnant.
  • Viho Maintains His Innocence.
  • Branch Talks To Jake. Jake Says That He Got The Same Text Message, That Said To Go To The Meet Location. Jake Says That He Didn’t Go To The Meet, Because His Parents Wouldn’t Let Him Out Of The House.
  • A Fight Breaks Out A The Local Highschool. The Fight Is Broken Up, And One Of The Girls That Was Involved In The Fight, Is Questioned. The Girl Says That The Fight Started, Because She Used To Date Rich.
  • Longmire Notices An Emblem On The Girl’s Bag. The Emblem Is Very Similar To The One That The Killer Drew On His/Her Victims. The Girl Says That The Emblem Represents The Archery Club. Apparently, The Girl Was An Archer, And She Taught Rich How To Shoot. The Girl Says She Lent Her Compound Bow To Rich, And Still Hasn’t Gotten It Back.
  • Longmire Goes To Talk To Rich. As Longmire Is Talking To Rich, Vic Goes Around To The Back Of Rich’s House, And Finds Archery Targets.
  • Rich Is Taken Into Custody.
  • Lizzie And Vic Begin To Clash. (Just A Bit)
  • Longmire Begins Questioning Rich.
  • Someone Shoots At Jake With A Bow. Jake’s Dad Chases Down, And Subdues, The Shooter. The Shooter Is Rich’s Dad.
  • Rich’s Dad Is Brought Back For Questioning.
  • Apparently, Rich’s Dad Wanted To Get Revenge On Paul, Jake, And Greg. He Wanted To Get Revenge, Because While The Other 3 Boys Were Unphased By The Rape, Rich Was Depressed, And Even Tried To Kill Himself. Rich’s Dad Says The Other 3 Boys Forced Rich To Commit The Sexual Assault.
  • Rich And Viho Are Released From Custody.
  • Cady Learns That Her Mom Was Murdered. Cady Becomes Upset With Longmire, For Lying And Saying That Her Mom Died From Cancer.
  • Longmire Tells Cady That He Lied To Her, To Protect Her.
  • Jake Goes Missing.
  • Longmire Asks Rich’s Dad To Draw The Symbol That He Put On The Bodies. The Man Says That He Can’t Remember The Symbol. Apparently, Rich’s Dad Was Covering For His Son. This Means That Rich Is Actually The Killer.
  • Longmire Finds Rich And Jake. Jake Is Tied To A Tree, And Rich Is Standing In Front Of Jake, With A Compound Bow Aimed At Him.
  • Longmire Talks Rich Down.
  • Rich Reveals To Longmire that Jake Held A Gun To His Head, And Forced Him To Rape Ayasha.
  • Longmire Frees Jake From The Tree, And Cuffs Him. Longmire Is Arresting Jake For Kidnapping, Since He Held A Gun To Rich’s Head, And Forced Him To Rape Ayasha.
  • Before Longmire Can Cuff Rich, Rich Pulls Out A Gun, And Puts It To His Head.
  • Before Rich Can Pull The Trigger, Longmire Shoots Him In The Shoulder. Rich’s Shoulder Is Wounded, But For The Most Part, He’s Okay.
  • Longmire Finally Goes To Talk To Detective Fales. Fales Says That They Found The Man That Murdered Longmire’s Wife. Fales Says That The Man Was White, 30-ish, And Was A Drug Addict. Fales Says That The Man Had A Knife On Him, And The Blade Had Longmire’s Wife’s DNA On It. Fales Says That They Found The Man Dead (With A Broken Neck), And Buried In A Shallow Grave. Fales Asks Longmire If He Killed The Man, Longmire Says “No.”, And The Episode Abruptly Ends.


Tonight’s Season Of Longmire Was Great! Tonight, We Learned More About Walt’s Mysterious Past, And The Truth About His Wife. As Usual, We Had A Single Case That Was Solved In The Episode, And The Main Story Progressed Very Well. I Continue To Love How The Show Is “Simply Complex”. For One, It’s A Simple Show About Criminal Cases. But On The Other Hand, There’s A Bigger Picture, That Hints That Walt May Have Committed Murder. I’ve Loved The Show Since Watching The Pilot, And I Can’t Wait For Season 2! Overall, I Would Definitely Recommend Catching Up On Season 1 Of Longmire.

Be Sure To Catch Season 2 Of Longmire, Next Summer, Only On A&E.

~ Scott R.

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