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Episode Notes:

  • Tyler  Begins Testing A Lie Detector App.
  • Milo Has A One Night Stand At His Apartment, With A Woman Named Abbie.
  • When Milo Arrives Home From Work, He Finds Abbie In His Apartment, Cooking Dinner.
  • By Using The Lie Detector App, Tyler Learns That Gibbs Didn’t Like Him For The First Year That They Knew Each Other.
  • Abbie Continues To Stay At Milo’s Apartment.
  • Tyler And Gibbs Apologize To Each Other, And Ultimately Become Friends Again.
  • Milo Learns That Abbie Is An Escaped Mental Patient, And He Is Finally Able To Get Her Out Of His Apartment.

Favorite Episode Quote(s):

1) “If You Don’t Stop, I’m Gonna Throat-Punch You.”   – Gibbs



I Apologize For The Short Recap, And Lack Of Quotes. Tonight’s Episode Was Relatively Simple, And It Lacked Details, Which Made The Notes Short. As For The Series, I’ve Enjoyed Men At Work Since The Pilot. The Show Is Able To Throw Hundreds Of Laughs Into A 30 Minute Time Frame. This Is The Kind Of Show That Will Have You Laughing Hysterically. Along With Comedy, Each Episode Has An Interesting Plot. Overall, I Would Definitely Recommend Men At Work. Watch Men At Work Live: Thursday’s At 10/9C. On TBS.


~ Scott R.