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  • Neil wants more time to clear out his DVR but is stuck going to rather unexciting events with Amy.
  • Tyler wrote an article about “ten things women are thinking about” but the problem is he has no female friends only strangers that he sleeps with.
  • Tyler goes with Amy to an art exhibit while he tries to get some friend advice on women. This leaves Neil free to catch up on “Burn Notice”
  • Milo and Gibbs are after the some women, Kerry. They cant decide who she wants.
  • Kerry wants them both… wants a threesome…
  • Shes over 1 on 1 sex and wants both of them or nothing.
  • Milo doesn’t want to do it..
  • “Devil’s Threesome”= When D’s out number V’s
  • “Im not a drunk girl on prom night your not gonna talk me into this”- Milo
  • Milo agrees after setting some ground rules with Gibbs.
  • Neil now caught up on his DVR is having tv overload.
  • “I can’t listen to you recap tv shows”- Milo to Neil
  • Neil has 50 episodes of hoarders along with “Castle”.
  • Tyler is now in tune with peoples emotions after spending the day with Amy.
  • The gang finds out about the threesome..
  • Milo and Gibbs are weird around each other after there threesome.
  • Gibbs had trouble getting things going that night….
  • “Nobody thinks your bad in bed except for one girl.. and all of her friends”- Milo
  • Gibbs wants another threesome to redeem himself.
  • “Cleaning out your DVR isn’t as rewarding as you would think”- Neil
  • Tyler seeks out another girl to be his friend to talk to and share his thoughts.
  • Tyler blames Amy for his emotional break down.
  • Neil tries to get him out of it by using his tv overloaded mind of references.
  • Milo and Gibbs have another threesome with Kerry and this time he performs but…they realize they were holding hands during it..
  • Tyler ties to get the group to share there thoughts and feelings.
  • Tyler realizes his new mood is awful and reverts back to his old ways.
  • “Who am I kidding I want a beer and I want her”- Tyler
Final Thoughts:
Men at Work is a great half hour comedy filled with hilarious one liners that will have you laughing and using them yourself later.
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First off when I do reviews on new sitcoms I do not go into the amount of depth as I would on a show like “Community” until it warrants it.

“Men At Work” kicks off about a guy Milo down about his girl having broken up with him for a guy named Paul. Milo’s idiot friends are there to TRY to cheer him up. The show is full of hilarious on liners throughout the whole episode that will make you laugh even though the basic plot has been told many times before. The show feels a bit fast paced but that seems to work just fine.

As I watched the second episode I was impressed by how quickly these characters were growing on me already. This is not the comedic powerhouse that was “That 70’s Show” but its not the short lived “Work It” either. The show can be more compared to “Whitney” only taking place more in a office setting but at times some of the one liners do have you reminiscing about “That 70’s Show”. Overall its a great start to the show and if you looking for good relaxed sitcom Thursday night then keep tuning in as I will be too.

Episode 1:

“We can’t be friends because my friends don’t screw Paul’s”

“Well Alva be dammed”

“No you promise me you’ll put on your big boy pants and come out with the guys tonight”

“Trust me you do not want to have sex with a horse”


“I nailed his maid, don’t do it he gets mad”

“Will you be my rebound ass?”


I Have To Agree With Aaron’s Statements. I Thought That Men At Work Would Just Be another Quickly Produced, Worthless TBS Comedy, But The Show Surprised me, With It’s High Quality. Men At Work Packs Hundreds Of Laughs in a 30 Minute Time Frame. I Found That The Show had a Solid (And relatable) Storyline. Overall, The Show Is Worth Watching, And I Will Most Likely Become a Fan of It. I recommend That You Check Out Men At Work. Watch Men At Work Live: Thursday’s at 10/9c. On TBS.

Episode 2:

“Don’t Take Your Tore-Up Ass and Go Home.”

“I’m Wearing a Diaper.”

“I Ate a Yankee Candle.”

Brief Notes:

  • Milo’s Girlfriend (Lisa) Leaves him.
  • Neal Reveals That He is Having Lunch With Amy’s Dad. He Plans To Win Over The Man’s Approval.
  • Milo Writes His First Feature For The Magazine. Tyler Tells Milo That the Article Needs To Be Revised, So That it Grabs The Reader’s Attention.
  • Amy’s Dad Tells Neal That He Needs To Cut Some Of The Costs of  the Magazine.
  • Neal Decides To Take Amy’s Dad’s Advice, and Decides To Cut Costs, By Eliminating The Free Coffee And Bagels From The Office.
  • Milo Tries To Improve His Drug Trafficking Feature. By Filling Condoms With Flour. (To Represent Cocaine Smuggling)
  • Amy’s Dad Tells Neal That He Needs To Find More Ways To Cut Cost.
  • Gibbs Finds Another Office To Get Coffee at.
  • While at The Other Office, Gibbs Runs into a woman Named Nora. Nora begins to Tell Gibbs About her Relationship Problems.
  • Milo Presents The Revised Feature TO Tyler, and he Approves of it.
  • Milo Goes To The Doctor About The Flour Situation, and is Arrested. (The Doctor/Police Think That The Flour is Cocaine.
  • Amy’s Dad Reveals That All Of The Investigative Features Will Be Cut From The Magazine. (This Means That Milo’s Article Is Dead, and It Won’t Be Published.)
  • Gibbs Shows Tyler The Office That He’s Been Getting Coffee From.
  • It’s Revealed That Tyler Is The Person Who’s Been Causing Nora Emotional Hardship.
  • Gibbs and Tyler Learn That They Must find a new Source For Coffee.
  • Neal Convinces Amy’s Dad To Return The Investigative Features Back To The Magazine.
  • Milo’s Article is Published.