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Episode Notes/Recap:

  • Milo Begins To Feel That He Is In A Rut. He’s Tired Of The Same Routine,  And He Wants To Go On An Adventure.
  • Tyler Wants To Go Out With A Woman That He Genuinely Cares For (Katelyn). Katelyn Keeps Blowing Him Off.
  • Tyler Is Pocket Dialed By Katelyn And He Overhears Her Saying That She Is Meeting Someone At “614 Varick”. Milo Convinces Tyler To Go To The Address, (614 Varick) To See Who Katelyn Is Meeting. This Is The Adventure That Milo Has Been Wanting.
  • Milo And Tyler Go To The Address Where Katelyn Is Supposed To Be Meeting Someone. When They Arrive, They Learn That The Address Is The Location Of One Of Katelyn’s Family Member’s Wake. (Memorial Service).
  • Tyler Plays Off The Situation, And Tells Katelyn That He Came To Comfort Her, In Her Time Of Need.
  • Tyler Convinces Milo To Stay At The Wake For A Little While. This Way Tyler Will Have Time To Bond With Katelyn.
  • Milo Is Mistaken As “Cousin Stan” At The Wake. He Decides To Play Along.
  • Milo Gets High With “Uncle Gus”, At The Wake.
  • Milo Crashes The Wake (Due To His Intoxication), When He Is Called Up To Give A Speech.
  • Tyler Explains The Situation To Katelyn, And She Agrees To Go On A Date With Him.
  • Katelyn Bails On Her Date With Tyler, And Doesn’t Show Up.
  • Milo Decides That He Is Going To Stick With His Boring Routine For A While.

Favorite Episode Quote(s):

1) “That’s A Really Long Nickname.”    – Milo

2) “We’re Not The Goonies.”    – Tyler

3) “Frankly, My Dear, I Don’t Give A Damn.”   – Milo

4) “Nobody Puts Baby In A Corner.”    – Milo

5) “Wow. You Watch A Lot Of Movies.”    – Tyler

6) “You Had Me At Goonies.”   – Tyler

7) “Uh, Yeah, I’m Not On Twitter.”   – Gibbs

8) “Please Believe That.”   – Tyler

9) “So, You’re What, Like Three Quarters Dr. Seuss?”    – Tyler



Tonight’s Episode Of Men At Work Was Hilarious And Entertaining, As Usual. The Show Continues To Make Laugh Every Week, And It Has A Faint Main Plot. The Two Combinations Make The Show Great, And Easy To Start Watching At Any Point In The Season. The Show Makes MAny Movie And Tv References, Which Will Make Anyone Laugh. I’ve Become A Huge Fan Of This Unknown Network Comedy. Overall, I Would Absolutely Recommend Men At Work. Watch Men At Work Live: Thursday’s At 10/9c. On TBS.

Sidenote: Be Sure To Catch The Final Two Men At Work Episodes Of The Season: Next Thursday Starting At 10/9c. On TBS. (And Be Sure To Catch Season 2 Of Men At Work, When It Airs Next Year.)


~ Scott R.

Episode Notes/Recap:

  • Milo Decides That He Needs To Turn To Set-Ups To Find The Right Girl For Him. Milo Decides To Let Amy Set Him Up.
  • Gibbs Finds A New Gym For Him And Tyler To Use.
  • Gibbs And Tyler Begin Looking At The Membership Price For The Gym. The Membership Is Extremely Pricy, But Couples Get A 2 For The Price Of One Discount. Gibbs And Tyler Decide To Pose As A Gay Couple, To Get The Membership Discount.
  • Amy Begins Telling Milo About Women That Would Like To Go On A Date With Him. All Of The Women That Amy Describes Are Extremely Unappealing.
  • Milo Begins Running Errands For Neal, Hoping That Neal Will Set Him Up With his Beautiful Friend, Hannah.
  • Tyler And Gibbs Begin Having A Difficult Time Pretending That They’re In A Relationship With Each Other.
  • Milo Goes On A Date With Hannah. Neal Begins Obsessing Over What Happened On The Date. It’s As If Neal Has A Thing For Hannah.
  • Hannah And Milo Have A Second Date, At The Apartment.
  • During Hannah And Milo’s Date, Neal Comes Over And Tells Milo That Something Came Up At Work. Hannah Leaves, And Neal Reveals That Nothing Came Up At Work. Basically, Hannah Is Neal’s Plan B, If His And Amy’s Relationship Doesn’t Work Out. This Is Why Neal Crashed Milo And Hannah’s Date.
  • Milo Tells Neal That The Single Life Isn’t That Great. Milo Tells Neal That He Wants A Relationship Much Like The One Neal And Amy Has.
  • As Neal Is Leaving The Apartment, He Finds Hannah Sitting In The Hallway. Hannah Gives Neal A Key To Her Hotel Room, And Asks Him To Come Over Later.
  • Gibbs And Tyler Decide That They Can No Longer Handle Their Fake-Gay Relationship. They Tell The Gym Manager That They’re Straight, And Since They’re Going To Lose Their Couples Discount, They Can Longer Afford To Be Members At The Gym. The Manager Then Informs Them That The Couples Discount Doesn’t exclusively Apply To 2 People Who Are In A Romantic Relationship, But Rather, It Applies When 2 People Join The Gym At The Same Time. This Means That Tyler And Gibbs Don’t Have To Pretend To Be Gay, To receive The Couples Discount. Tyler And Gibbs Ultimately Remain Members Of The Gym.
  • Neal Decides Not To Go To Hannah’s Hotel Room. Instead, He Decides To Go Home To Care For Amy, Who Has A Cold. Neal No Longer Needs A “Plan B”.

Favorite Episode Quotes(s):

1) “Yup. That’s Lazy Mouth.”   – Tyler

2) “Amy’s Not Cool.”   – Neal

3) “Is Channing Tatum Teaching A Spin Class?!”  – Tyler

4) “No, I’d Never Be In A Fake-Gay Open Relationship.”   – Tyler

5) “When I Fall In Fake-Gay Love, It’s For Real.”   – Tyler

6) “Wow, This Cheese Is Not Soft.”   – Hannah

7) “Maybe I Just Like Crackers.”   – Hannah

8) “I Feel Like I’m On A Date With Morgan Freeman.”   – Hannah

9) “I’m A Boob Guy.”   – Milo

10) “But Just To Be Safe, I’m Gonna Go Chug Some O.J.”   – Neal

11) “I Don’t Need Your Pity “F”. All Right?”   – Neal



Tonight’s Episode Of Men At Work Was Great (As Usual)! Tonight’s Episode Was Hilarious, It Packed Non-Stop Laughs Throughout. I Like How The Awkward Gibbs/Tyler Friendship Was Focused On In Tonight’s Episode. The Series Has A Faint Plot Progression, Which Is Milo’s Search For The Perfect Woman. The Show Is Great, Because You Can Basically Jump In At Any Point In The Series, And Still Understand The Story. This Show Is Magnificent, And If I’m Not Mistaken, It’s Already Been Renewed For A Second Season. Overall, I Would Highly Recommend Men At Work. Watch Men At Work Live: Thursday’s At 10/9C. On TBS.


~ Scott R.