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Episode Notes/Recap:

  • A Man Accidentally Cuts Both Of His Hands Off In A Work Accident. The Man Is Scheduled To Be Medi-Vacced To The Hope Zion Hospital. Two Teams (One For Each Hand) Are Going To Be Assigned To The Double Re-Attachment Surgery.
  • Charlie Meets The Out Of Body Form Of A Man That Is In A Coma, At The Hospital (Scott). Scott Has Been In A Coma For Nearly 30 Years.
  • A Homeless Man Walks Into The Hospital. Apparently The Man Was Beaten Up, And Left For Dead By A Pack Of Teenagers. Dr. Tolliver Diagnoses The Man As Having Pneumonia, As Well.
  • Alex And Joel Are Among The Group Of Surgeons, Who Will Be PErforming The Double Hand Re-Attachment Operation.
  • The Man Who Is Going To Be receiving The Double Hand Re-Attachment Operation, Arrives At The Hospital.
  • Charlie And Scott Begin Talking. Scott Begins Telling Charlie The Details Of Living In An Out Of Body Form.
  • The Double Hand Re-Attachment Surgery Begins. Alex Hopes To Prove That Charlie’s Coma, Isn’t Affecting Her Performance, By successfully Completing The Surgery.
  • Scott Seems To Be Content With Living In An Out Of Body Form. He Tells Charlie That He Needs To Adapt To The Situation, And Forget About His Old Life.
  • Maggie Begins To Suspect That The Homeless Man (Who Is Still Unconscious In The Hospital) May Have Been Incorrectly Diagnosed.
  • During The Double Hand Re-attachment Surgery, Alex successfully Reconnects One Hand, But The Other Team Of Doctors Accidentally Sews An Artery Closed, On The Other Hand That They Were Working On. Alex Steps In To Correct The Problem, And Hopefully Save The Hand.
  • Maggie Suspects That The Homeless Man’s Abdomen Is Going To Continue To Swell, (As It’s Already A Bit Distended) Until It Crushes His Organs, Causing Him To Die. Dr. Tolliver, Nor Any One Else, WIll Listen To Maggie.
  • Alex Is Able To Correct The Problem With The Hand.
  • Scott’s Ex-Wife Is Called To The Hospital. She Is Informed That Scott Has Pneumonia, And He Could Seize At Any Moment. She Says To Not Revive Scott, If He Seizes.
  • After Seeing How His Ex-Wife Has Aged, Scott Becomes Depressed, After Realizing That She Has Lived A Full Life, While He Has Been In A Coma for 27 Years. Scott Says That When His Was In A Coma, His Ex-Wife Came To See Him Daily. Then She visited Him Less And Less, Until She Filed For A Divorce.
  • Scott Seizes, And Passes Away. He Sees His Wife Sitting Beside His Body, And Saying That She Never Stopped Loving Him. Scott Is Finally At Peace, And His Out Of Body Form Passes On.
  • The Homeless Man Seizes. Maggie Has To Slice Open His Abdomen To Release The Internal Pressure. The Man Then stabilizes.
  • It Turns Out That Maggie Was Correct, The Homeless Man Was Incorrectly Diagnosed. Maggie’s Actions Ultimately Saved The Man’s Life.
  • The Double Hand Re-Attachment Patient Recovers, From His Succesful Surgery.

Favorite Episode Quote(s):

1) “I’m Not Giving Up.”   – Alex

2) “Let’s Give This Man Back His Hands.”   – Joel

3) “It’s Not Just Any Old Surgery.”   – Joel

4) “I Will Never Forget About You, Charlie.”   – Alex



Tonight’s Episode Of Saving Hope Was Magnificent! Tonight’s Episode Continued To Focus On Charlie’s Interactions, As Well As The Individual Cases Of The Patients, In The Hospital. The Show Gives A unique Twist On The Normal Medical Dramas, By Adding Charlie’s Out Of Body Experiences To The Mix. I’ve Loved The Show Since The 2nd Episode, And I’ve Become A Fan Of It. Overall, I Would Definitely Recommend Saving Hope. Watch Saving Hope Live: Thursday’s At 9/8C. On NBC.


~ Scott R.