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Episode Notes:

  • A Young Woman Is Found Dead at a Bachelor Party.
  • The Bachelor Party Attendee Who Found The Girl (Clayton) Dead in one of the Penthouse Bedrooms, Moves Her Body To The Swimming Pool, and Claims That a Waiter Found Her. (Why Is He Lying?)
  • It’s REvealed That The Bachelor Party Was High priority. The Party Consisted of MLB Players, And Even Two Secret Service Agents. The Bachelor (Will) Is The Son Of A Police commissioner.
  • The Medical Examiner Tells The SVU That The Girl Didn’t Drown.   ( Because She Didn’t Have Water In Her Lungs) The Examiner Says That The Girl Overdosed on Scopolamine. (A Drug Used To Treat Ailments Such as Seasickness.) The Girl Didn’t Appear to Be Suffering From Any Of These illnesses.
  • By Tracking The Serial Numbers From The Girl’s Breast Implants, The SVU Learns The Identity of  The Young Woman. The Girl’s Name Is Maggie, and She is 16 Years Old.
  • The SVU Learns That Just Before The Discovery Of Maggie’s Body, a Female With a Spanish Accent Called 911 and Reported That a Sick Woman Needed Assistance. (She Was Most Likely Referring to Maggie.)
  • The SVU Questions Will About Maggie. He Says That He Was Never alone With her, But he Did See Her Kissing a Tall, Brunette Woman.
  • The SVU Suspects That Clayton Discovered Maggie’s Body in The Penthouse Room, and Then Moved It.
  • Clayton Is Taken In For Questioning. Clayton Says That he Did Discover The Body in The Bedroom, and Then Moved it.
  • Clayton Tells The SVU That his Friend Carissa Was With Him, When He Discovered The Body.
  • Carissa Is Taken In For Questioning.
  • Carissa Gives The SVU The Name Of Her Booker. (Bart) The SVU Goes To Question Him.
  • When The SVU Arrives To Question Bart, His Bodyguard (Cassidy) Punches Amaro.
  • It’s Revealed that Cassidy is Actually a Former SVU Officer, Who Is now Working Undercover.
  • The SVU Begins Questioning Bart.
  • Bart Says That Maggie wasn’t His Escort, and He has no Idea Who She is. Bart Says That the Rest of His Escorts Say That Maggie came to The Party With Anya Solar. Anya Is a Tall Brunette, And She Has Been Returning Bart’s Calls. (Anya is the woman who Maggie Was Kissing.)
  • It’s Revealed That Anya Fled The Country.
  • A Bottle Of scopolamine Made  Out To Anya, Is Discovered in Anya’s Apartment.
  • The SVU Begins To Suspect that Someone Hired Anya To Drug Maggie. (But Who, And Why?)
  • Cassidy Reveals That Bart Has a Rival Named Delia. Delia Runs a {Very Secretive} Escort Service. Cassidy Says That Maggie Worked for Delia, Until Bart Stole Her Away To Work For Him.
  • Carissa Tells Amaro that Her and Bart are Engaged.
  • The SVU Goes To Question Delia, But She Doesn’t Give Up Any Info.
  • It’s Revealed That a Folder Was Slid Under The Captain’s Apartment Door. Inside Of The Folder Was Pictures of Lena And The Captain, from When He Was Working Undercover. The Captain Tells Benson That The SVU Is Off Of The Case.
  • The SVU Gets a Call, and Learns That a Governor (Harrison Fletcher) Has Had a Heart Attack, and Died. When The SVU Arrives, They Learn That Harrison’s Pants are unzipped, and are on Backwards.
  • The SVU Begins To Question Harrison’s Assistant.
  • The Assistant First Tells The SVU That she Was Helping him Edit a Book When He Had a Heart Attack, But Then She Begins To Tell Them The Actual Story.
  • The Assistant Says That Harrison Was Getting a Massage from His Young Asian masseuse/Escort, When He Died. Harrison’s Aide Contacted The Assistant, and They Met at The Office. The Assistant Then Provided The Cover Story.
  • It’s Revealed That Harrison Didn’t Die OF a Heart Attack, But Instead Someone Murdered Him By Using scopolamine. (Could (Delia Have Done This?)
  • Harrison’s Masseuse Says That She Found Harrison Dead On The Couch, When She Arrived. She Called Her Booker (Iris), and Was Told to Leave The Scene.
  • Iris is Taken In For Questioning, and Spills The Beans On Delia’s Prostitution Ring.
  • Delia’s Bail Is set at $2Million. Her Lawyer (Mr. Exley) Pays Her Bail (By Putting his Own Townhouse up for Collateral)
  • Carissa Reveals To Amaoro That she May Have info On Harrison’s Death. She Quickly Runs Away From Amaro. Carissa Seems Afraid That if She Talks, She Will Be Harmed.
  • The Captain Wakes From His Sleep, and Finds a Dead Woman In His Bed. It Appears To Be Carissa.

Favorite Episode Quote(s):

1) “You Ever Get Laid, Without Paying For It?”    – Det.  Rollins



Tonight’s Finale Of SVU Was Almost as Great as The Season Finale Of Revenge. Tonight’s Episode Was Action Packed, And Very Intriguing. I Never Expected The Episode to End The Way That it did. This Finale Left Me Wondering What Next Season Holds. I Expect Next Season To Be Even Better Than This Season.