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Episode Notes:


  • Green World) Harper Sets Up A Meet With Kessel.
  • (Green World) Bird and his Team Find The Drugs in The Storage Locker.
  • (Green World) Harper Kills Kessel At Th Meet, So That He Won’t Be able to Tell Anyone about her Role in The Westfield Conspiracy.
  • (Green World) The Police Discovers Kessel’s Body
  • (Red World) Hawkins Gets Orders From Kessel To Drop Michael (Who Suffers from a Gunshot Wound) out on The Street.
  • (Red World) Michael Causes Hawkins To Crash The Car, In Which They Were Travelling.
  • (Red World) Michael Takes Hawkins’ Gun and Flees The Scene.
  • (Red World) After Fleeing The Scene, Michael Goes To See Dr. Lee.
  • (Red World) Dr. Lee Patches Up Michael’s Gunshot Wound.
  • (Red World) Michael Asks Dr. Lee To Drive Him To The Storage Unit, In Which The Drugs are suspected to Be. (Michael Forces Dr. Lee To Take Him Their, By Holding the Man At Gunpoint.)
  • (Red World) Michael Breaks into The Storage Unit, But Doesn’t Discover Any Drugs. Michael Locks Dr. Lee Inside of the Unit, and Leaves.
  • (Red World) Michael Contacts Vega For Help. Vega Says That he will Come and Pick up Michael for a meet. Michael Tells Vega The Details About the Westfield Conspiracy, and Asks Him To Tell Harper About The Situation.
  • (Red World) Vega Goes to Tell Harper About The Kessel Conspiracy. She Claims That Michael Is Just Delusional.
  • (Red World) Vega Tells Harper The Location Of Michael (After Being Convinced That Michael Is Delusional). Michael Is Arrested.
  • (Red World) Michael Learns That Harper Is Involved  With Kessel/Hawkins’ Operation.
  • (Red World) Michael Remains In Jail, Trying To Figure Out The Details Of The Conspiracy.
  • (Red World) Michael’s World Begins To Mash Up. Red World Michael Sees Green World Michael, Along With Both Dr. Evans And Dr. Lee. (What is Happening To Michael, and his Dreams?)
  • Red World Michael is Able To See Harper and Kessel’s Meet (Via his Dreams, or an out-of-body Experience…?)
  • Michael Awakes Back In The Green World.
  • (Green World) Michael Sets Out To Take Down Harper.
  • (Green World) Michael Confronts Harper About Her Actions.
  • (Green World) Harper Is Taken In For Questioning By IA (Internal Affairs)
  • (Green World) While Michael is  Talking With Dr. Evans, Time “Freezes”
  • Michael’s Dream World Crumbles, and He Faces The Real World. In Reality,  Neither Rex or Hannah Died, They’re BOth Alive, and Living In The Same {Real} World.
  • Michael Is Re-United With His Wife and Son, In Reality.

Wow, Tonight’s Finale Was Magnificent. The Story Really Ended With a Solid Finale, That Contained No Cliffhangers. Sadly, This Is Most  Likely The Series Finale Of Awake, Since NBC Has Officially Cancelled it.  If You Watched The Finale Of Missing And Was disappointed, Don’t  Worry, Because The Awake Finale is The Complete opposite. This Finale Will Satisfy All Of It’s Fans, as Well As Anyone Who has Ever Watched The Show.

Community 8/7c on NBC

  • Abed not handling being expelled well. Dean wants him to see a psychiatrist. Whole group goes along with him.
  • Many flashbacks to Abed’s craziness.
  • Group defends his sanity claiming they are all a bit crazy.
  • Psychiatrist feels Abed need to be committed and that his obsession with Greendale is making him crazy.
  • Lots of short Flashback sketches..
  • Everyone needs to stop dwelling on Greendale to be healthy.
  • Group begins to think they weren’t expelled by the real dean and recall see 2.
  • Psychiatrist tries to tell group that Greendale doesn’t exist and they had a shared psychosis and were really at a Greendale mental institute this whole time. Where the Dean was in Charge.
  • It is revealed that the Psychiatrist was making it all up and he isn’t even a doctor at all.
  • The real Dean was kidnapped by Ben Chang and replaced by a fake. Chang hired to the fake Psychiatrist to keep the group off his scent but they have just discovered the truth.
  • The episode ends with Chang trying to devise phase 2 of his plan with the “Changlorious bastards”

30 Rock 8:30/7:30c

  • Avery is back!!! Along with another kidnapped american Scott Scottsman
  • Jenna is looking to get her wedding sponsored because that is what all celebrity’s do now.
  • Avery and Jack looking to get thing back to normal.
  • Jack is worried about anything that could of happened between her and Scott.
  • Avery and Scott were new anchors will kidnapped.
  • Avery to Jack “All is forgiven”
  • ” I finally watch the premiere of Prime Suspect on hulu”- Liz
  • Chris is upset he’s not making all the money in the relationship.
  • Jack about Avery “She has the brains of a man and the ass of a French teenager”
  • Christ gets attacked by the sesame street characters at his hot dog truck and Jenna joins the fight.
  • Jack throws a party for every holiday Avery has missed while away.
  • Jack tell Avery everything to try and get her to confess to what she did. He tells her about him kissing her mom and everything that he did wrong.
  • Avery didn’t do anything and was playing Jack the whole time. They are now back to normal and she forgives him.
  • Jack and Avery are planning on renewing their vows.

The Office Season 8 Finale

  • Dwight sets up a free family portrait studio.
  • Jim is worried about bring his kids in after his last prank to Dwight where he got him to wear a custom Velcro suit and pulled it off.
  • Andy comes in to work purposely looking like complete crap and begging for any kind of work.
  • Its is revealed that he got David Wallace who is now a rich to buy back the company and rehire him as manager.
  • In the mean time the office doesn’tbelieve him. Andy is doing janitor work so that when David does come him he can have a big aha moment.
  • Angela and the senator come in with their child for the portrait studio and Dwightfrantically tries to get a DNA sample to prove its his child.
  • Dwight get the babies diaper and speed off with Angela racing behind him.
  • David Wallace finally shows up and confirms that Andy is not crazy and was telling the truth. Tells everyone Sabre is being liquidated. Robert who is CEO of Sabre had no idea. David tells him he would be getting money for the liquidation and Robert tells David he has a charity (its fake) helping gymnasts around the word and he get a donation. Robert will now be away travailing the world.
  • Dwight is with Angela awaiting the DNA test results and they hook up again.
  • As the senator is leaving we find out he’s gay from comments made to Oscar.
Final thoughts:
It was a rather quiet be still enjoyable finale. It still left some unanswered questions like the father of Angela’s baby though its obvious its Dwight’s. It is hard to say where the show is headed now but I guess like every season right back to the office.

Parks and Recreation Season 4 Finale

  • Newport campaign tries to rig voting with there own machines.
  • Leslie is right on the verge a nervous breakdown.
  • Bobby has voted for Leslie.
  • Ben gets offered a campaigning job in the DC by Bobby’s campaign manager Jenifer.
  • April lost on the files on Leslie’s computer and Andy stupidly tries to fix it by throwing it.
  • Ann and Leslie de-stress by boxing.
  • Things don’t change at ALL for Ron Swanson.
  • Ben wants to stay with Leslie.
  • Leslie briefly looses the race. A recount is called.
  • Leslie will not forgive herself and what she put her friends through if she lost.
  • Ron reassures her “We helped because we care, win, lose or draw”
  • “I’ve had 11 whiskeys, you drive” Ron Swanson
  • Donna fixes the computer files instantly.
  • Leslie tells Ben to follow his dreams and go to DC and take the job.
  • Leslie wins by 21 votes!!!!!
  • “I’ve never been more relived in my entire life” Bobby Newport
  • Tom and Ann hook up while drunk.
  • Andy considers being a polices officer.
  • “Lets embark on a new journey together and see where it takes us”- Leslie Knope

Final Thoughts:

Very enjoyable finale for this gem of a comedy. I had no idea how the race was going end but either way Leslie would of pulled through it all. Now that she won it does leave open more possibilities for these characters such as following both Leslie in city console and the parks department. Andy becoming a police office could make for some great comedic moments.