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The Killing- “Ogi Jun” Notes

Posted: April 15, 2012 by Aaron M Zaffuto in The Killing
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First off let me say how impressed I was this episode as it really showed how developed the characters are, and this episode had the most progression we have seen in a single episode since early in season 1 (My opinion)

  • Its Day 17 since The Killing
  • Linden to Holder “Were in the middle of a shit storm because of you”
  • Holder reveals to Linden he thought the traffic photo of Richmond WAS real. (Good guy for sure now)
  • The Larsen kids are really suffering without their mother/sisters death.
  • Jack’s father is suing for joint custody due to Linden’s “constant” neglect of him
  • Holder being honest “I gotta piss”
  • Everything generally sucks for all these people
  • Richmond in the hospital (don’t really feel bad for him, still think has part of the bigger picture)
  • Is the mayor part of this?…
  • Richmond promises to find out why they suspected him
  • Rosie’s killing revenge for the kid Stan killed while in the mob?
  • Richmond withdraws from the race, pisses off Jamie in the process.
  • Stan being a good father encourages his kid to fight (Im being sarcastic)
  • Stan finds a ?? in his moving truck and confronts Janek (let me know if you can tell what it is)
  • Alexi who works for Janek is the “Tattooed” man that was in the moving truck in front of the Larsen’s the night of the Killing
  • And the plot thickens… (straightens out- thanks Jamie!)…..

AMC has a great site with all of the suspects and bios-

Thanks follow twitter follower Jamie @YaGottaBKiddnMe for this one:

“If it turns out Linden is secretly insane and SHE killed Rosie, I’m gonna spend like a week laughing hysterically.”


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As always I live tweeted during the episode & these notes are only what I felt important, If I missed something (Probably did) let me know in the comments below. Thanks

The Killing 2×03 “Ogi Jun” Notes

Posted: April 8, 2012 by Aaron M Zaffuto in The Killing
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The episode was rather quiet but considering last week was an intense opener that is ok. As usual it didn’t end quiet with the story getting even more mysterious as Rosie’s killing may be connected to the mob (Didn’t Holder think that during season 1?)

As one of my twitter followers says “@YaGottaBKiddnMe: Ok, I’m back to where I was last week at this time: They ALL did it.”

  • Holder is losing it, and so is everyone else but Linden
  • I would appear that Linden is (Finally) starting to worry about how her son is going up around hotel room and not moving
  • Richmond is just starting to come to terms with injury
  • Linden and Holder finally meet up to share what they had been uncovering and she understands why Holder took Rosie’s backpack
  • The episode ends with it being clear that Rosie’s murder has a mob connection which goes back to Stanley Larsen.
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