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Episode Notes/Recap:

  •  A Group Of Storybrooke Citizens Head To The Town’s Border. One Of The Citizens Crosses The Border, And Some Sort Of Force Overtakes Him. It Seems That The Citizens Of Storybrooke Still Can’t Leave The Town.
  • Storybrooke Begins Slowly Rebuilding The Town, Due To The Damage That The Soul Sucker Caused.
  • David Begins To Suspect That Regina Is Still Having Problems, With Her Magic.
  • The Man That Crossed The Town’s Border, Returns To Town. The Man Believes That He Is A Regular Storybrooke Citizen. It Seems That Once Storybrooke’s Cross The Town Border, They Forget Their True Identity.
  • Regina Begins Working On Mastering Her Powers.
  • More Of Regina’s Fairytale Past Is Revealed.
  • Regina Begins Looking For A Spell Book That Belonged To Her Mother. Regina Hopes That The Book Will Help Her Master Her Powers, Once Again.
  • Regina Gains Possession Of The Spell Book.
  • It’s Revealed That In Fairytale Land, Regina Used Her Mother’s Spell Book To Summon Rumpelstiltskin.
  • David Begins Looking For The Owner Of The Hat, To Open Up A Portal. Little Does David Know, Jefferson Is The Owner Of The Hat. It Seems That David Doesn’t Know Who Jefferson Is.
  • Mr. Gold Learns Of The Problem, Regarding Crossing The Town’s Border.
  • It’s Revealed That Regina, Back In Fairytale Land, Summoned Rumpelstiltskin To Help Her With Her Evil Mother.
  • Regina Uses A Spell From The Spell Book. It’s Not Yet Clear What Effect The Spell Has/Will Create.
  • David Finds Jefferson, And Learns That Jefferson Is The Mad Hatter.
  • Regina Begins Terrorizing The Town. Henry Then Agrees To Go With Regina. Regina Then Stops Terrorizing The Storybrooke Citizens, And Leaves With Henry. It Seems That The Spell, From The Book, Helped Regina Regain Her Powers.
  • Jefferson Tells David That He Can’t Help Him, And Then Makes A Run For It.
  • David Learns That Regina Has Regained Her Powers, And Has Taken Henry Back.
  • Regina Puts A Magic Barrier Around The House. The Barrier Will Prevent Henry From Leaving The House.
  • It’s Revealed That Regina Pushed Her Mother Into Another World, And Got Rid Of Her, Back In Fairytale Land.
  • David Convinces The Storybrooke Citizens To Stay In The Town.
  • It’s Revealed That, Rumpelstiltskin Originally Gave Regina’s Mother The Spell Book, Back In Fairytale Land.
  • Regina Allows Henry To Go Back Home With David. It Seems That Regina May Have A Soft Side.
  • Regina Tells David That Their Homeland Does In Fact, Still Exist. Regina Tells David That She Doesn’t Know How To Get Back To Their Homeland.
  • Mulan And Aurora Take Emma And Mary Margaret Prisoner.
  • Emma And Mary Margaret Are Taken Back To Mulan And Aurora’s Homeland.
  • Mary Margaret And Emma Try To Make A Run For It, But They Are Caught. Mary Margaret Is Knocked Unconscious, And Both Her An Emma Are Put In A Holding Cell.
  • Emma And Mary Margaret Find Regina’s Mother In The Holding Cell. It Seems That Regina’s Mother Is Still Alive And Well.


Tonight’s Episode Of Once Upon A Time Was Astounding! In Tonight’s Episode, We Learn More Of Regina’s Past, In Fairytale Land. David Frantically Searches For A Way To Get To His Wife And Daughter, But He Isn’t Successful. Regina Finally Regains Her Powers, But She Is Brought To Her Knees, By Henry. Regina Stops Using Her Powers, For The Sake Of Henry. Regina Learns That Henry Truly Doesn’t Want To Live With Her, So She Lets Him Go Back With David. Meanwhile, Emma And Mary Margaret Find That They Have Been Taken Prisoner, By Mulan And Aurora. Emma And Mary Margaret Are Thrown Into A Holding Cell, In Aurora And Mulan’s Homeland, Where The Find Regina’s Mother Being Held. I’ve Been A Fan Of Once Upon A Time After Watching The Series Premiere, Last Fall. The Show Is Unique And Refreshing. Overall, I Would Absolutely Recommend Once Upon A Time. Watch Once Upon A Time Live: Sunday’s At 8/7C. On ABC.


~ Scott R.

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