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Air date: 9/30/12

Episode Notes/Recap:

  • In Fairytale Land, Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) Is Awaken By A Kiss From Phillip.
  • The Curse Has Been Broken, In Storybrooke. Everyone Now Remembers Who They Really Are.
  • The Citizens Of Storybrooke Learn That Magic Has Filled The Town. This Is Why Everyone Is Still In Storybrooke, Rather Than In Fairytale Land.
  • Belle Tells Mr. Gold What Regina Did To Her.
  • Emma Struggles To Accept The Fact That David And Mary Margaret Are Her Parents.
  • A Riot Group Begins Making Their Way To Regina’s House, Most Likely To Kill Regina. Emma Heads To Regina’s House, To Stop The Riot Group.
  • Back In Fairytale Land, Phillip And Aurora Are Attacked By A Demon Like Creature. Philip Is Able To Chase Away The Creature.
  • Mr. Gold Is Shown Removing A Medallion From A Box. The Medallion Is Identical To One That Philip Retrieved From The Demon Creature.
  • The Riot Group Arrives At Regina’s House. Regina Tries To Use Her Powers Against The Riot Group, But Isn’t Able To. For Some Reason, Regina Is Powerless.
  • Emma Arrives At Regina’s House, And Saves Regina From The Riot Group.
  • Regina Is Locked Up In A Jail Cell, For The Time Being.
  • Regina Says That The Citizens Of Storybrooke Weren’t Returned To Fairy Tale Land, Because Fairytale Land No Longer Exists.
  • Mr. Gold Visits Regina, At The Police Station. Gold Pricks Regina’s Finger With The Medallion, That Came From The Demon Creature. It’s Not Clear What Effect This Will Have, On Regina.
  • Back In Fairytale Land, Mulan, A Friend Of Phillip, Tells Phillip That The Demon Creature Is A Soul Sucker. Apparently, The Creature Marks It’s Victims, And Then Returns, To Extract It’s Victim’s Soul.
  • Mulan Says That Luckily, Phillip, Aurora, And Herself All Avoided The Mark Of The Soul Sucker.
  • Phillip Notices Something Strange, About His Hand. It Seems That Phillip May Have Been Marked, By The Soul Sucker.
  • Mr. Gold (Rumpelstiltskin) Uses His Sword, And The Medallion, To Summon The Soul Sucker. As Mr. Gold Is Doing This, Regina Notices The Same Occurence With Her Hand, That Phillip Noticed With His Hand. It Seems That Regina Has Been Marked, By The Soul Sucker.
  • The Soul Sucker Arrives In Storybrooke.
  • Emma, Mulan, And Aurora Set Up Camp. Phillip Says That He Is Going To Get Firewood. However, It Seems That Phillip Is Leaving For Good, As He Knows That The Soul Sucker Has Him Marked.
  • Mulan And Aurora Learn That Phillip Has Left, Because He Is Marked. Mulan Goes After Phillip.
  • The Soul Sucker Arrives At The Police Station, And Begins Stealing Regina’s Soul. Emma, Mary Margaret, And David Arrive At The Police Station, And Begin Fighting The Soul Sucker, In An Attempt To Save Regina.
  • Emma, May Margaret, And David Chase Away The Soul Sucker, For Now.
  • Regina Suggests That Emma Use Jefferson’s Hat, To Send The Soul Sucker Away.
  • Aurora Joins Mulan, In Her Search Of Phillip.
  • Aurora Begins To Suspect That Mulan Is In Love, With Phillip.
  • Mulan And Aurora Find Phillip, But Aren’t Able To Save Him. The Soul Sucker Steals Phillip’s Soul.
  • Regina Uses Jefferson’s Hat To Open A Portal To Fairytale Land. The Soul Sucker Is Lured Into The Portal, However, Emma Is Sucked Into The Portal, As Well. Mary Margaret Jumps Into The Portal, To Go After Emma. David Rushes Over To The Portal, To Go After Emma And Mary Margaret, But He Is Too Late. The Portal Has Closed.
  • Regina Comes Close To Killing David, But Henry Arrives, And Stops Her From Doing So. It Seems That Regina Now Has Her Full Powers.
  • Henry Tells Regina That He Is Going To Stay With David, Until Regina Proves That She Isn’t Evil.
  • Belle Returns To Mr. Gold’s Shop. Gold And Belle Repair Their Relationship.
  • Mulan Tells Aurora That Queen Regina Cast A Curse On The Land, And Ripped Everyone From The Land, And Sent Them Away. Mulan Says That For Some Reason, Their Corner Of The Land Was Untouched. Mulan Says That For 28 Years, Everything Was Frozen, Until Just Recently. This Means That When Emma Came To Storybrooke, She Not Only Got Time Moving There, But She Also Got Time Moving, In Fairytale Land.
  • Mulan And Aurora Find Emma And Mary Margaret, Unconscious, In Fairytale Land.

Favorite Episode Quote(s):

1) “Promise Me You Won’t Kill Her.”  – Belle

2) “You Really Are The Evil Queen.”   – Henry

3) “I Have Faith.”  – David

4) “I Will Find Them. I Will Always Find Them.”  – David


Tonight’s Season 2 Premiere Of Once Upon A Time Was Great! In Tonight’s Premiere, Storybrooke And It’s Citizens Have To Face The Truth That They Are From A World Filled With Magic. They Also Have To Face The Fact That Now, Storybrooke Is Filled With Magic, Thanks To The Villanous Mr. Gold. Emma Is Especially Struggling To Accept The Fact That Mary Margaret And David, Are Her Parents. In Tonight’s Premiere, Mr. Gold Summoned An Evil Soul Sucking Creature, And He Placed A Mark On Regina. The Creature Came After Regina, But She Was Able To Use Jefferson’s Hat To Send The Creature Away. However, Emma Accidentally Fell Into The Portal, And Mary Margaret Jumped In After Her. David Tried To Go After Mary Margaret And Emma, But He Was Too Slow, As The Portal Had Already Closed. Ultimately, Emma And Mary Margaret Find Themselves In Fairytale Land. I’ve Been A Fan Of Once Upon A Time, Since I Watched The Epic Series Premiere, Nearly A Year Ago. Once Upon A Time Really Puts A Unique Spin, On The Average Fairytale. It Seems That When It Comes To Uniqueness, And Originality, ABC Has Won The Competition, With Once Upon A Time. Overall, Once Upon A Time Is A Great Show, And I Would Definitely Recommend It. Watch Once Upon A Time Live: Sunday’s At 8/7C. On ABC.

~ Scott R.

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