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Community- 8/7c

This was either the best or the weirdest (even for community) episode.

I am VERY curious on your thoughts on this one! Share in the comments below.

  • Troy and Britta together (That’s a weird one)
  • Dean is dressed as a man AND a women.
  • Abed is mad that Annie setup Troy and Britta because he doesn’t want to loose his friend.
  • Abed and Annie enter the Dreamatorium they imagine how Troy and Britta’s date will go.
  • Abed shows her the Dreamatorium’s engine  (Not sure how to describe this one)
  • Annie changes the engine and breaks Abed after being warned by Troy that the Dreamatorium take alot out of him.
  • In the Dreamatorium Jeff wants Annie (Just do it already!)
  • At this point im confused or amazed by the episode.
  • “I did it because Troy and Britta are cute together and this would be a bonus” Annie referring to her and Jeff
  • Annie then proceeds to talk to “herself” in the Dreamatorium
  • “Can I just interject and say I don’t know what the hell is going on” Pierce
  • Cracks at Carson Daly
  • “I almost sat on my balls but then I changed direction” Pierce.. Who then sat right on them and it hurt like hell.
  • (At this point im lost or amazed again)
  • Abed can now get into other peoples minds thanks to Annie adding empathy to the Dreamatorium’s engine.

30 Rock- 8:30/7:30c

Next week is the “Live” episode.

  • Criss freaks out over the slightest possibility that Liz would want kids.
  • Jack is really trying hard to turn Kabletown into another “GE”
  • Jack want to set Liz up with Kevin
  • Jenna is having a fake “Celebrity Breakdown” which ends up being real to try and lure her boyfriend back.
  • Jack unhappy with the awful couches he is responsible for while trying get kabletown like “GE”  asks one the workers “Who do I fire you?” The worker replied “You insisted on American engineers who know NOTHING”
  • Tracy to Jenna “Were you partying with too hard with Christian Slater?”
  • Jenna on the “Today” show goes crazy and runs through a window
  • Liz finds out Jack had set her up with Kevin just for her to meet his daughter. Criss who allowed the date rushes to break it up.
  • Paul is back is Jenna
  • Jack “Any amount of Lemon is better then the crap were turning out”
  • Jack sold the crappy couches to the government who is using them for torture.

The Office- 9/8c

This is a stand out hilarious episode.

  • Andy is back with Erin.
  • Pam/Jim setup Kelly with their pediatrician.
  •  “I’d rather she be alone then with someone” Ryan about Kelly
  • Nelly wont leave and Andy is upset. He cant “get it up” that night with Erin.
  • Ryan wants Kelly again…
  • Erin confides in Dwight about Andy’s erectile problem, who then tells Nelly who is upset. “Take a mans job but leave him his balls”
  • Nelly setups a whole office meeting to discus the problem. Andy admits and suddenly the whole meeting is about who else if any experienced his problem. Pam admits Jim has.. who immediatelydenies it.
  • Later Andy gets mad starts throwing things around the office along with Erin “your not the manager I am!”
  • “I don’t think your a very good person and I don’t like you very much” Pam to Ryan
  • Nelly gets picked for office manger Andy domoted says no.
  • Ryan has big gesture to Kelly as her to marry her someday..maybe.. Kelly chooses Robbie but then starts making out with Ryan.
  • Andy get fired.

Parks and Recreation- 9:30/8:30c

And its back!!! My favorite currently airing show back from hiatus. This is a laugh out loud episode, with everyone doing there best.

  • Ann loves Tom’s apartment
  • April is filling in for Leslie while she is campaigning and says her job is terrible and calls someone in the crowd of a meeting a “Hamster Penis”
  • Ron like always want to bring the government down.
  • April “I hate People” ( I would marry her!)
  • While being forced to mediation with Chris, Ron see a restaurant “There’s a hot spinning cone of meat over there, I don’t know what it is but I want to eat the whole thing”
  • Leslie trying to keep money for both parks dept and a dog shelter convinces her opponent to pay for the shelter with the fortune he has.
  • Ron is promoted to assistant city manager but Chris is now worried because if Newport wins hes out.
  • “Prepare to experience true meaning and bliss” Ron as he opens up a bottle of whiskey for Chris
  • “Nectar of the gods” Ron
  • Leslie can kick political ass!

Tonight marks the return of my most favorite show, Parks and Recreation. (Revenge is 2nd, the rest of the NBC line up tied for 3rd)

Catch an all new Parks and Recreation in its new time slot 9:30/8:30c

Why you NEED to watch:

  • The Cast- Everyone is outstanding and laughable.
  • The Character “Ron Swanson” (also know as Ron F****** Swanson) (See video below)
  • A show with endless stories with people that may seem like your own wacky neighbors and question if your local government may in fact work like this.
  • Wacky but lovable relationships- See “April & Andy”
  • The Tammy’s (start watching if your confused)
  • Yes you can jump right into the show and not be lost, but do catch all the the episodes when you can.

Pilot Promo:


Ron Swanson:

Well its just about that time.. In May nearly all your favorites will be concluding the 2011-2012 season and here is where they stand ratings wise.

The most important number to look at is not Viewers but the age 18-49 demographic rating (Demo) which is what the advertisers are willing to pay the big bucsk for.

Of the shows we cover:

Ratings challenged NBC (demo ratings for the most recently aired episode)

Bent- 0.7

Best Friends Forever- 0.9

Off Their Rockers- 1.6

Parks and Recreation- 1.8

Community- 1.3

30 Rock- 1.2

The Office- 2.4

The Firm- 0.3

Awake- 0.9

Up All Night- 1.2

Harry’s Law- 1.0

All data is from