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Episode Notes:

  • Nancy Grace Reviews how Lucy Survived her Execution.
  • It is Revealed That after Lucy Was Beaten By Prison Guards (After Rising From The Dead), All Charges Against her were dropped, and she was released from Prison.
  • Lucy Sues for Custody of Hope.
  • Lucy Proposes that Jimmy and Hope got to Tibet With her, So that the case Won’t have to go to court.
  • Lucy’s Defense Council Files for a Motion to Supress the Knowledge of Lucy’s Crime(s) From Evidence, and Wins The Motion.
  • Multiple Witnesses are called to testify in the custody case.
  • In A Suprising Turn of Events, Custody of Hope is awarded to Lucy.
  • Jimmy Must go to Tibet With Lucy, So that he can be a part of Hope’s Life.
  • Sabrina Is Chased down the Street By Crazy Knife Wielding, Serial Killer, Lucy.
  • Sabrina Escpaes Unharmed, But Lucy Doesn’t Fair Out So Well.
  • Jimmy Regains Custody Of Hope, Because of Lucy’s Death. (She was hit by a bus..)

Raising Hope is a Hilarious Comedy That Has Already been Approved for a Third Season. Tonight’s Finale had an awesome Ending! If you Haven’t Yet Watched Raising Hope, I Suggest you do so, While it’s Off Air For its Season FInale.


I got you covered on The Voice eliminations and if you don’t mind me ranting about it follow me on twitter.

Ok.. I got to rant just a little. Christina letting Jesse.. wft! He was one of my favorites and picks to win it all. Also Lindsey Pavao who I generally disliked all of her performances, sound the exact opposite on her studio recordings, no wonder why she’s still in the show! Check them out on iTunes and compare for yourself.

The Voice- 9/8c on NBC

Aside from “Raising Hope”, “New Girl” has really grown on me.

Tonight on New Girl- 9/8c on FOX:



Got you covered on part 2 of the Raising Hope finale.

Raising Hope (part 2 finale)- 9:30/8:30c on FOX

And not to worry, “Raising Hope” was already renewed for another season!

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