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Revolution Pilot on Hulu.

Watch the series Premiere following “The Voice” on Monday September 17th at 10/9c.

The post apocalyptic series kicks off fifteen years after an unknown phenomenon disables all technology from car engines to computers and batteries. Governments fallen and militias take over as people are forced to adapt without modern technology. The series follows a family who have a device and the knowledge that could in fact reverse what happen. This family is hunted for the secrets they possess.

The series begins in current time and just as the phenomenon is happening and then jumps fifteen to years to a much different world and through as series a flashbacks we begin to learn the details about what has happened and what the main characters who know so much were up to before the blackout.

Final thoughts:

The show has a great set of actors and sets up the characters well enough that you have sense of them early on, but don’t get too attached as the show is not afraid to kill off characters as right from the start one is lost. The intrigue of the story creates enough suspense to get though some of more cliche plot lines.  I found myself just impatiently waiting for the next flashback to get another glimpse of this story and endlessly curious as to what happened and what all these characters know. The ending of the pilot was a shock to me because most of the other action in the show was given away in the promos but not the ending as this seemingly random person was not at all what I first thought.

As a big fan of post apocalyptic dramas I couldn’t help but start comparing the show to Jericho or FlashForward as it does some take some elements and blend them to create Revolution. Overall I found myself less attached to the show then I first thought I would be, but that could change a lot after another watch.  My intrigue in the mystery of the story is more then enough to keep me watching every week.

What did you think of the pilot? Will you be tuning in again?

– Aaron @zaffuto234