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Episode Notes/Recap:

  • Alex Suspects That She May Be Pregnant.
  • A Man Is Rushed To The Hospital. The Man Was In A Severe Car Accident, And He Has A Large Piece Of Rebar Sticking From His Chest. Oddly, The Man Isn’t Feeling Any Discomfort Or Pain. The Man Doesn’t Know His Name, But Oddly, He Didn’t Injure His Head During The Accident.
  • A Young Woman (Heather) Arrives At The Hospital. Apparently, She Tumbled Down A Flight Of Stairs And Injured Her Neck.
  • The Amnesia Victim (Who Has The Rebar Sticking From His Chest) Is Brought To The Operating Room. The Man Still Feels No Pain.
  • As The Amnesia Victim Is Being Prepped Surgery, The Man Takes It Upon Himself To Remove The Rebar. He Pulls The Rebar Straight Out Of His Chest. Blood Begins Gushing Out Of The Man’s Chest, And He Begins To Crash.
  •  It’s Revealed That The Amnesia Victim Tore His Aorta When He Pulled The Rebar From His Chest. Alex And The Team Of Doctors Have To Repair The Torn Aorta Soon, Or The Man Will Die.
  • The Amnesia Victim’s Aorta Is Repaired And He Is Sent To A Recovery Room. The Man Is Conscious, And Seems To Be Doing Okay. The Man Is Still Feeling No Pain.
  • The Doctors Begin Looking Through The Amnesia Victim’s Personal Affects. They Find A Business Card For “The Great Randall”, Who Is A Local Hypnotist. (Could The Amnesia Victim’s Lack Of Pain And Loss Of Memory, Be Caused Because He Has Been Hypnotized?)
  • Alex Asks Gavin To Try And Break The Amnesia Victim Free Of His Hypnosis. Gavin Has No Luck In His Attempt To Break The Man Free Of His Hypnosis.
  • Alex Decides To Call “The Great Randall”, To Ask Him To Come Down to the Hospital To Break The Amnesia Victim Free Of His Hypnosis.
  • Heather Begins Acting Erratically , And She Begins Rhyming Randomly. Gavin Suspects That Heather Is Suffering From A Speech/Mental Condition, Which Is Causing Her To Act The Way That She Is.
  • Heather Begins Acting Combative Towards The Hospital Staff, And She Begins Throwing Things. The Doctors Are Ultimately Forced To Sedate Her.
  • “The Great Randall” Arrives At The Hospital. Charlie Walks By Him And Randall Says “Nice Tux, Buddy.” Apparently Randall Is Able To See Charlie, Somehow.
  • Randall Is Able To Break The Amnesia Victim’s Hypnosis. The Amnesia Victim Is Able To Remember His Identity. Apparently, His Name Is Chester Mills. Since Chester’s Hypnosis Was Broken, He Now Begins Feeling Severe Pain In His Stomach.
  • Chester Reveals That He Has Felt The Same Pain In His Stomach For 5+ Years. He’s Seen Dozens Of Doctors, But None Of Them Could Diagnose/Help Him. This Is Why Chester Visited Randall, So That The Pain In His Stomach Would Be Alleviated.
  • Charlie Confronts Randall, And Tries To Convince Him To Relay A Message To Alex.
  • Alex Notices That Chester Is Displaying The Symptoms Of Lupus.
  • Maggie Tells Joel That She Is Ending Their “Friends-With-Benefits” Relationship.
  • Randall Begins Conveying Messages From  Charlie To Alex. Alex Slowly Begins To Believe Randall, Until He Asks Her For Money To Continue Relaying Messages From Charlie. After Randall Asks Alex To Pay Him, She Loses All Belief In What Randall Was Saying, And She Leaves.
  • Gavin Is Able To Correct Heather’s (Imaginary) Neck Injury. Gavin Also Tells Heather That She Needs To Stick To Her Medicine Regimen, In Order To Keep Her Condition Under Control.
  • Alex Learns That Chester Is Suffering From A Condition Known As “The Vampire Disease”. The Disease Causes Chester’s Body To Produce Too Much Of A Certain Protein/Hormone. The Extra Proteins/Hormones Then Attack Chester’s: Nerves, Muscles, And Skin. This Is What’s Causing Chester’s Severe Stomach Pain/Lupus.
  • A;ex Informs Chester That There Is No Cure For His Disease. Alex Provides Chester With Ways To Manage His Condition. Chester Will Have To Go Through Life, Managing His Disease.
  • Randall Tells Alex That He Will Convey Charlie’s Messages To her Free Of Charge (As An Apology Of Sorts). Alex Is Convinced That Randall IS A Scheming Liar, And She Tells Him To Leave Her Alone.
  • Gavin Gets Heather Set Up On A New Medicine Regimen, And Gets Her Enrolled Into Weekly Therapy Sessions. Heather Is Discharged From The Hospital.
  • Alex Takes Her Pregnancy Test, And Learns That She Is Not Pregnant.
  • Joel Is Able To Patch Up His And Maggie’s Relationship. It Seems That Now They Are Going To Be An Exclusive Couple.

Favorite Episode Quote(s):

1) “He Should Be In Agony.”    – Alex

2) “You Were My One Chance. My Only Chance.”    – Charlie

3) “Disco Pee.”    – Joel

4) “This Is A Lifelong Condition. There Is No Cure.”    – Alex

5) “I Feel Like I’m Going Crazy.”    – Alex

6) “Well, Were You A Jerk?”     – Alex

7) “Just A Human Male, You Know?”     – Joel

8) “Anyway. I’m An Idiot. That’s My Day.”    – Alex

9) “You Have A Great Sadness About You, Dr. Reid.”    – Randall

10) “She Can Improve.”    – Gavin

11) “Yeah. I Had An Impulse.”    – Maggie

12) “I’m Not Pregnant.”   – Alex

13) “We Are Not Rolling Any Dice.”    – Alex (Flashback)

14) “Like Um… Charlie Jr. Chuck. Chas. Charlene.”     – Charlie (Flashback)

15) “Is That Code For You Wanna Be Exclusive?”    – Maggie



Tonight’s Episode Of Saving Hope , As Usual, Was Thrilling! I Love How This Series Separates Itself From Every Other Medical Drama, By Adding Charlie’s Out Of Body Experience To The Show. While Adding A Supernatural Twist, The Show Also Focuses On The Individual Cases Of The Patients At The Hospital, Which Really Brings The Show Together. I Really Didn’t Like The Pilot Episode, But After Watching The 2nd Episode Of The Season, I Immediately Became A Fan. Overall, I Would Definitely Recommend Saving Hope. Watch Saving Hope Live: Thursday’s At 9/8c. On NBC.


~ Scott R.