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Episode Notes/Recap:

  • Charlie’s Condition Continues To Improve, But For Some Reason, Charlie Still Hasn’t Woken Up.
  • It’s Revealed That Charlie’s Job Is Going To Put Up, So That Charlie Can Be Replaced. Dana Plans On Submitting Her Resume, For The Position.
  • A Well Known On-Air Television Therapist (Kendra Watt) Arrives At The Hospital. Kendra Is Unconscious, And Is Bleeding Profusely From Her Forehead,  Due To A Huge Laceration On Her Forehead. Kendra’s Assistant (Kate) Found Her Unconscious, With The Wounds.
  • Kate Reveals That Kendra Took A Dose Of Mushrooms. This Caused Amanita Poisoning, Which May Have Caused Kendra To Lose Her Balance, And Hit Her Head, etc.
  • Apparently, The Mushrooms Severely Damaged Kendra’s Liver, And She Most Likely Needs A Liver Transplant, Just To Survive.
  • Kendra Begins To Seize.
  • Kendra Enters The Spirit World, And Runs Into Charlie.
  • Kendra Begins Talking With Charlie. Kendra Thinks That She Is High, And Is On A “Trip” Of Sorts. Little Does Kendra Know, She Is Actually Dying.
  • While Performing A Surgery, Joel’s Hands Begin Shaking. It Seems As If He’s Still Trying To Recover From Witnessing A Suicide. Joel Leaves The Surgery Room, And Isn’t Able To Finish The Surgery. Joel Makes Up An Excuse, And Says That He Can’t Finish The Surgery, Because His Hand Is Cramping.
  • Dana Tells Joel That She Is Going To Her Hometown To Do A C.M.E. Dana Asks Joel To Accompany Her. Joel Reluctantly Agrees To Go With Dana, To Her Hometown.
  • Charlie Begins Explaining The Situation To Kendra. Charlie Tells Her About The Predicament That She’s In.
  • Alex Begins To Face The Fact That She’s Been Demoted.
  • One Of Alex’s Patients (Doug) Arrives At The Hospital. Apparently, Doug Has Been Attempting To Lose Weight, And He Has Come To The Hospital For A “Weigh-In”. Doug Weighs Himself, And Learns That He Has Lost A Total Of 120 Pounds.
  • Doug Tells Alex That A Short Time Ago, He Was Working Out, And Accidentally Dropped A Weighted Bar On His Chest. Doug Says That His Chest Doesn’t Hurt Anymore, But It Is A Bit Swollen. Alex Begins Examining Doug’s Chest Injury.
  • Alex Begins Pressing On Doug’s Chest. When She Gets To Doug’s Nipples, She Notices That A Strange Liquid Is Being Discharged From Doug’s Nipples. Alex Gets A Consult, And Learns That Doug’s Nipple Discharge Is A Sign That He’s Using Steroids.
  • Dana And Joel Arrive At Dana’s Hometown.
  • Doug Claims That He Isn’t Using Steroids.
  • Alex Decides To Run A Few More Tests On Doug.
  • Dana And Joel’s C.M.E. Begins. Basically, Dana And Joel Are Updating The Small Town Doctors’ Skill Set, By Teaching Them New Techniques, etc.
  • It’s Revealed That Kendra Is In Fact Dead.
  • Kendra Sees Her Body, And Faces The Reality That She Has Died.
  • Dr. McBride (The Town’s Senior Doctor) Gets A call About A Serious Car Accident, In Town. Dana, Joel, And Dr. McBride Head To The Scene Of The Accident.
  • Dana, Joel, And Dr. McBride Arrive At The Scene Of The Accident, And Find A Woman (Stephanie) Trapped Underneath A Tow-Truck That Is Laying On It’s Side. Stephanie Is A Good Friend Of Dana.
  • Dana, Joel, And Dr. McBride Begin Working To Save Stephanie.
  • Alex Concludes Her Tests, And Informs Doug That The Cause Of His Nipple Discharge, Is Most Likely Breast Cancer.
  • Alex Tells Doug That She Needs To Do A Biopsy To Know For Sure, If Doug Has Breast Cancer.
  • Alex Rushes The Biopsy Sample To The Lab, To Be Tested.
  • Kendra Begins Talking With Charlie. Kendra Hopes To Help Charlie Figure Out Why He’s Still In The Spirit World. (Excluding His Physical Injuries).
  • Kendra Begins Asking Charlie Why He Won’t Wake Up. Kendra Continues Asking The Question, And Charlie Says He Hasn’t Woken Up, Because He Doesn’t Want To. Charlie Isn’t Sure Why He Said This.
  • Stephanie’s Condition Begins To Worsen. She Needs To Be Removed From Under The Truck, Within The next 15 Minutes, Or She’s Going To Die. The Problem Is, The Crane That Is Needed To Lift The Tow Truck, Is 45 Minutes Away. Only Stephanie’s Leg Is Pinned Under The Truck, Which Makes Dana And Joel Think That They May Have To Amputate Stephanie’s Leg, In Order To Get Her From Underneath The Truck.
  • Dana And Joel Begin To Amputate Stephanie’s Leg.
  • Doug’s Biopsy Results Come Back. Doug Does In Fact Have Breast Cancer.
  • Alex Begins Surgery On Doug. Alex Must Remove A Few Of Doug’s Lymph Nodes, And She Must Perform A Mastectomy On Doug.
  • Joel And Dana Successfully Amputate Stephanie’s Leg, And She Is Successfully Removed From Underneath The Truck. Stephanie Is Rushed To The Hospital, And She Is Expected To Be Okay.
  • Joel And Dana Begin To Have A Romantic Moment. This Ultimately Leads To Them Having “Relations”.
  • Dana And Joel Begin To Make Their Way Back To Hope Zion.
  • Doug’s Surgery Is Successful.
  • Dana And Joel Arrive Back At Hope Zion.
  • Dana Decides Not To Submit An Application For Charlie’s Job.
  • Kendra Tells Charlie That He Needs To Figure Out Why He Doesn’t Want To Wake Up. Kendra Tells Charlie That If He Does This, He Will Be One Step Closer To Home.
  • It Seems That Helping Charlie Was Kendra’s Unfinished Business. Since Kendra Has Attended To Her Unfinished Business, She Ultimately Moves On From The Spirit World.

Favorite Episode Quote(s):

1) “Charlie, You Have Got To Stop Thinking Like A Surgeon.”   – Kendra

2) “We Are Doing This.”    – Dana

3) “We Cut Off A Woman’s Leg With A Scalpel And Boltcutters.”   – Dana



Tonight’s Episode Of Saving Hope Was Great! In Tonight’s Episode, Alex Had To Deal With Being Demoted. Also, The Hospital Planned To Replace Charlie. In Tonight’s Episode, Dana Took Joel To Her Hometown With Her, Where They Encountered A Woman Who Had Been In A Terrible Accident. The Woman Was One Of Dana’s Childhood Friends. The Woman (Stephanie) Had Been Trapped Underneath A Tow Truck, That Was Lying On It’s Side. After Making A Tough Call, Dana Made The Decision To Amputate Stephanie’s Leg, To Get Her Free From The 10 Ton Truck. Dana And Joel Amputated Stephanie’s Leg, Using Only A Scalpel And Boltcutters. Tonight’s Episode Was By Far, My Favorite Of The Season. New Relationships Emerged, And It Seems That Joel And Dana May Be Brewing A Relationship. I’ve Been A Fan Of Saving Hope Since The 2nd Episode, And I’m Becoming An Even Bigger Fan, As The Season Progresses. Overall, I Would Definitely Recommend Saving Hope. Watch Saving Hope Live: Thursday’s At 9/8C. On NBC.

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