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Episode Notes/Recap:

  • Dawn And Alex Begin Presenting Their Arguments, Regarding Who Should Be Making Charlie’s Medical Decisions.
  • A Patient Arrives At The Hospital. It Seems That The Patient Is Receiving A Heart Transplant. The Heart Is Coming From A Deceased Prisoner (Bernie). Bernie Is In The Spirit World, At The Hospital, With Charlie.
  • The Officer That Delivered The Heart (Jimmy), Is Complaining Of A Back-Ache. He Is Waiting To Get A Kidney From The Hospital To Deliver Elsewhere, So He Has Time, And Asks Joel To Check Out His Back.
  • The Doctors Begin Retrieving Bernie’s Organs, So That They Can Pass Them On To People Who Need Them. Bernie Is Dead, But Oddly, He’s Still With Charlie, In The Spirit World.
  • The Heart Transplant Patient’s Surgery Begins.
  • During The Surgery,  Dawn Arrives To Help Out. She Is Filling In, Since The Doctor Who Was Originally Supposed To Be Helping With The Surgery, Is Sick.
  • Bernie Keeps Annoying Charlie. Charlie Wants Bernie To Leave Him Alone.
  • Charlie Begins Feeling A Strange Pain In His Chest/Abdomen.
  • Joel Does An MRI On Jimmy, And Learns That The Man’s Back Is Hurting Because His Core Muscles Are Strengthening. The Problem Is Minor, And It Doesn’t Require Any Prescription Pills.
  • Jimmy Continues To Insist That He Needs Prescription Pills, To Help With The Pain In His Back.
  • Joel Writes Jimmy A Prescription, And Sends Him On His Way.
  • It’s Revealed That Charlie Has An Embolism.
  • During The Transplant, The Patient’s New Heart Tears, And Begins Bleeding Out. It Need To Be Repaired, And Soon.
  • Alex Successfully Repairs The Tear, And Stops The Bleeding. The Man Stabilizes.
  • The Doctors Continue Monitoring The Embolism In Charlie’s Chest.
  • The Heart Transplant Patient’s Body Rejects The New Heart. The Doctors Give The Man A Medication, In An Attempt To Get His Body To Accept The New Heart.
  • Joel Finds Jimmy Lying On One Of The Patient Beds. Jimmy Appears To Be High.
  • Joel Learns That Jimmy Constantly Comes To The Hospital, Wanting Pills. Joel Learns That Awhile Back, Jimmy Shot A Kid, And Drove His Cruiser Into A Brick Wall. The Man Has Yet To Get Over The Incident. This Is Most Likely The Reason Why He Abuses Prescription Pills.
  • Alex And Dawn’s Hearing Resumes. Dawn Is Appointed To Make Charlie’s Medical Decisions.
  • Joel Finds Jimmy Sitting Inside Of His Cruiser, In The Parking Lot. Jimmy Is Holding His Gun In His Hand. It Seems That Jimmy Plans On Using The Gun On Himself.
  • Joel Tries To Talk Jimmy Down, But Is Unsuccessful. Jimmy Ultimately Kills Himself, With The Gun.
  • Joel Admits To Alex, That He Still Has Feelings For Her.
  • Charlie Crashes. The Doctors Begin Trying To Revive Him, But Dawn Tells Them To Stop. Alex, On The Other Hand, Tells Them To Continue.
  • The Doctors Listen To Alex, And Successfully Revive Charlie.
  • Dawn Orders Charlie To Be Removed From The Vent. Alex Tries To Convince Dawn To Change Her Mind.
  • Joel Goes To The Bar, Where A Woman Begins Flirting With Him. The Girl’s Boyfriend Returns From The Bathroom, He And Joel Exchange Words, And Ultimately Get Into A Fight. Joel Breaks The Guy’s Nose, But Also Breaks His Own Hand.
  • Gavin Reveals, To Maggie, His True Feelings For Her. He And Maggie Share A Kiss.
  • Joel Takes A Cab To The Hospital, To Get His Hand Checked Out.
  • Dawn Turns Off Charlie’s Vent. Charlie Crashes. It’s Not Revealed Whether Charlie Survives Or Not, As The Episode Then Ends Abruptly.

Favorite Episode Quote(s):

1) “Doctors Are Scavengers.”    – Joel

2) “You Never Let Me Go.”     – Charlie



Tonight’s Episode Of Saving Hope Was Thrilling! I Continue To Love How The Show Puts A Unique Twist On The Average Medical Drama, By Adding Charlie’s Experience To The Equation. Tonight’s Episode Really Took A Serious Tone, And Used Heavy Doses Of Suspense. To Me, This Was Great! Tonight’s Episode Left A Huge Cliffhanger At The End, By Leaving Viewers Guessing Whether Charlie Will Survive Or Not. I’m Really Becoming A Fan Of The Series, But Sadly, I Feel That This Will Be It’s One And Only Season. I Don’t Expect The Show To Get A Second Season, As It’s Not A Huge Hit Here In The U.S., And It’s Just Not Getting The Ratings. However, I Do Feel That The Show Will Continue With A Second Season In Canada, Where It Is Produced, And Where It’s Getting The Ratings. Overall, I Would Definitely Recommend Saving Hope. Watch Saving Hope Live: Thursday’s At 9/8C. On NBC.


~ Scott R.

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