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Episode Notes/Recap:

  • Alex Takes On A night-shift, In The E.R., To Make Some Extra Money.
  • A Man Named Eddie Arrives To The E.R. He Has Been Stabbed, And Is Losing Large Amounts Of Blood.
  • Alex And The Other Doctors Begin Surgery On Eddie.
  • During Eddie’s Surgery, He Loses His Pulse. Eddie Then Joins Charlie. Eddie Sees The Doctors Performing Surgery On Him, And Yells At His Lifeless Body To Revive. The Yelling Somehow And Works And Eddy Comes Back To Life. (For Now)
  • A Famous Hockey Player (Todd) Arrives At The Hospital. Todd Says That He Got Into An Intense Fight, And Needs To Be Examined For Injuries.
  • Eddie Slips Into A Coma.
  • During His Fight, Todd Was Punched In The Back Of The Head. Alex Fears That This May Have Caused A Concussion, So She Tells Todd That He Needs A C.T. Scan. Todd Refuses The C.T. Scan, because A Concussion Could End His Career As A Hockey Player.
  • Two Groups Arrive At The Hospital. One Group Are Friends Of Eddie, The Other Group Are Friends Of The Man That Stabbed Eddie. (The Man That Stabbed Eddie Is In the Hospital Lobby As Well)
  • It’s Revealed That Charlie Has Developed Pneumonia.
  • Since Eddie Is In A Coma, He Once Again Joins Charlie.
  • Eddie Spots The Two Groups Of Men In The Hospital Lobby. Eddie Spots The Man That Stabbed Him, And Begins Yelling At Him. It’s Suggested That The Man May Actually Be Able To Hear Eddie.
  • Alex learns Of A Blood Test That Can Be Done, To See If Someone Has A concussion. Since Todd Is Refusing A C.T. Scan, Alex Decides To Take His Blood And Run The Test. Alex Lies And Tells Todd That His Blood Is Being Taken To Screen Him For Infections.
  • Someone Runs Into The Hospital, And Begins Shooting. Two People Are Hit By The Bullets. Only One Of The People Hit By The Bullets Are Seriously Injured. (A Woman Named Irene)
  • The Doctors Begin Trying To Diagnose The Damage That The Bullet Has Done To Irene.
  • The Blood Test Proves That Todd Has A Concussion. Todd Tries To Convince Alex To Drop The Subject.
  • Dr. Goran Learns That Because The Bullet Has Damaged Irene’s Spine, Her Surgery Is Going To Be A Bit Risky.
  • Todd Has Some Sort Of Seizure, And Collapses.
  • Dr. Hamza Observes Todd, And Learns That He Has 3 aneurysms.
  • Todd Is Sent In For Surgery, To Remove The aneurysms.
  • Todd’s Surgery Is Successful, But Dr. Hamza Tells Him That They Were Only Able To Remove 2 Of The aneurysms. Dr. Hamza Says That One Slight Bump To The Head Could Rupture The Remaining aneurysm, And Kill Todd. Todd’s Hockey Career Is Over.
  • Charlie’s Temperature Rises To 105○ , Due To The Pneumonia.
  • Eddie Begins Yelling At Himself To Wake Up From His Coma. The Yelling Works, And Eddie Awakens From His Coma.
  • Irene’s Surgery Is Succesful.
  • Charlie Begins Yelling At Himself To Wake Up. (Will This Work, Like It Did For Eddie?)
  • Charlie’s Temperature Goes Back To Normal.
  • Alex Is Somehow Able To Catch A Glimpse Of Charlie’s Out-Of-Body Form.

Favorite Episode Quote(s):

1) “Are Those Fancy Jeans?”  – Alex

2) “I’m A Capricorn. I Don’t Believe In Jinxes.”   – Alex

3) “God, I Love Watching You Work”   – Charlie

4) “You Can’t Win If You Don’t Play.”   – Irene

5) “Who Keeps Drinking All My Caffeine?”   – Alex


Tonight’s Episode Was phenomenal! Charlie Now Has A Purpose In The Series, Which Is Helping The Show Progress And Evolve. I Love How The Show Focuses On Individual Cases (Much Like The Hit Show, E.R.). The Show Continues To Satisfy And Entertain Me. Overall, I Would Definitely Recommend Saving Hope. Watch Saving Hope Live: Thursday’s At 9/8C. On NBC.

~ Scott R.

Episode Notes:

  • A Young Boy (Cal) Arrives At The Hospital. Cal Has Been Having Severe Stomach-Aches. The Boy Is assigned As Alex’s Patient.
  • Alex Learns That Charlie’s Ex-Wife Is At The Hospital, Visiting Charlie.
  • Dawn (Charlie’s Ex-Wife) Tells Alex To Try Unorthodox Medical Methods On Charlie. Alex Says That The Methods Are Unproven, And Useless.
  • A Young Woman (Kim) Arrives At The Hospital. Kim Has A Broken Leg, And A Punctured Spleen. The Doctor Says That Kim Needs Surgery And A Blood Transfusion. Kim Says That She Can’t Have The Surgery, Because Her Religion Forbids Transfusions.
  • Cal Has A Seizure, And He Stops Breathing.  After He Stops Breathing, Cal’s Out-Of-Body Form Joins Charlie. The Boy Is Able To See And Talk To Charlie. Cal Is Revived, And He Can No Longer See Charlie.
  • Dawn Returns To The Hospital And Begins Playing Music For Charlie, As Part Of Her Unorthodox Medical Methods. Charlie Is Able To Hear The Music. (Could Dawn’s Methods Help Charlie Awake?)
  • After Cal Stops Breathing, He Has An Out Of Body Experience And Joins Charlie. Charlie And Cal Begin Talking To Each Other. Cal Begins Telling Charlie About The Symptoms That He’s Been experiencing.
  • Charlie Notices That Cal Is Flushing, Charlie Then Discovers What’s Wrong With The Boy.
  • Cal Is revived And Alex Notices That He Is Flushing. Ale Is Then Able To Diagnose The Boy As Well.
  • Kim’s Husband Learns That If His Wife Doesn’t Get The Surgery/Blood Transfusion, She Will Die. Kim’s Husband Tells The Doctor To Go Ahead And Perform The surgery/Blood Transfusion.
  • It’s Revealed That Cal Has cancerous Tumors That Must Be Removed immediately.
  • During Cal’s Surgery, The Boy Stops Breathing. Cal Returns With Charlie. Charlie Tells Cal To Pass a Message Along To Alex. Charlie Asks The Boy To Tell Alex That He Saw Him. Cal Is Then Revived.
  • Cal’s Surgery Is Successful, And He IS Sent To The Recovery Room. While In The Recovery Room, Cal Draws A Picture Of Charlie. Alex Sees The Drawing And Asks Cal Who The Man Is, But Cal Says That He Doesn’t Remember The Man’s Name. Alex Is Clearly Shaken By The Drawing.
  • Alex Takes Dawn’s Advice, And Begins Using The Unorthodox Medical Methods On Charlie.
  • Kim’s Surgery Is succesful.
  • Charlie Begins Moving His Hand. (Is He Just Having Convulsions, Or Could He Be On The Verge Of  Waking Up?)


I’m Thrilled To Say, That Tonight’s Episode Of Saving Hope Was Much Better Than Last Week. Tonight’s Episode Kept Me Interested Throughout The Entire Episode. I Was Glad To See That Charlie Became More Involved In Tonight’s Episode. I’m Starting To Like How The Series Mixes Shows Like Gray’s Anatomy With Other Shows Such As Touch. Overall, Tonight’s Episode Was Magnificent, And I’m Slowly Becoming A Fan Of The Series. Watch Saving Hope Live: Thursday’s At 9/8C. On NBC.


~ Scott R.

Saving Hope Thursday’s at 9/8c on NBC

Brief Description:

Saving Hope Is A Medical Drama About 2 Successful Doctors At Hope Hospital, Dr. Harris And Dr. Reid, Who Are Engaged. On the Way To Their Wedding Celebration, Dr. Harris And Dr. Reid Are Involved In A Car Accident. Dr. Reid Escapes Unharmed, But Dr. Harris Ends Up In A Coma. As Dr. Harris Is Rushed To The Hospital, He Has An “Out-Of-Body Experience” And Is Able To See His unconscious Body. During His “Out-Of-Body Experience”, Dr. Harris Runs Into People At The Hospital Who Have Died, Or Who Are In A Coma. Dr. Harris Is Able To See Everything That Happens, As If He Weren’t In a coma. Dr. Harris Is Even Able To See The Medical Procedures That Are Being performed On His unconscious Body. Dr. Harris Roams Through The Hospital, And Sees Everything That Is Happening With the Patients/Visitors.



Scott –

I’m Sure This Will Anger Many People, But I Found Saving Hope To Be Mediocre. Saving Hope Is Refreshing, And It Stands Out From The Rest Of The Medical Dramas On Air, But I Still Found It To Be a Bit Boring. However, On A Positive Note, I Do Expect The Series To Improve In It’s Further Episodes. I’m Really Worried About How The Series Will Be Able To Expand Dr. Harris’s Story As Well. As I Feared, The Giant Hype And advertising For The Show Ruined The Premiere. The Show Did Not Live Up To The Craze/Attention That It Got From The advertisements. I Really Hope That Next Week, I Will Be Able To Write A More Positive Review For The Show.

Sidenote: We Will Begin Adding Our Episode Notes/Favorite Quotes Of The Show, Starting With Next Week’s Episode.


As a long time fan of medical dramas such as “ER”, “House” and the short lived “Trauma” I did find the show to be refreshing and different. The story of a surgeon is a coma feels somewhat familiar which is good as kept it me even more glued to story. What I found most touching about the show is the various cases and patients as Dr.Harris provides commentary which really added to the emotion and power of the stories. The struggle of Reid trying come to terms with her fiances accident and the struggle of Harris who can see it all but can’t do anything about it is such powerful and moving story. I will defiantly be watching again!