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Episode Notes/Recap:

  • Alex Is Forced To Take Charlie Off Of The Vent. It’s Not Clear How Long Charlie Will Survive, Without The Vent.
  • Charlie Runs Into Mack, In The Spirit World. Mack Was The Surgeon That Trained Charlie. Mack Died A Few Months Ago, But He Donated His Body To Science. Mack’s Body Just Arrived, At The Hospital’s Morgue.
  • Mack Tells Charlie That He’s There To Help Charlie Die/Pass On.
  • Since Charlie Is Still Breathing On His Own, Alex Decides To Appeal The Decision On Who Should Make Charlie’s Medical Decisions. This Means That If Alex Wins The Appeal, She Would Be Able To Put Charlie Back On The Vent.
  • Joel Is Informed That He Won’t Be Able To Perform Any Surgeries For The Next Few Weeks, Due To His Injured Hand.
  • Alex Hires A Lawyer To Write And File Her Appeal.
  • A Girl Named Bea Arrives At The Hospital. Apparently, Bea Was One Of Mack’s Patients, And When He Died, She Became Charlie’s Patient. Bea Was Diagnosed With Lymphoma, And Alex Had To Perform Her Last Surgery. Bea Is At The Hospital, For A Routine Checkup.
  • Charlie Begins To Fear That He May Not Survive.
  • Maggie Tells Gavin That Their Kiss Was A Mistake. Maggie Says That There Is No Relationship Between Them. Gavin Feels That He And Maggie, Do In Fact, Have A Connection/Relationship Between Them.
  • Flashbacks Begin To Reveal Alex’s Experience(s) As A New Employee At Hop Zion, Including How She First Met Charlie.
  • It’s Revealed That Alex’s First Surgery, Was Done On Bea, Over 4 Years Ago.
  • Charlie Sees Bea Displaying Strange Symptoms. The Symptoms Suggest That Bea Has A Brain Tumor.
  • A Woman Named Nadia Arrives At The Hospital, With A Broken Wrist. The Doctors Treat Nadia’s Broken Wrist, But Then The Woman Feels Pain In Her Legs. This Is Odd, As Nadia Sad She Was Paralysed By A Car Accident, 8 Years Ago.
  • An MRI Is Done On Nadia. The MRI Shows That Her Spine Isn’t Damaged, Whatsoever. This Means That Either Nadia Is Faking Her Injury, Or She Was So Traumatized By Her Car Accident, That She Honestly Believed That She Was Paralyzed.
  • Charlie And Mack Diagnosed Bea With Lymphoma 4 Years Ago. Charlie Fears That He And Mack May Have Mis-Diagnosed Bea. This May Be Why Mack Is Still In The Spirit World, Because He Has Unfinished Business.
  • Bea’s Routine Checkup Shows That She Is Healthy. Alex Doesn’t Catch The Symptoms That Bea Is Displaying, And Bea Makes Her Way Out Of The Hospital.
  • Charlie Is Somehow Able To Stop Bea From Leaving The Hospital.
  • The Court Denies Alex’s Appeal. the Court Refuses To Even Hear The Appeal.
  • Joel Thinks That Nadia Was So Traumatized By Her Car Accident 8 Years Ago, It Caused Her To Honestly Believe That She Was Paralysed.
  • Bea Goes To Visit Charlie, In His Hospital Room. Alex Is In The Room. Bea Says That She Brought Charlie Some Shoes, But Actually, She Brought Him Some Flowers. Alex Notices This Strange Occurence, And Notices That Bea Is Displaying The Symptoms Of A Brain Tumor.
  • Alex’s Position/Job Is Offered To Another Doctor. He Accepts The Job.
  • Alex Tells Sahir About Bea’s Symptoms. Sahir Looks At Bea’s Records, And Says That She Was Mis-Diagnosed 4 Years Ago. Sahir Says That Bea Most Likely Has A Brain Tumor.
  • Joel Informs Nadia That She May Actually Be Suffering From Conversion Disorder. Joel Tells Nadia That The Trauma She Experienced From The Car Accident, Caused Her To Believe That She Was Paralysed. Joel Puts Nadia In Touch With Gavin, For Counseling.
  • Sahir And Alex Inform Bea That She Was Mis-Diagnosed 4 Years Ago, And That She Now Has A Cancerous Brain Tumor.
  • Bea Has Been Correctly Diagnosed, Which Causes Mack To Move On From The Spirit World. It Seems That Charlie Was Helping Mack Move On, Rather Than Mack Helping Charlie Move On. Charlie Remains In The Spirit World, As Mack Passes On.
  • It’s Been 24 Hours Since Charlie Was Taken Off Of The Vent, And He’s Breathing Normally. It Seems That Charlie’s Chances Of Survival Have Increased Exponentially.
  • Dawn Finally Begins To Believe That Charlie Has A Chance Of Survival.
  • Alex Thinks That Charlie May Have Been Mis-Diagnosed.

Favorite Episode Quote(s):

1) “I’m Not Ready To Go.”   – Charlie

2) “You’re So Arrogant, You Think You Get To Choose?”   – Mack

3) “I Think There’s A Couple Of Logical Fallacies In That Argument.”   – Gavin

4) “Enough Said.”   – Alex

5) “Then Go To Hell!”   – Alex

6) “Don’t Worry, It’s Not Your Time.”   – Mack


Tonight’s Episode Of Saving Hope Was Great! In Tonight’s Episode, Charlie Begin Questioning Whether He Would Survive Or Not. Alex Continued To Express Her Belief (And Faith) In Charlie’s Survival. Tonight, Charlie Began To Question If He Hasn’t Passed On Yet, Due To Unfinished Business. I Continue To Love This Show Because It’s Able To Adequately Mix In A Supernatural Back Story, Along With A Solid Medical Setting. I Continue To Love This Show, And I Can’t Wait To Become Further Engrossed In The Season. Overall, I Would Definitely Recommend Saving Hope. Watch Saving Hope Live: Thursday’s At 9/8C. On NBC.

There’s No Word Of A Second Season For Saving Hope Here In The U.S. I Highly Expect The Show To Be Cancelled After This Season, In The U.S. Good Canadian Viewers Of The Show, Saving Hope Has Officially Been Renewed For A Second Season, In Canada.

~ Scott R.

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