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Scandal Season 1 left many questions heading into season 2. Will you be watching?

Season 2 Promo:

Scandal 3 minute Season 1 recap

Season 1 Finale Recap:

Episode Notes:

  • Quinn Finds Gideon In His Apartment, With Scissors Sticking Out Of His Neck. He Is Losing Large Amounts Of Blood.
  • Gideon Dies In His Apartment, From His Injuries.
  • Olivia Arrives At Gideon’s Apartment (After Being Called By Quinn) , And Discovers Gideon. Quinn Appears To Be In Shock, And She Says that The Police needs To Be Called. Olivia Tells Quinn that She Knows They Can’t Do That, Because then The Police Will Learn Who Quinn Really Is.
  • Cyrus Finds Out That Fitz Went To Olivia’s House.
  • the Rest Of  The Team Arrives At Gideon’s Apartment. Olivia Tells The Team To Clean the Crime Scene, Because Quinn Cannot Be Arrested/Booked/Fingerprinted. Quinn Is Now Officially a Client Of Olivia Pope & Associates.
  • Olivia and The Team Cleans The Crime Scene, And Then Calls The Police.
  • The Team Tries To Piece Together Gideon’s Research On Amanda, To Find Out What He Learned, and To Find Out The identity Of His Murderer. Billy Announces His Resignation, And During The Announcement He States That He Had An Affair With Amanda And Impregnated her. He States That She Slept With Fitz and That These Relations Can Be Heard On A Sex Tape.
  • Fitz Admits To Mellie That the accusations are True, Yet She Still Encourages Him To Deny The Accusations To the Public. Fitz Refuses To Make A Speech, Denying His Actions.
  • Cyrus/Fitz Calls in Olivia To Help With The Sex Scandal.
  • Olivia Tells Fitz To Continue Business As Usual (So That He Doesn’t Seem Like He’s running From the Issue) Until they Can Find A Way To End The Scandal.
  • David Comes To The Firm And Tells the team That A neighbor Saw Quinn Entering Gideon’s Apartment On The Night that he Was Killed. David Says That he Knows The Team Cleaned Up the Crime Scene. David Calls Gideon’s Phone, and Hears It Ringing From inside of the Firm. The Phone Is Taken Into Evidence, and Quinn Is Taken In for Questioning, With Harrison As Her lawyer.
  • Olivia Confronts Billy about Gideon’s Murder, And He Confirms To her That he Did it.
  • Olivia Tells David The Details Of Billy’s Murder, But David Says That he Has no Case Since the Team Cleaned Up The Scene. David Also Says That Quinn Will Be Held For Further Questioning.
  • Olivia Suggests To Fitz & Cyrus that she Should Tell the Public that She Is The Person On the Sex Tape, So That Fitz Can Avoid Impeachment. Fitz Suggests That he Should Just Resign From His Role as President Of The United States.
  • Fitz and Olivia Continue Their Romantic Relationship.
  • Huck promises Olivia that he Won’t Kill Billy, So He Enlists Charlie To do it.
  • Olivia Convinces Mellie To return, and Help Fitz With the Scandal.
  • Mellie Comes Up With a Plan To help End The Scandal. Part Of The Plan Involves Her Saying That She Is The Person On the Sex Tape.
  • Olivia Turns In Her Whit House Badge. (Could She Be Finished With Fitz And The White House For Good?)
  • Fitz Convinces Sally To Discredit Billy.
  • Billy Enters An Elevator At The White House, and Charlie Enters With him. (Is Charlie Really Going to Kill Billy?)
  • It’s Revealed That Cyrus Hires Charlie To Kill Amanda.
  • David Brings Quinn Back to the Team. David Tells Olivia That He Ran Quinn’s Prints, But He Ran Them By Himself. He Says That It’s a Good Thing That No-one Else Was Around When He Ran The Prints, Because Half a Dozen U.S. Agencies Are Looking For Quinn. (What is Quinn’s True Identity?)

Favorite Episode Quote(s):

1) “Why Did You Run For this Job, To Get Laid?”  – Cyrus

2) “You’re The Client Quinn, Let Us Do Our Jobs.”  – Olivia

3)  “Some Men Aren’t Meant To Be Happy,  They’re Meant To Be Great.”    – Cyrus

4)  ” I Promise Not To Kill Billy Chambers”   – Huck

5) ” I Know How To Fake It With My Wife, You Taught Me Well.”    – fitz