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Well, It Seems That Everyone’s Favorite NBC Show, Chuck, Is Getting It’s Very Own Boxset! The Boxset Will Contain Seasons 1-5, And It Will Be Available In DVD Format, As Well As. Blu-Ray Format. The Boxset Will Be Released On October 30, 2012! This Boxset Is The Perfect Item For Fans Of The Show, As Well As A Great Gift For People Who Have Never Watched The Show. Sadly, There Will Be No Extra Bonus Features In This Boxset. The Bonus Features Will Be The Exact Same, As The Ones On The Individual DVD’s. The Blu-Ray Version Will Have: 1080P Capabilities, As Well As 5.1 DTS-HD Audio Capabilities. The DVD Version Will Have: Widescreen Transfer Capabilities, As Well As 5.1 Dolby Digital Audio Capabilities. The Suggested Retail For The Boxset (Which Is Most Likely What NBC Universal Will Charge) Is As Follows: The DVD Boxset Suggested Retail Price Is $149.98, And The Suggested Retail Price For The Blu-Ray Boxset Is $179.98. However, Amazon Is Already Taking Pre-Orders For The Boxset, And Their Prices Are Much Cheaper. On Amazon, The DVD Boxset Is Listed For $104.98, And The Blu-Ray Boxset Is Listed For $125.99. So Far Only Two Official Artwork Pictures For The Boxset, Have Been Released. (See Above, And Below.) We Will Provide An Update, Regarding This Release, When We Learn More Information.

~ Scott R.

For Those That Have Never Heard Of Chuck, Here’s An Original 2007 Promo, For The Show, And Be Sure To Check Our “Chuck” Page.

A follower and Chuckster, Richard (@ChuckVStheMovie) has proposed us fans do some work tomorrow promoting the cast (and crew if you want) and dvd realease date of our favorite show:

Richard- If we could get #Chucksters to do a #FF for each cast member with a #HashTag of #ChuckS5DvdMay8 we could really promote the Dvd’s

Beginning FRIDAY anywhere you can join in, and Saturday we can view how well us fans did on-

The Cast:

@ZacharyLevi (Chuck)

@Y_Strahovski (Sarah)

@JoshuaEGomez (Morgan)

@adamsbaldwin (Casey)

@RyanMcPartlin (Captain Awesome)

@MarkChrLawrence (Big Mike)

@Scott_Krinsky (Jeff)

@JesseHeiman (Fernando- BuyMore employee)