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Well, What Can I Say About This Show? I Found This Show  To Be a Quickly Produced, Worthless Reality Show. CW Has Been A Struggling Network, That has Been Trying To Catch up With It’s Competitors (NBC, ABC, FOX, Etc.) For A While, And This Show (In My Opinion) Will Not  (in Any Way) Help the Network Do So. The Catalina Seems Like A Show That Wants To Be Similar To (And as Popular As) Jersey Shore, But I Feel That It Won’t Succeed.  The Catalina Is About a Miami Beach Hotel That Is a Party Destination For Young, Wild Partying Individuals;  The Show Features Nothing But Alcohol And Partying Throughout. The Staff Of  The Hotel Are Very Similar To The Jersey Shore Cast (Drinking, Partying, Etc.). I’m beginning to think That The Entire Season Of The Catalina Will Feature Nothing But The Staff/Residents Partying And Drinking. This Review Comes After Just Watching 30 Minutes Of The Show. The Catalina Is So disastrous, That After 30 Minutes, I Lost What Little Interest And Respect I Had For The Series. If You’re a Fan Of Mindless Drunken Drama, Then You Will Most Likely Enjoy this Series; It Wouldn’t Surprise Me If This Gets Cancelled Before The End Of  The First Season. In My Opinion, The Catalina Is A Terrible, And Worthless Reality Show. I Rarely Find Shows That I Wouldn’t Recommend, But This is One Of the Few. I Would NOT Recommend Watching this Show.

We Will N0 Longer  Continue  Our Coverage Of This Show.