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Cast –

Noah Wyle As:  Tom Mason

Moon Bloodgood As:   Anne Glass

Will Patton As:    Dan Weaver

Drew Roy As:    Hal Mason

Maxim Knight As:    Matt Mason

Connor Jessup As:    Ben Mason

Collin Cunnigham As:    John Pope

Sarah Carter As:    Maggie

Seychelle Gabriel As:    Lourdes

Episode Notes:

  • The Story Starts Out 3 Months After Tom Boarded The Alien Ship.
  • The 2nd Mass Is In An Intense Gunfight With Mechs And Skitters. Weaver Gives The Orders for The Second Mass To Fall Back, But Ben Refuses And Keeps Fighting. Ben Sees One Last Skitter And Shoots It, Only To find Out That It’s Actually Tom.
  • Tom Is Rushed Back To Camp, Where Anne Begins An Emergency Surgery To Remove The Bullet From Tom’s Chest.
  • Anne successfully Removes The Bullet From Tom’s Chest. Tom Is Okay, But He Remains Weak And unconscious.
  • While unconscious, Tom Begins Having Flashbacks Of What Happened To Him During His 3 Months On The Alien Ship.
  • It’s Revealed That The Human-Like Alien Told Tom That If The Humans Surrendered, a protected Area Of Land Would Be Set Aside, For The Humans To Live On In Peace.
  • It’s Revealed That Tom Rebelled And Escaped The Alien Ship Along  With Many Other Resistance Members/Leaders. All Of The Escapees Made A Run For It, And All Except Tom Were Killed By A Single Mech. The Mech Didn’t Shoot At Tom, Instead, It Let Tom Escape. (Why Didn’t The Mech Shoot At/Kill Tom?)
  • Tom’s Flashbacks Begin To Depict His Journey Back To Camp.
  • Weaver Learns That Mechs/Skitters Are Close. He Ultimately Learns That He Needs To Relocate The Camp.
  • Weaver Learns That A Mech Convoy Is Only Minutes Away From Camp, But Tom Isn’t Stable Enough To Transport. The 2nd Mass. Stays At The Camp To Fight The Mechs Until Tom Is Stable Enough To Transport.
  • Fortunately, The Mech Convoy Passes Without Detecting The Members Of The 2nd Mass. However, Tom Still Isn’t Stable Enough To Transport.
  • Tom Awakens.
  • Tom Slowly Begins to Regain His Strength. He Is Able To Get Up And Walk Around The Camp.
  • Weaver Wants To Relocate The Camp, But To Do So, He Must Find A Way Across A River, That Is Blocking The Route.
  • Tom Loses Trust In Himself, Because He Thinks That The Aliens Did Something To his Mind, So That They Could Control Him.
  • Weaver Discovers A Bridge Leading Across The River, But It Needs Patching Up So That The Vehicles Can Cross It. Weaver Gets A Crew Started On Repairing The Bridge.
  • Tom Tells Hal That He Suspects The Aliens May Have Control Over His Actions.
  • Tom Collapses In Pain.
  • Anne Examines Tom And Discovers That He Has Some Sort Of Parasite In His Eye. Anne Removes The Parasite, And Stores It In A Jar.
  • Ben Swims To The Other Side Of The River To Scout For Any Dangers/Threats.
  • Tom Gets Weaver To Put Him In Restraints In Case The Parasite Was A Mind Control Device. Tom Fears That There May Be More Parasites, Like The One That Was Removed, In his Body.
  • While Scouting On The Other Side Of The River, Ben Discovers Some Sort Of Mech Base.
  • Weaver Suspects That The Mech Base On The Other Side Of The River Is The Thing That’s Controlling The Alien’s Air Support. Weaver Decides To Send A Team In To Destroy The Base.
  • The parasite Chews Through The Jar That Anne Stored It In. The Parasite Flies Away.
  • The Bridge Is Repaired, And The 2nd Mass. Begins To Bring The Vehicles Across.
  • Weaver’s Team Destroys The Mech Base, And The Signal Between The Base And The Alien’s Air Support Drones, Is Ended.
  • The Medical Bus Begins To Cross The Bridge But Gets Stuck. The 2nd Mass. Needs To Get The Bus Across And Blow Up The Bridge, Because the Skitters And Mechs Are Closing In.
  • Matt Frees Tom From His Restraints. Tom Then Goes To Hold The Skitters And Mechs Off, So That The Medical Bus Can Make It Across The Bridge.
  • The Medical Bus Is Able To Make It Across The Bridge.
  • Tom Runs To Make It Across The Bridge With The Skitters And Mechs Right Behind Him. Pope Grabs The detonator From Jamil And Blows The Bridge While Tom Is Still On It. Tom Appears To Have Been Killed By The Explosion.
  • Tom Emerges From The River, And Re-Unites With The 2nd Mass.
  • The Parasite Flies Back To A Skitter And Crawls Into It’s Eye. (What Could This Mean?)
  • Weaver Learns That There’s An Airport Nearby. He Plans To Re-Locate The Camp And The 2nd Mass. To The Airport.

Favorite Episode Quote(s):

1) “Life Hands You Lemons. You Blow It’s Friggin Head Off!”   – Pope

2) “Second-Guessing Doesn’t Change Where We Are.”   – Weaver

3) “All That Matters Now Is We’re Together.”   – Tom

4) “Truth Is, Your Boys Are Amazingly Resilient.”   – Anne

5) “You’re Not Taking Him Across That River With Us.”  – Pope

6) “Get Out Of My Sight.”   – Weaver

7) “You’re Right. Hate Is A Very Powerful Emotion.”   – Tom

8) “I Can’t Leave The Wounded.”   – Anne

9) “Ben, It’s Okay.”   – Maggie

10) “It Was A Lie. And I Fell For It.”   – Tom

11) “Tom You Have To Believe. I Tried To Be There For Them.”  – Anne

12) “Thank God For Hal And Ben.”   – Weaver

13) “I Don’t Trust Myself.”   – Tom

14) “I’m A Medic, Not A Shrink.”   – Lourdes

15) “It’s The World We Live In, Not The World We Want.”   – Hal

16) “Proud Of You, Hal.”   – Tom

17) “I Think They May Have Done Something To My Mind.”   – Tom

18) “I’m Afraid, Hal.”   – Tom

19) “Those Old Fish-Heads Couldn’t Change Him If They Tried.”  – Hal

20) “I Think That Was Our Lucky Day, Right?”   – Hal



The Season 2 Premiere Of Falling Skies Definitely Lived Up To My Expectations. The Premiere Introduced Many New Questions, Which Will Most Likely Be Answered Later In The Season. If You Thought That Season 1 Was Intriguing, Wait Until You Watch The Season 2 Premiere. There Are Many Mysteries Carried Over From Season 1 Such As, Are The Skitters Still Able To Control Ben? It Was Hinted That Ben May Still Be Under the Skitters’ Control. I’ve Been A Fan Of The Show Since The Pilot Episode Last Year, And Tonight’s Premiere Made Me Love The Series Even More. I Would HIGHLY SUGGEST You Check Out The Series. Watch Falling Skies Live: Sunday’s At 9/8C. On TNT


~ Scott R.