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Episode Notes:

  • Kyle Has Returned, And He Asks Riley If He Can See The Kids. Riley Slams The Door In His Face.
  • Riley Goes To Work, And Kyle Stays At The House With: Linette, Lacey, And The Kids.
  • Georgia Fears That The Police May Be After Her. Georgia Tells Riley That She Is Going To “Lay-Low” Out Of Town For A Couple Of Weeks. Georgia Asks Riley To Run The Spa, While She’s Out Of Town.
  • Georgia Tells Riley To Remove “The Client List” From The Spa, And Take It Home With Her. That Way It Will Be Safe While Georgia Is Out Of Town.
  • Georgia Leaves Town
  • Riley Goes To Massage An Older Client (Earl). As Riley Prepares To Massage Him, Earl Dies On The Table.
  • Riley Calls Earl’s Wife To Come Up To The Spa. Earl’s Wife (Played By Betty White) Says That She’s Glad That Earl’s Dead, Because Now She Can Be With Her Lover, Bud.
  • The Kids Put Riley In An awkward Situation, By Making sandwiches, And Inviting Kyle Over For Dinner.
  • During Dinner, Katie Asks Kyle To Try The Jelly sandwiches That She Made. Kyle Tells Katie That They Would Be Even Better With Peanut Butter. Kyle Has No Idea That Katie Is Allergic To Peanuts. Kyle’s Lack Of Knowledge upsets The Kids.
  • Riley Tells Lacey About Her And Evan’s Kiss.
  • Riley Re-Hires Dee-Ann At The Spa.
  • The Police Office That Threatened Riley, Returns To The Spa. The Police Officer Tells Riley That If He Is Allowed To Get “Extras” At The Spa, The Spa, Along With All Of It’s Employees ,Will Get Full Police Immunity.
  • Kyle Tries To Talk To Riley, But She Is Still Angry At Him. The Two Ultimately Get Into A Heated Argument.
  • Riley Tells Evan That Their Relationship Is Still Intimate, Even Though Kyle Has Returned.
  • Kyle Sees Evan And Riley Sharing An Intimate Moment.
  • Riley Discovers That She Left “The Client List” At Work, So She Goes To Retrieve It. When Riley Arrives, She Finds Kyle Sitting Inside Of The Spa.
  • Kyle Tells Riley That He Left So He Could Get His Priorities Straight. Kyle Says That He Still Loves Riley, And He Wants To Be A Part Of Her Life Again.
  • While Riley Is Talking To Kyle Inside Of The Spa, The Police Officer From Earlier Pulls Up In The Parking Lot. Apparently, When Riley Rushed In To Get The List, She Forgot To Disarm The Spa’s Security System. The System Sounded And Alerted The Police. The Police Officer Makes His Way To The Front Door. Riley And Kyle Are Inside, And Riley Is Holding “The Client List” In Her Hand. The Episode Then Ends.

Favorite Episode Quote(s):

1) “You’ve Got Some Explaining To Do.”   – Linette

2) “Yeah, She’s Not Your Biggest Fan.”   – Dale

3) “Hindsight Is A B****, Isn’t It?”    – Dale

4) “You Don’t Know how Bad I Want To Hurt You Right Now, Kyle.”     – Evan

5) “Do You Know Anybody With A Time Machine?”    – Riley


Tonight’s Finale Was Great! I Must Say, That The Series Has Really Evolved Since It Started. I Like The Show Because It Is Simple, And Easy To Follow. Tonight’s Finale Had A Giant Cliffhanger At The End, Which Makes Me That More Excited To See Season 2. I Would Definitely Recommend That You Catch Up On The First Season Of The Client List.

Sidenote: Be Sure To Watch Season 2 Of The Client List In 2013.

~ Scott R.