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"Under The Dome" - Stephen King

CBS Has Given Stephen King A 13 Episode Order On The Acclaimed Author’s New Show Under The Dome. This High Production Show Is Based On King’s Hit Novel Under The Dome. Both The Novel And The Show Are About A Rural New England Town That Is Unexpectedly Sealed Off From The Rest Of The World, With A Transparent Dome Being Placed Over The Entire Town. The Town’s Citizens Must Now Struggle To Survive In A Secluded, And Rapidly Deteriorating Society, While Trying To Learn About The Mysterious Dome, And Why They Were Isolated. Apparently, The Show Was Originally Slated To Be A Showtime Original, Until The Project Unexpectedly Bounced Onto CBS’s Plate. CBS Is A Network That Is Far Behind It’s Competitors, In Terms Of Decent Quality Shows. The Below Par Network Is Hoping To Catch Up With, And Surpass, It’s Competing Networks, Which Seem To Be Doing Quite Well With Their Post Apocalyptic Dramas. CBS Hopes To Gain The Audience That NBC Has Gained, With It’s New Apocalyptic Drama Revolution. As Of Now, There Is Not Much More Information On King’s New Series, As It Is Still In The Early Stages Of Development.

~ Scott R.