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Air Date: 8/16/12

Red marks the important details from the episode.

Best quotes in orange.

  • Harvey speaks with Donna.
  • “I am not in love with you Harvey, I love you like a brother or a cousin, somebody that you really really look forward to seeing at Christmas then your really really glad to see leave”- Donna
  • “I didn’t just come here to give you a check, I came here to get you back”– Harvey
  • “I need you Donna. I can’t be me without you”– Harvey
  • Back at the office Mike didn’t get a bonus.
  • “Maybe Jessica doesn’t think you deserve one because your not a lawyer”- Harvey
  • “Jessica thinks that, I don’t think that”– Harvey
  • Harvey hands Mike a check.
  • Louis is meeting with Hardman.
  • “As founding partner im entitled to name one new senior partner a year, im naming you”– Daniel
  • “O my god the look on Harvey’s face”- Louis
  • Donna is back. Louis tries to apologize to her.
  • “What kind of suit is that?.. O shit”– Donna
  • Donna goes to tell Jessica that Daniel made Louis senior partner.
  • “Four years ago Norma told me that Louis had a suit picked out for the day he made senior partner, he is wearing it”– Donna
  • Mike’s grandma shows up at the office.
  • “Don’t give me lip Michael its been two months I thought maybe you’d want to see im still alive”- Mikes Grandma
  • Jessica confronts Daniel about Louis.
  • “It’s within my right according to the bylaws you wrote”- Daniel
  • She questions him about Louis’s vote.
  • “It was earned years ago and your failure to promote him is a perfect example of how your judgement has harmed this firm”– Daniel
  • “You ousted me and got the firm”- Daniel
  • “I saved you and got the firm”– Jessica
  • Daniel knows Jessica doesn’t have the votes.
  • “I put you out once, when I beat you this time there gonna have to peel you off the wall”– Jessica
  • Daniel claims he wasn’t planning on coming back until Harvey threatened what would happen if he did.
  • “We are where we are and I like where I am”- Daniel
  • Jessica meets with Harvey.
  • “You gotta be kidding me Louis is going to be the deciding vote”– Harvey
  • “And he better vote for me”- Jessica
  • “Harvey you treated that man like shit at every turn, you are the thorn in his side. It is time that you pull that thorn out”– Jessica
  • Rachel is enjoying picking on Mike that his grandma showed up.
  • Mike is looking into getting his grandma a place in Manhattan.
  • “That is really amazing Mike”– Rachel
  • Rachel help Mike find the right place for her.
  • Harvey tries to be nice to Louis and takes him out to dinner.
  • “Five years ago I asked you for help to look into another firms books well they were our books”– Harvey
  • “I helped you prove Hardman was embezzling.”– Louis
  • Harvey to reveals that Louis was Hardman’s fall guy.
  • Louis is questioning the timing of this reveal.
  • “A friend tells you the truth and the truth is Hardman used you to hide his embezzling and hes using you again”- Harvey
  • Louis questions that Harvey is doing the same thing.
  • “If I do vote for Daniel what is Jessica gonna do about it?– Louis
  • Mike and Rachel are out looking at apartments for his grandma. They share a moment.
  • Mike meet up with Harvey. “So how is Louis? What did he wear, did you get any”– Mike
  • “He shut me down”- Harvey
  • Harvey goes to Louis.
  • “Becoming senior partner is your life’s work Louis do you really want to buy it with your vote”- Harvey
  • Louis shuts Harvey down again.
  • “Louis you were right at dinner I was using you and I was wrong. This decision it isn’t about me. You came up under Hardman you hated him, you always hated him. Don’t let him do this to you”- Harvey
  • Louis is mad that Jessica didn’t have the courtesy to court his vote and instead sent Harvey.
  • “So go back right now you tell her Harvey Specter the great closer couldn’t close me!”– Louis
  • Rachel took the LSATS. Mike opens the letter for her. “Rachel your going to be a lawyer”– Mike
  • Harvey tells Jessica he couldn’t close Louis.
  •  “Are you trying to tell me you couldn’t be nice to Louis?”– Jessica
  • Jessica was playing a game sending in Harvey first.
  • “Because if Louis didn’t have to work to get me there he wouldn’t believe me when I went.”- Jessica
  • “His anger is deep, he wants us to feel pain. Give him my office”– Harvey
  • “Remember when you questioned if I could put your needs about mine, here’s your answer”- Harvey
  • Jessica goes to see Louis.
  • “Its time you put Harvey in my shadow”– Louis
  • “Harvey told me that I should give you his office and I came in here prepared to do just that but I don’t respond to threats and im not going to buy your vote because that’s not who I am but know this I will win and tomorrow after the vote if you are on the wrong side they’ll be know coming back”– Jessica
  • Louis confronts Hardman about him being used to cover his tracks.
  • “Do you realize you could have destroyed my entire career, maybe even sent me to prison”– Louis
  • “And you know what I didn’t even care that’s the truth!”- Hardman
  • Daniel throws a lot of BS at Louis.
  • Louis shows up to see Jessica who is with Harvey. Jessica asks him about his vote.
  • “You kept me waiting five years you can wait another twenty four hours”– Louis
  • Mike bought his grandma the apartment. Rachel shows up to see Mike.
  • “Mike, someone kept calling the office for you. It was the nursing home and I guess that’s the emergency number they had. It’s your grandma.. She passed away”– Rachel
  • Rachel comforts Mike. She diden’t even get to see her new place.

Final Thought’s:

What a bittersweet episode. Mike’s grandma passing before she could even see her new place was sad and this will surely have an effect on Mike through the final episodes of the season. At this moment everything hinges on the mind of Louis Litt.

What did you think of the episode?

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