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Air date: 9/30/12

Episode Notes/Recap:

  • In Fairytale Land, Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) Is Awaken By A Kiss From Phillip.
  • The Curse Has Been Broken, In Storybrooke. Everyone Now Remembers Who They Really Are.
  • The Citizens Of Storybrooke Learn That Magic Has Filled The Town. This Is Why Everyone Is Still In Storybrooke, Rather Than In Fairytale Land.
  • Belle Tells Mr. Gold What Regina Did To Her.
  • Emma Struggles To Accept The Fact That David And Mary Margaret Are Her Parents.
  • A Riot Group Begins Making Their Way To Regina’s House, Most Likely To Kill Regina. Emma Heads To Regina’s House, To Stop The Riot Group.
  • Back In Fairytale Land, Phillip And Aurora Are Attacked By A Demon Like Creature. Philip Is Able To Chase Away The Creature.
  • Mr. Gold Is Shown Removing A Medallion From A Box. The Medallion Is Identical To One That Philip Retrieved From The Demon Creature.
  • The Riot Group Arrives At Regina’s House. Regina Tries To Use Her Powers Against The Riot Group, But Isn’t Able To. For Some Reason, Regina Is Powerless.
  • Emma Arrives At Regina’s House, And Saves Regina From The Riot Group.
  • Regina Is Locked Up In A Jail Cell, For The Time Being.
  • Regina Says That The Citizens Of Storybrooke Weren’t Returned To Fairy Tale Land, Because Fairytale Land No Longer Exists.
  • Mr. Gold Visits Regina, At The Police Station. Gold Pricks Regina’s Finger With The Medallion, That Came From The Demon Creature. It’s Not Clear What Effect This Will Have, On Regina.
  • Back In Fairytale Land, Mulan, A Friend Of Phillip, Tells Phillip That The Demon Creature Is A Soul Sucker. Apparently, The Creature Marks It’s Victims, And Then Returns, To Extract It’s Victim’s Soul.
  • Mulan Says That Luckily, Phillip, Aurora, And Herself All Avoided The Mark Of The Soul Sucker.
  • Phillip Notices Something Strange, About His Hand. It Seems That Phillip May Have Been Marked, By The Soul Sucker.
  • Mr. Gold (Rumpelstiltskin) Uses His Sword, And The Medallion, To Summon The Soul Sucker. As Mr. Gold Is Doing This, Regina Notices The Same Occurence With Her Hand, That Phillip Noticed With His Hand. It Seems That Regina Has Been Marked, By The Soul Sucker.
  • The Soul Sucker Arrives In Storybrooke.
  • Emma, Mulan, And Aurora Set Up Camp. Phillip Says That He Is Going To Get Firewood. However, It Seems That Phillip Is Leaving For Good, As He Knows That The Soul Sucker Has Him Marked.
  • Mulan And Aurora Learn That Phillip Has Left, Because He Is Marked. Mulan Goes After Phillip.
  • The Soul Sucker Arrives At The Police Station, And Begins Stealing Regina’s Soul. Emma, Mary Margaret, And David Arrive At The Police Station, And Begin Fighting The Soul Sucker, In An Attempt To Save Regina.
  • Emma, May Margaret, And David Chase Away The Soul Sucker, For Now.
  • Regina Suggests That Emma Use Jefferson’s Hat, To Send The Soul Sucker Away.
  • Aurora Joins Mulan, In Her Search Of Phillip.
  • Aurora Begins To Suspect That Mulan Is In Love, With Phillip.
  • Mulan And Aurora Find Phillip, But Aren’t Able To Save Him. The Soul Sucker Steals Phillip’s Soul.
  • Regina Uses Jefferson’s Hat To Open A Portal To Fairytale Land. The Soul Sucker Is Lured Into The Portal, However, Emma Is Sucked Into The Portal, As Well. Mary Margaret Jumps Into The Portal, To Go After Emma. David Rushes Over To The Portal, To Go After Emma And Mary Margaret, But He Is Too Late. The Portal Has Closed.
  • Regina Comes Close To Killing David, But Henry Arrives, And Stops Her From Doing So. It Seems That Regina Now Has Her Full Powers.
  • Henry Tells Regina That He Is Going To Stay With David, Until Regina Proves That She Isn’t Evil.
  • Belle Returns To Mr. Gold’s Shop. Gold And Belle Repair Their Relationship.
  • Mulan Tells Aurora That Queen Regina Cast A Curse On The Land, And Ripped Everyone From The Land, And Sent Them Away. Mulan Says That For Some Reason, Their Corner Of The Land Was Untouched. Mulan Says That For 28 Years, Everything Was Frozen, Until Just Recently. This Means That When Emma Came To Storybrooke, She Not Only Got Time Moving There, But She Also Got Time Moving, In Fairytale Land.
  • Mulan And Aurora Find Emma And Mary Margaret, Unconscious, In Fairytale Land.

Favorite Episode Quote(s):

1) “Promise Me You Won’t Kill Her.”  – Belle

2) “You Really Are The Evil Queen.”   – Henry

3) “I Have Faith.”  – David

4) “I Will Find Them. I Will Always Find Them.”  – David


Tonight’s Season 2 Premiere Of Once Upon A Time Was Great! In Tonight’s Premiere, Storybrooke And It’s Citizens Have To Face The Truth That They Are From A World Filled With Magic. They Also Have To Face The Fact That Now, Storybrooke Is Filled With Magic, Thanks To The Villanous Mr. Gold. Emma Is Especially Struggling To Accept The Fact That Mary Margaret And David, Are Her Parents. In Tonight’s Premiere, Mr. Gold Summoned An Evil Soul Sucking Creature, And He Placed A Mark On Regina. The Creature Came After Regina, But She Was Able To Use Jefferson’s Hat To Send The Creature Away. However, Emma Accidentally Fell Into The Portal, And Mary Margaret Jumped In After Her. David Tried To Go After Mary Margaret And Emma, But He Was Too Slow, As The Portal Had Already Closed. Ultimately, Emma And Mary Margaret Find Themselves In Fairytale Land. I’ve Been A Fan Of Once Upon A Time, Since I Watched The Epic Series Premiere, Nearly A Year Ago. Once Upon A Time Really Puts A Unique Spin, On The Average Fairytale. It Seems That When It Comes To Uniqueness, And Originality, ABC Has Won The Competition, With Once Upon A Time. Overall, Once Upon A Time Is A Great Show, And I Would Definitely Recommend It. Watch Once Upon A Time Live: Sunday’s At 8/7C. On ABC.

~ Scott R.

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Here’s A Look At The Next All New Episode Of Once Upon A Time – 2×02 “We Are Both –

An Amazing Kick Off to Sunday Nights.

-8pm ABC, Once Upon a Time Season 2

We meet a strange new character in the opening that we will all be anxiously waiting to find out about. He gets a message that says simply, “Broken.” Then we are taken to fairy tale land to meet a few new princesses before finding out how the residents of Storybrook are handling the curse breaking in a flood of magic and memory.

Some were happy to be reunited with their stories and others are not having as much fun as they thought they would and we found that Regina is not the most evil of them all. An evil, soul sucking wraith is really nothing if you think about Emma sending Henry off with Red, who now remembers who the big bad wolf really is, it might just be me but that does not seem like very good parenting.

Everyone works together to try to get the wraith back through to a different realm but it ends up taking a few hitchhikers back with it. Emma and her mom Snow make the jump back to fairy tale world and are found by the new princesses and blamed for all that happened since the curse.

Meanwhile, back in Storybrook Regina and Mr. Gold, with a freshly broken heart go back to their old ways and Prince Charming and Henry turn Emma and Snow Whites apartment into a bachelor pad while they plan a way to rescue the ladies.

Now we wait for next week and ask ourselves, who is this new mystery man is and how magic will play out in Storybrook, will Emma and Snow make it back to Maine or will everyone else make it to the enchanted lands beyond in their rescue effort. I mentioned before that Dr. Whale was someone to keep an eye on and we got a few more clues about him but still no answers about who he really might be.

-9pm Showtime Dexter Season 7

Dexter, Dexter, Dexter. It is hard to think that this is the next to last season of my favorite show but it sure is adding an edge to the proceedings and a tension that picks up from the first second and will last until the very end I am sure. Michel C. Hall will always be one of the voices in my head and this will always be in my top 5 favorite shows.

We pick up episode one right where we left off with Deb Morgan walking in on her brother in his most personal of moments. Caught in the act, Dexter does his best to lie his way through it and convinces Deb to cover up what he did in the chapel to Travis Marshall. Deb being who she is though puts the pieces together and brings it all back to the beginning with The Ice Truck Killer in season one.

A missing blood slide found at the scene may be Dexter’s undoing if anyone but Maria LaGuerta had found it. She was never very good at her job or anything but sleeping around so we can keep our fingers crossed for our dark defender on that point.

When the going gets tough, Dexter needs to do what he does more often but now Deb is going to keep him under her thumb because she knows who he is and all the secrets are out in the open, both of them are remembering things neither wants to remember from their childhoods.

At first Dexter tried to keep lying to Deb but being the good detective that she is, finds everything, his slides, his tools and confronts him, “Are you a serial killer,” she asked him and all he could do was say, “yes.”

-10pm   Showtime   Homeland Season 2

Carrie Matheson had some issues last season and we found her living a quiet life with her sister and father, picking vegetables in the garden and working at a low stress job. But of course that could never last and Saul makes a call to get her to help with one of her assets from before she was kicked out of the CIA. Right from the start it becomes obvious that Carrie was not ready for this adventure.

There was a recent bombing that they are investigating and while Carrie is off working on the other side of the world, Congressman Nicholas Brody is working hard at home. With an offer to become the vice president, nothing can stop him from his mission and he steals documents, and comes clean to his family about being a Muslim and all kinds of new issues at home. It is just a matter of time before he starts sleeping with Carrie again.

It does not seem like anyone is going to have it easy this year and Brody’s wife seems to be catching on really quickly. Nothing is as it seems and if last season taught us anything, it could all go wrong at any second when everyone is so close to the edge. This is by far the show I am most into this season, there are so many ways it can be taken and knowing Showtime, it will leave us guessing until the very end.

-Ivy Marie

Air date: 9/30/12

Red marks the important details from the episode.

Best quotes in orange.

  • Elam is working on his house.
  • “That bastard Durant is back”– Sean
  • Mickey has become the town drunk gambling away profits from the bar. Sean is worried he doesn’t have the money to give to Durant for the land he gave away. Mickey refuses to give Sean his fair share.
  • Durant gives a generous some of money to Eva for all her help.
  • Durant is taking opium for his pain and is hallucinating and walking around with a cane.
  • Hannah, Durant’s wife has taken charge of the office.
  • Durant surprises Cullen.
  • “Is my bridge built?”- Durant
  • “So no bridge, alright for your sins you will come to dinner tonight with me an my wife.”– Durant
  • “Your wife..”- Cullen
  • “Don’t look so horrified and wear a clean shirt and Ms.Bell will be your escort.”– Durant
  • Psalms tries talking Elam out of homesteading. Elam tell him about Eva and the baby. Psalms tells him who would be better for the baby then someone like that’s like him. Elam takes comfort in hearing that.
  • Elam and Mr.Toole and talking.
  • “If the baby’s born white Eva then we can make a family.”– Mr.Toole
  • “See I thought you said you’d put that aside Mr.Toole“- Eva
  • The men in town are wagering whether the baby will be born white.
  • “Should we leave this place?”– Eva
  • “Maybe”– Mr.Toole
  • Eva takes comfort in hearing that he would consider leaving.
  • Cullen has cleaned himself up for dinner and escorts Lily to Durant’s train car.
  • Turns out Hannah and Durant have been in on the fraud scheme and she is worried that the smart Lily may have found out.
  • The Swede is busy at the bridge site sabotaging the engine used to raise the bridge trusses.
  • Hannah asks Cullen if he knows the Tates from his home. Turns out he married Mr.Tate’s youngest daughter. Cullen/Durant/Hannah know a lot of the same people.
  • “God Bohannon I just might send you to New York one of these days to deal with the board on my behalf.”– Durant
  • Hannah tells Lily her employment is only temporary which upsets Lily who leave. Cullen is asked to take Hannah to her train car.
  • Cullen tells her how much Lily has done for the railroad trying to fight for her job.
  • “Does that include sleeping with my husband”– Hannah
  • “Is Durant firing her?”- Cullen
  • “Be careful with whom you align yourself. My husband believes you have a future on the railroad and I do too.”– Hannah
  • Cullen heads to the office to talk with Lily but is called over by Durant who is mad about the progress being made.
  • “It was on your advice that we decided to bridge the gorge at this point.”- Durant
  • “Yes sir and we made good time considering. Indians, strike, washout..”- Cullen
  • “All I need is a structure to support a locomotive from one side of the gorge to the other understand?”- Durant
  • Looking directly at Hannah
  • “I’ll drive it across the bridge myself how about that.”– Cullen
  • Sean tries proposing to Ruth who says she’ll think about it.
  • At the bridge site while raising a truss with the engine Cullen see the Swede in the distance. The engine flies apart sending the truss down on top of men below.
  • “What in gods name has happened?”- Durant
  • “I ain’t the one that wanted to cross the gorge in a week and I it ain’t my fault that you oversold out millage to the board back east.”– Cullen
  • Joesph has returned but not to stay.
  • “Ruth after I became a christian I killed my brother, I killed your father, broke my fathers heart just like you broke mine.”- Joesph
  • “While I was hunting I saw the white spirit. My father was right this is a bad place.”– Joesph
  • Cullen finds a Norwegian penny in the engine. “Its like he wanted us to know.”– Mr.Toole
  • Lily goes to speak with Durant.
  • “How does Bohannon know about the millage shortfall on this railroad?- Durant
  • “Did you lay with him?!– Durant
  • Sean in Mickey get into a heated fight over money.
  • Durant meets with Elam.
  • “I tasked you with being my eyes and ears on this railroad.”- Durant
  • “I don’t work for the railroad no more. Got me a place down by the river to settle down”- Elam
  • He shows Durant the land deed and he rips it up.
  • “There are only two ways to leave this railroad you die in my employ or you walk back through Indian territory.”– Durant
  • “If the sun rises on your sorry ass in the morning I will have you shot for trespassing, is that what you want?”- Durant
  • “What you just tore up that’s what I want. I’m gonna build me a house down by that river where I can lock my dam door at night, know that’s my dam house and my dam property and I can shoot any dam man that come through that door and tell me it ain’t mine. I ain’t afraid to work Mr.Durant and I ain’t gonna be your dam nigger no more. What I want is some respect and if I gotta take it out of your dam hide or anybody else’s I will.”– Elam
  • Mr. Ferguson have a seat, please.”– Durant
  • Hannah goes to see Lily, she wants her to leave her train car so she can say there. “I have nowhere else to go.”- Lily
  • Cullen give Lily his train car.
  • “You know you could stay Thomas already knows.”– Lily
  • “He only thinks he knows.”- Cullen
  • “You’re always right.”- Lily
  • “Lily you shouldn’t test a men who’s jealous and afraid of his wife leaving especially not when he’s both.”– Cullen
  • Cullen and Lily kiss.
  • Sean surprises Ruth drunk. He wants to know about her and Joesph. “I want the truth!”- Sean
  • (did anyone else think this scene was going to get much darker? I didn’t think Sean would leave just like that.)
  • “And I thought it was me you wanted.”- Ruth
  • Cullen sets the Swede’s tent on fire as he goes to stay with Elam on his property.
  • “This ain’t no boarding house.”– Elam
  • “From the looks of it, it ain’t even a house.”– Cullen
  • “You outta know Mr.Durant offered me a new job. He want me to do something and im sure you ain’t going to like it at all.”– Elam
  • “What did you tell him?”- Cullen
  • “I told him I’d think about it.”– Elam

Final Thoughts: 

Building off last weeks exceptional episode the story keep getting better and better. Hannah adds a new dynamic to this story and im sure will mean trouble in next weeks finale.

Next on Hell on Wheels Sunday October 7th 2 hour season finale promo.

– Aaron @zaffuto234

Air date: 9/30/12

Episode 2×01 “Destiny”

Into Quote:

“Destiny … To Believe That A Life Is Meant For A Single Purpose, One Must Also Believe In A Common Fate. Father To Daughter, Brother To Sister, Mother To Child, Blood Ties Can Be A Unyielding As They Are Eternal. But It Is Our Bonds Of Choice That Truly Light The Road We Travel. Love Versus Hatred, Loyalty Against Betrayal. A Person’s True Destiny Can Only Be Revealed, At The End Of His Journey. ” – Emily Thorne

Episode Notes/Recap:

  • Jack’s Boat Is Found, At The Bottom Of The Ocean. A Unidentified Body Is Inside Of The Boat. The Story Then Jumps Back To Present Time, Leaving Us To Wonder How “The Amanda” Ended Up At The Bottom Of The Ocean.
  • Ashley Begins Helping Daniel Move Past The Death Of His Mother. It Seems That Ashley And Daniel Have Become A Couple.It’s Revealed That Charlotte Survived Her Overdose. Charlotte Is Currently Admitted, In A Rehabilitation Facility.
  • It’s Revealed That 3 Months Ago, Emily Began Undergoing Extreme Training. Emily Underwent Many Near Death Experiences, In The Hope Of “Unlocking” Memories, About Her Mother.
  • After A Short Period Of Regrouping, Emily Visits Nolan, Who Has Taken Up Training At A Local Gym. Emily Tells Nolan That They Need To Return To The Hampton’s.
  • Emily Learns That Taqeda Was Responsible For Faux-Manda’s Return. Taqeda Told Emily That He Was “Training” Faux-Manda, To Be Her Ally.
  • Nolan And Emily Arrive At Emily’s Beach House, In The Hampton’s.
  • Nolan Tells Emily That He Sold His House.
  • Emily Remembers That Her Mother Was In A Hospital, Around The Time Of Her Supposed Death. Emily Does Some Research, And Learns That A “Phony” Investment Group Bought The Hospital, And Shut It Down, Two Days After David’s Arrest.
  • The Stowaway Gets Temporarily Shut Down By The Health Inspector, Due To Water Damage, Jack Needs To Repair The Water Damage, If He Wants To Open The Stowaway Back Up, In Time For Memorial Day.
  • Conrad Agrees To Release Daniel’s Trust Money. In Exchange, Daniel Must Invest The Trust Money, As Well As Victoria’s Share Of Grayson Global, Back Into The Company. Daniel Tells Conrad That He Will Think About The Deal.
  • Emily And Nolan Arrive At The Closed Hospital, Where Emily’s Mom Was A Patient. Nolan And Emily Begin Searching The Hospital For Emily’s Mom’s Patient File.
  • Nolan Finds The Hospital’s Visitor Log. The Log Shows That David Visited Emily’s Mom, The Week That He Was Arrested. The Log Shows That Before David’s Visit, A Woman Named Charlotte Clarke Came To Visit Emily’s Mom. Nolan And Emily Suspect That Victoria Visited Emily’s Mom, And Used The Name Charlotte Clarke, To Sign In.
  • Emily Compares The Signature From The Hospital Visitor Log, To Victoria’s Signature. The Two Samples Of Handwriting Are A Match. This Means That Victoria, Did In Fact, Visit Emily’s Mom, At The Hospital.
  •  Emily Decides That She Once Again Needs To Get Close To The Graysons, In Order To Learn The Truth About Her Mother.
  • Jack Learns That Emily Has Returned To The Hampton’s.
  • Emily Visits Charlotte, At The Rehabilitation Center.
  • The Process For Charlotte’s Release, From The Rehabilitation Center, Is Started.
  • Emily Visits Faux-Manda, Who Is 8 Months Pregnant.
  • Victoria’s Memorial Service Begins.
  • Daniel Tells Conrad That He’s Going To Leave His Trust Money Exactly Where It’s At. Ultimately, Daniel Refuses Conrad’s Offer.
  • Emily Arrives At Victoria’s Memorial Service. Emily Speaks With A Few People From Her Recent Past, Including Daniel And Ashley.
  • Jack Attempts To Repair The Water Damage, At The Stowaway.
  • Charlotte Arrives At Victoria’s Memorial Service.
  • As Part Of The Release Process, Charlotte Had To Have A Sample Of Blood Drawn, To Test For Drugs. As Charlotte Is Attending Victoria’s Memorial Service, She Is Informed That She Tested Positive For Hydrocodone. Charlotte Swears That She Hasn’t Resumed Using Drugs.
  • As Charlotte Is About To Be Returned To The Rehabilitation Center, She Publicly Accuses Conrad Of Tampering With Her Blood Sample, As Well As Being Responsible For The Explosion Of Victoria’s Plane. Charlotte Also Whispers Something In Emily’s Ear. It’s Not Revealed What Charlotte Whispered To Emily.
  • Charlotte Is Taken Back To The Rehabilitation Center.
  • Emily Arrives At A Remote Cabin, And Knocks On The Door. Victoria Answers The Door. It Seems That This Is What Charlotte Whispered To Emily.
  • Victoria Tells Emily That Conrad Must Have Charlotte’s Counselor On His Payroll. Conrad Is Trying To Keep Charlotte Locked Up In Rehab, So That He Can Gain Control Of Charlotte’s Inheritance.
  • Victoria Tells Emily That The Government Is Keeping Her Hidden, As They Build Their Case Against Conrad.
  • Charlotte’s Counselor Confiscates The Cell Phone That Charlotte Has Been Using To Keep In Touch With Victoria. Luckily, Victoria Has Been Calling The Cell Phone From A Blocked Number, So Charlotte’s Councilor Has No Idea Who Charlotte Has Been Talking To, On The Cell Phone.
  • Charlotte’s Councilor Tells Conrad About Charlotte’s Cell Phone.
  • It Is Confirmed That Conrad Has Charlotte’s Councilor, On His Payroll.
  • Emily Tells Nolan That She Needs To Get A Camera, In Victoria’s Cabin Safehouse.
  • Emily Asks Nolan To So A Deep Background Check, On Charlotte’s Councilor.
  • Jack And Emily Have A Heartfelt Conversation.
  • Emily Learns That Charlotte’s Councilor Has A History Of Corruption. Emily Tells This Information, To Victoria.
  • While At Victoria’s Cabin Safehouse, Emily Discreetly Plants A Camera, Hidden In A Decorative Clam.
  • Jack Asks Amanda Where She Went And Who She Stayed With, When She First Left The Hampton’s. It Seems That Jack Has Doubts, That The Baby Is His.
  • Faux-Manda Tells Jack That She Will Arrange For A Paternity Test To Be Done.
  • Nolan And Emily See The White Haired Man Speaking With Victoria (Via The “Clam-Cam), At Victoria’s Cabin Safehouse. Victoria Tells The White Haired Man That She Doesn’t Trust Emily. Victoria Tells The White Haired Man To “Eliminate The Liability”. It Seems That Victoria Is Working With The White Haired Man, Rather Than Working With The Government.

Favorite Episode Quote(s):

1) “Destiny Has Two Ways Of Crushing Us … By Refusing Our Wishes … And By Fulfilling Them.”   – Cutscene Intro Quote.

2) “Jack And I Are In This Together, For Real.”   – Faux-Manda

3) “The Return Of The Vivacious And Elusive, Ms. Emily Thorne.”   – Conrad

4) “To Me, She Was Simply Mom.”   – Charlotte

5) “I Just Wouldn’t Want To See You Get Hurt Again.”   – Emily

6) “Are You Absolutely Sure The Baby’s Yours?”   – Emily

7) “What They Did To My Father … They Did To My Mother, Too.”   – Emily

8) “{And} Now They’re Coming For You Too.”   – Nolan

End Quote:

“Some Say That To Believe In Destiny Is To Dismiss The Role Of Free Will … That Self Determination Cannot Prevail In The Presence Of Fate … When The Truth Is, The Only Part Of Destiny That We Can Control, Is The Fate We Choose For Another.”   – Emily

Ending Song: Into The Black by Chromatics


Tonight’s Season 2 Premiere Of Revenge Was Epic, As I Expected! In Tonight’s Episode, Emily Made Her Glorious Return To The Hampton’s, In An Attempt To Learn The Truth About Her Mother. Emily Slowly Tries To Get Close With The Graysons, Once Again, To Learn Information ,Regarding Her Mother. At The Beginning Of Tonight’s Premiere, Jack’s Boat Is Shown Being Found At The Bottom Of The Ocean, With A Body Inside. However, We Do Not Learn How This Event Happened, Nor Who The Person Inside Is. I Suspect That This Event, Much Like The One From The Season 1 Premiere, Will Be Fully Shown, About Halfway Through Season 2. In Tonight’s Episode, We Learn That Charlotte & Victoria Are In Fact Alive. We Learn That Victoria Is In Hiding, And Is Working On Something, With The White Haired Man. It’s Revealed That Conrad Is Trying To Gain Control Of Daniel And Charlotte’s Inheritance. I’ve Been A Fan Of Revenge, After Watching The Series Premiere. I Find That The Show Is Able To Mix: Drama, Conspiracy Mystery, Romance, Thrill, Crime, And Many Other Categories, Into A Neatly Wrapped One Hour Time-Slot. Overall, Revenge Is A Magnificent Show, And I Would Absolutely Recommend It. Watch Revenge Live: Sunday’s At 9/8C. On ABC.

Be Sure To Remember That Revenge Is No Longer On Wednesday At 10/9C. Time-Slot. This Season, Revenge Has Moved To Sunday’s At 9/8C.

~ Scott R.

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Here’s A Look A Next Weeks Episode Of Revenge – 2×02 “Resurrection” –

ABC has tried and failed once before to enter the horror genre (The River) trying to follow the success of the dominate monster hit from AMC, The Walking Dead. 666 Park Avenue is hoping to succeed in the space and airing at 10/9c will allow fans of The Walking Dead (9/8c) to channel flip to ABC.

The series follow Henry (Dave Annable) and Jane (Rachael Taylor) who are dating become co-managers of the esteemed residential hotel “The Drake”. It doesn’t take long for Jane to start seeing odd things around the place especially as she starts to find out the buildings history and does some looking on her own around the buildings basement. There is a demonic presence in the building and with owner Gavin (Terry O’Quinn).

The show which followed the season two premiere of the always suspenseful “Revenge” had no trouble at all keeping you on the edge of your seat for the whole hour. The concept felt very familiar seemingly grabbing elements from various horror films to create a very interesting series. Nearly the whole pilot felt like a well done feature film.

The mix of horror and drama was perfect and the cast, acting & writing alone will be enough to bring most back for the next episode.

What did you think? Will you watch again? Share your thoughts in the comments.

– Aaron @zaffuto234