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The new Cast

Survivor: Philippines

This twenty-fourth season of Survivor on CBS opened with some returning former players who go injuries on their first time out and a crop of new players all split into three teams.

While I have not had time yet to learn all the names there is one thing about this season that really stood out to me, it seems to be the season of the lesbians. Not that any of them have come right out and said anything, I have a way of knowing things like this in most cases. There is one cutie I am rooting for more than anyone else.

Other than the returning players, there is a baseball player who screws up his knee before he even makes it to the island and a grown up child star from the Facts of Life. Funny thing about that is some of her younger tribe members have no idea who she is and she doesn’t want them to. The one older guy on her team called her out; let’s hope we don’t spend the season shaking our heads in disgust with kids these days.

They seemed to have given them more supplies than any other season before but they had to get it all onto a bamboo raft in a short amount of time and make it to shore with it.

The very first person to be taken out was a kid named Zane. With most seasons, the outgoing, strange one always makes it pretty far in the game but this silly boy told everyone to vote him out as soon as the challenge was over and they were back at camp. He thought we would be able to work some kind of magic and he thought he was, “playing chess the only way I know how and at the end of the day, they are gonna king me.” Chess, checkers, Survivor, obviously he doesn’t know much about any of them and it back fired at tribal council.

Wednesdays on CBS you can watch it all play out at 8pm and see who will be named the sole Survivor. If you ask me, it is team Dana all the way.

-Ivy Marie