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9/8c Falling Skies on TNT

Recap last weeks episode “Young Bloods”

9/8c Talking Dead LIVE on AMC

Special preview of The Walking Dead Season 3

9/8c The Glades on A&E

10/9c The Walking Dead Special Black & White version of the pilot on AMC.

10/9c Longmire on A&E

Recap last weeks episode “Dog Solider”

If you missed ANY of The Walking Dead now is your chance to catch up. Starting Saturday morning through Sunday catch every episode. The marathon will then conclude Sunday with a live Talking Dead at 9/8c followed by a special Black & White version of the pilot.

Complete episode schedule:


11:30am/10:30c “Days Gone Bye” 1×01

1:06pm/12:06c “Guts” 1×02

2:09/1:09c “Tell It To The Frogs” 1×03

3:13/2:13c “Vatos” 1×04

4:17/3:17c “Wildfire” 1×05

5:22/4:22c “TS-19” 1×06

6:26/5:26c “What Lies Ahead” 2×01

7:58/6:58c “Bloodletting” 2×02

9/8c “Save The Last One” 2×03

10:02/9:02c “Cherokee Rose” 2×04

11:05/10:05c “Chupacabra” 2×05


12:08am/11:08c “Secrets” 2×06

11:30am/10:30c “Chupacabra” 2×05

12:34pm/11:34c “Secrets” 2×06

1:37pm/12:37c “Pretty Much Dead Already” 2×07

2:40/1:40c “Nebraska” 2×08

3:43/2:43c “Triggerfinger” 2×09

4:47/3:47c “18 Miles Out” 2×10

5:50/4:50c “Judge, Jury, Executioner” 2×11

6:53/5:53c “Better Angles” 2×12

7:56/6:56c “Beside The Dying Fire” 2×13

9/8c Talking Dead LIVE

10/9c “Days Gone Bye” 1×01 In Black & White

NBC has renewed Law and Order SVU for its 14th season.

AMC renewed both Comic Book Men and Talking Dead.