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Saturday May 12th: NBC’s The Firm 9/8c

Posted: May 12, 2012 by Aaron M Zaffuto in The Firm
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Tonight its Chapter 16.

And The Winner is….”The Lying Game”

Posted: May 5, 2012 by Aaron M Zaffuto in Poll
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The Lying Game has won our favorite new drama of the 2011-2012 season with 57% of the votes.

If you never saw the lying game here is what you are missing out on- The Lying Game

2nd- Revenge 19%
3rd- Awake 12%
4th- Ringer 4%
5th- The Firm 3%
6th- Scandal 1%
Me and Scott like nearly all the shows listed with my personal favorite being a tie with The Lying Game and Revenge- Aaron
Be sure to vote on the next Poll- Favorite Returning Summer Show?

Friday May 4th: The Finder and Grimm

Posted: May 4, 2012 by Aaron M Zaffuto in Fox, NBC, The Firm
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The Finder 8/7c on FOX

Grimm 9/8c on NBC

On  the DVR- “Who Do You Think You Are“- Rashida Jones from NBC’s Parks and Recreation.

On Saturday NBC’s “The Firm” has the week off and will return with Chapter 16 next week.



Episode Notes:

  • Mitch Goes To Meet Stack, At The Agreed Location, But Learns That Abbey Isn’t There.
  • Mitch Walks Away From The Meet. (With The Hard-Drive in his possession)
  • Stack Decides To Eject From The Mission, And Asks Alex To Go With Him. (But She Refuses)
  • Mitch Takes The Hard-Drive To The Feds, and Begins to tell The Attorney General The Complete Story About Stack.
  • Mitch Learns That Abbey Escaped From Her Captors, With No Physical Injuries.
  • Mitch Re-Unites With Claire, At The Hospital. (Where Abbey Is Being Treated)
  • It’s Revealed (On The Hard-Drive) That Stack was using a formula to Calculate the life expectancy/Cost of the Noble Insurance Patients, and was Using that Information To Determine Who To Kill.
  • A List of Stack’s Hired Killers, and Noble Insurance Victims, is Also Found On The Hard-Drive.
  • Alex Gets Arrested By The FBI, And The Feds Go To Arrest Stack, But He is Already On His Way To a Private Airstrip.
  • Stack Receives a Call From Allard (His Superior At Noble Insurance) And Is Told To Go To the Hilton Hotel, For a Meet.
  • Stack Goes To Meet Allard At The Hotel, But Is Arrested By The FBI In Allard’s Room. (Allard Set Him Up)
  • Stack Swears To Bring Allard Down With Him. (How Is Allard Involved In The Noble Conspiracy?)
  • The FBI Finds The Location Where Abbey Was Being Held, And Begins to Collect Evidence.
  • Mitch Fills Abbey in On What has Happened, During the Time That she has Been Missing.
  • The Attorney General Begins To Question Alex About her Involvement In The Murders, But Alex Claims That She had No Involvement Whatsoever.
  • Alex Gets Released From Federal Custody, Due To A Lack Of evidence.
  • Abbey is Released From The Hospital And Returns Home, Along With Claire and Mitch.
  • Alex Learns That Stack May Have Enough Evidence To Take Her Down, and He Is Threatening to Present It, If She Doesn’t Represent Him In The Noble Insurance Case.
  • Alex Agrees To Be Stack’s Defense Lawyer.
  • Mitch Decides To Goes To Stack’s Arraignment. Stack is Being Charged with 15 Counts Of Murder (But He is Being Investigated for Over 100 Murders)
  • A Hearing Is Granted To Stack, For suppression Of The Hard-Drive.
  • Abbey Reveals The Entirety Of Her Ordeal To Tammy, But She Still Isn’t Ready To Tell Mitch Yet.
  • Mitch Visits Stack In Jail and Questions Him About “The Mission”, But Gets No Useful Answer.
  • Stack Suggests That He Can Escape From His Cell, With Help From A Friend(s)
  • The Hearing Begins, and Both Dianne (The Attorney General) and Alex Present Their Arguments.
  • The Judge Agrees To suppress The Hard-Drive,  Therefore It Is In-Admissable as Evidence.
  • Since The Hard-Drive Is No Longer Evidence, Stack Is Set Free. (For Now)
  • Stack Tells Mitch that He Has Friends Everywhere. (Could he Have Influenced The Judge’s Ruling?)
  • Stack Is Arrested for Andrew’s Murder, and the Prosecution has a key Witness, That Is Going To Testify: Abbey.

Favorite Episode Quotes:

1) “It’s Not About Winning, It’s About Shifting The Balance.”  – Stack

2) “You Got Yourself into a mess Mitch, And It’s Not Going Away.”      -Dianne

3) “117 counts of murder, that’s one hell of a misunderstanding”- FBI Agent while Arresting Alex


Tonight’s Episode Of The Firm Left Me Speechless. This Episode was By Far The Best and Most Exhilarating Episode Of The Season. This Show Has been Very “Foggy” and Unclear, From The Start of the Season, But Tonight’s Episode Cleared Up Everything.  If You Have not Yet Watched The Firm, Now is The Time To Do So. I Highly Recommend The Firm. Watch The Firm Live: Saturday’s at 9/8C. On NBC.


I completely agree with Scott that tonight put every episode and plot line into context and cleared up the story. All the twists and turns throughout the first episodes came full circle tonight. At the moment the story is now going to be the trail of Kevin Stack and will most likely will uncover Alex’s involvement, but with The Firm im sure the story will go much deep then just that as we got 7 more episodes to go.

  • Abby is kidnapped along with Andrew by Kevin Stack
  • Andrew is killed in cold blood.
  • Stack’s men use water-boarding torture to get information out of Abby.
  • Demitri is fanatically trying to decrypt the hard drive.
  • Mitch is regretting leaving witness protection and proceeding with the Sarah Holt case.
  • Mitch and Ray are arrested while waiting to trade the hard drive for Abby.
  • In prison Ray admits to Mitch he was smart enough not to bring the real hard drive and that the feds are now decoding a fake.
  • Alex gets a hearing setup to try and get Mitch/Ray out and jail and get the hard drive back.
  • Alex admits to Mitch that she didn’t know what Stack was doing, killing all those people and that the only reason his files were locked at the firm is because she was doing a favor for their biggest client.
  • FBI finds out the hard drive is empty and lets Alex know who the the real owner is Demitri, who has the real one.
  • Lewis sneaks Mitch and Ray out of prison and says its only because he has known Abby longer then his own wife.
  • Mitch is daughter is safe with Tammy.
  • Abby escapes and makes run for it.
  • Mitch is face to face with Kevin Stack to exchange the hard drive……..
Final thoughts:
The past few episodes have completely eliminated the “case of the week” stories and have devoted the whole episode to the main story arch. The story is really coming together in high action and suspense and the promo for next week looks like its just getting better. (I’ll post it when its released online)