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Once Upon A Time

Episode Notes:

  • August Begins Looking for Something in Mr. Gold’s Office.
  • Emma Visits Kathryn (Who is in the Hospital.) and Kathryn Tells Emma The Details Of her ordeal.
  • It’s Revealed That Regina Hired Mr. Gold to Make Something “Tragic” Happen To Kathryn.
  • It’s Revealed That When Mr. Gold Started his Partnership with Regina, He may have had an Underlying Motive.
  • David goes to visit Kathryn, in the Hospital.
  • Mary Margaret Attends a Welcome Home Party, That Was Organized Especially for her.
  • Emma Begins to Suspect that Mr. Gold had something to do With Kathryn’s Disappearance/Return.
  • Mr. Gold Tries to get info About August, From Emma.
  • More of Rumplestilkin’s Past is Revealed.
  • Mr. Gold Breaks into August’s House, to Look For answers.
  • While looking Through August’s Belongings, Mr. Gold Finds a Drawing, depicting an item That Belongs To Rumplestilskin.
  • Emma Confronts Sidney, About the Bug that he Planted.
  • While Trying to Defend Regina’s Actions, It’s Revealed That Sidney May be in Love with the Mayor.
  • David Tells Mary Margaret That They need to Move Forward (Together)
  • It is Revealed that August Is Mr. Gold’s Son.
  • Mr. Gold Goes to Archie, To Talk About August.
  • Mr. Gold Suggests That August is in Storybrooke, To kill him.
  • It is Revealed That August is Angry With Mr. Gold, Because of something That Gold (Rumplestilskin) Did a Long Time ago.
  • Gold has a Heart-To-Heart Conversation With August, About what happened Ages Ago.
  • Gold And August find the Dagger That can ultimately Take Away Gold’s/Rumplestilskin’s Powers.
  • August Uses the dagger To try to Control Mr. Gold, But he Fails.
  • It is Revealed that August May not really be Gold’s/Rumplestilskin’s Son.
  • Regina Puts Sidney up to confessing to the Abduction of Kathryn.
  • Emma Tells Regina That She Plans To Get Henry Back.

Favorite Episode Quote(s):

1) “Honesty’s Never Been The Best Color on me.”   – Mr. Gold

“The Chances of you Surviving This Little Encounter Are Pretty Slim”   – Mr. Gold

Once Upon A Time Is Ahow That is very different from The others that are currently Airing. This Show is Never Boring. It Has Plenty of Conspiracy; If You are a LOST Fan, Then you’ll Love Once Upon a Time. Watch Once Upon A Time Live: Sunday’s at 8/7C. On ABC

Sidenote: Be sure To Catch The Season Finale of Once Upon A Time, In Just Three Short Weeks.


Harry’s Law

Episode Notes:

  • A Reality Show Star Asks Phoebe to be her Lawyer, in a case involving the Suicide of the Actress’s Husband.
  • A Woman Asks Harry To Be Her Lawyer, Because She Thinks the Police are looking for her, after she abandoned Jury Duty, In the Middle Of Deliberations.
  • Judge Badcock Attempts To Hold The Runaway Juror (Brianna) In Contempt, But Harry Demands a Trial, On The Contempt Charges.
  • Phoebe Agrees To Take The Reality-Star’s (Tina) Case, and Recruits Adam, To Help Out.
  • Tina’s Wrongful Death Trial Begins.
  • Brianna’s Trial Begins.
  • Brianna Testifies About The Emotional-Hardships Caused by the Deliberations.
  • Nancy Grace Weighs in on Tina’s Case.
  • Tina Is Put on the Stand, To testify.
  • Tina Begins To Get “Grilled” On The Stand, By The Prosecutor.
  • Brianna Begins To Fear that she may get Prison Time.
  • Brianna’s Doctor Is Called To Testify About Her Anxiety, Panic Attacks, etc.
  • The Producer of  The Reality Show (On Which Tina Starred) Is Called To Testify in the case.
  • It’s Revealed that the Video Of TIna Making Mean Comments About her husband was Actually edited, and taken Out-Of-Context by the producer(s)
  • Brianna Is Found Guilty On The Contempt Charge, and the Judge Asks The D.A. To File Obstruction Charges, Against Brianna.
  • Tina Is Found Not Guilty on the Main Charges, But is found Guilty on a Minor Charge, and is ultimately ordered to pay $120,000 To Elliot’s Family.
  • Phoebe again offers Adam A Job at her Firm, But Adam Returns With A Counter-Offer: Phoebe Should Come Work at Harry’s Firm.
  • Harry Suggests to Tommy, That Her and his Firm, Finally Merge.

Favorite Episode Quote(s):

1)  “She’s a Dynamo, Isn’t She?”     – Tommy

2) “I Hate Skype!”    – Cassie


Harry’s Law is an Off-Beat Version of Law and order. The Show Has Many Laughs Mixed in With Serious Situations. I’ve Watched Harry’s Law Since the First Season, and have yet to be let down. I High;y Suggest You Check Out harry’s Law. Watch Harry’s Law Live: Sunday’s at 8/7C. On NBC

Sidenote: Be sure To Catch The Season Finale of  Harry’s Law, In Just Three Short Weeks.