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It’s time to revisit some of the most nostalgic and classic TV shows of the past decade. Of course, there are numerous amounts of great shows from this time period. I will attempt to prepare a list of the 15 best shows leading up to the past few years, and perhaps even this year. Unlike my other lists, these shows will not be ranked in order of importance. (It’d take me 2 years to rank these shows in terms of which are my favorites.) So we begin….

1) Yes, Dear.

Yes, Dear (2000-2006)

Admittedly, I picked up on Yes, Dear by watching Nick @ Nite, but the show is actually really solid. Greg Garcia, who has created some of the best comedies in recent history (Raising Hope for sure), was behind the show. Yes, Dear is definitely a lovable comedy, in my opinion.

2) The Cape

The Cape (2011-2011)

Simmer down, haters. The Cape was an awesome show, with huge amounts of potential. How can you like Arrow, but not like The Cape? The Cape was very much the ancestor show of Arrow. Given, Arrow already had a following because of the DC comics, I feel like The Cape was shot down before it even had a chance. David Lyons was still somewhat of a newbie, and he did fairly well in the show. Those were the best 10 episodes that I have ever watched…


Lost (2004-2010)

Polar bears and smoke monsters. Ancient Egyptian like statues, and an island that can change locations. This about sums up the randomness that was LOST. However, amongst all of the nonsensical aspects, LOST was actually an emotionally gripping show. Over the course of six years, it was easy to become attached to it’s characters. (Even If Matthew Fox did go into Mel Gibson mode after the show ended) If you haven’t seen lost, you very well should check it out!

4) George lopez

George Lopez (2002-2007)

George Lopez aired way back in 2002. The show followed George (Playing himself) and the rest of his family, and their daily lives. This show was actually a pretty relate-able and hilarious one. Although the show was axed in 2007, a near clone copy was rebooted as “Saint George” on FX, just this year.

5) Persons Unknown

Persons Unknown (2010-2010)

Persons Unknown, The one show that made less sense than LOST did. Persons Unknown revolved around a group of people who are abducted and dropped into an abandoned town with some sort of force field/invisible electric wall keeping them captive in the town. (Think of Under the Dome). A Group of people have abducted the group for some sort of experiment. (Think Siberia, in that sense). Although we never quite figure out what is going on and the show is left on the biggest cliff hanger of all time, the 13 episodes of this show are definitely worth checking out.

6) Homeland

Homeland (2011 – Present)

Okay, Homeland has fallen short, recently. This I know. This is making my list based on it’s first season. I can remember watching S1 and thinking, “This is the best show that I have seen in a while”. Homeland, in its first season, presented so many mysteries and conspiracies, that it kept me engrossed until the finale. Homeland will hopefully pick up in it’s fourth season, and get back on track. Meanwhile, give it a look!

7) The Event

The Event (2010 – 2011)

The Event had so many things that were never answered. The ratings killed this epic show, and ended it with an enormous cliffhanger. However, throughout the 1 season that this show had, you are taken on an entertaining journey through the alien aspect of science fiction. I definitely suggest this one!

8) Rogue

Rogue (2013 – Present)

It’s time to go indy on this next one. Rogue came out of nowhere, and surprised me with its story. Rogue really has the feel of the sopranos to it. It revolves around a criminal organization, and an undercover officer that has infiltrated it. Needless to say, Directv’s exclusive network “Audience” has the rights to the show, making it available exclusively on Directv.  The network has about as much broadcasting leniency as HBO and the likes, meaning that pretty much nothing is off limits, in this show. I do recommend that you give Rogue a look!

9) Cracked

Cracked (2013 – 2013)

I am once again going indy, with this one. Cracked originated in Canada, and soon made its way to the United States. The show follows a Jack Bauer type police officer that has a breakdown, and is placed on a new task force that deals with psychotic criminals, and criminals with mental disabilities. The officer is paired with a psychiatrist, and an entire team to deal with the special cases that the department receives. The show only managed to pull on for two seasons that weren’t regular length. The 1st season aired 13 episodes, while the 2nd season only aired with 8 episodes. Due to … (wait for it) Government budget cuts, Canada swung the ax on Cracked, and ended its run. However, Cracked is a nice change up in the sense of TV plots, these days. I recommend you give it a look!

10) The 100

The 100 (2014 – Renewed for 2015)

Call me a fangirl, if you must! The 100 is by far, the best show that I have seen in a while. The show has everything that you could want, suspense, mystery, drama, all wrapped up in a nice science-fiction bow. This show is so great, that I even decided to read the book upon which it is based. Neither will disappoint, this I promise. I do recommend that you check out the 100!

11) Falling Skies

Falling Skies (2011 – Present)


I’ve followed Falling Skies from day 1, and it has been a great 3 years. The fourth season is debuting next month, and I simply cannot wait. Falling Skies is not your average alien/Science-fiction show, as it has unique aspects, and really focuses on character development, and superb writing. Be sure to check out Falling Skies!

12) Chuck

Chuck (2007 – 2012)

Chuck is a lovable comedy that redefined television during its 5 year run. The show successfully filled the role of a “Dramedy”. I must say, this cult classic took NBC by storm, and was one of their most notable series. This is one that you MUST check out.

13) The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead (2011 – Present)

Series based on comics seem to be the way to go, these days. The Walking Dead is probably the best and most notable show of the 2000’s, and it has been a huge success for AMC. With season 5 coming this fall, I suggest you get caught up, and check it out!

14) Law and Order: Special Victims Unit

Law and Order: SVU (1999 – present)

I’ve only followed SVU for about 3 or 4 years, but I haven’t been able to stop watching this powerhouse drama. SVU is a magnificent procedural drama, and it has an excellent cast. Of course, It’s not quite the same without Meloni and Florek and their characters. I do recommend that you check out SVU!

15)  Defiance

Defiance (2013 – Present)

Defiance is finally Syfy’s great return to, well, Scifi. The show is a science fiction great, and it intrigues throughout its first season. Defiance and Helix are the two shows that have finally put Syfy back on the map, and I suggest you check out both!


Hopefully this list was diverse enough to provide you with enough shows to watch for a while. I wish I could’ve added 10 or more shows, that deserved to make this list. Don’t forget to keep watching! Also, don’t forget to hate on all of those NBC one season shows, that made it on here!

Men At Work - S2

Episode Notes/Recap:

  • Tyler Visits A Website Called “Missed Connections”, And Sees A Post From Some Girl. The Girl Says That She Had A “Moment” With Someone (Who’s Description Closely Resembles Milo). Milo Thinks That It’s Possible That He Missed A Connection With This Girl.
  • Neal And Gibbs Plan To Go To A Party That Neal’s Wealthy Cousin Is Having/Hosting, In The Hamptons.
  • Milo And Tyler Go To A Coffee Shop To Meet With The Girl That Posted On “Missed Connections”. Milo And Tyler Arrive Only To Find A Horde Of Men That Closely Resemble Milo. It Seems That All Of  The Men Have Responded To The Girl’s “Missed Connections” Post.
  • The Girl That Posted On “Missed Connections” Arrives At The Meetup Location. Milo Learns That He Is Not The Man That She Had A Connection With.
  • Tyler Tells Milo That They Should Use The “Missed Connections” Site To Design The “Perfect Woman”.
  • Tyler Tells Milo That They Should Post On “Missed Connections”, Describing The Perfect Girl That They Would Want To Meet, And See If Anyone Shows Up/Responds.
  • Milo Describes His Perfect Girl To Tyler, Who Then Posts The Information On “Missed Connections”.
  • Neal And Gibbs Begin Driving To Neal’s Cousin’s House, For The Party.
  • Tyler And Milo Go To Meet With The Girl That Responded To Milo’s “Perfect Girl Post” (Molly).
  • Gibbs Tries To Get Neal To Stand Up To His Overbearing, And Sometimes Non-Appreciative Family.
  • Milo Meets Molly, And Begins Talking With Her. However, The Girl Doesn’t Seem To Be Interested In Milo. It Seems That Molly Was Expecting To See Someone Else. Her True “Missed Connection”.
  • Milo Agrees To Help Molly Find Her True “Missed Connection”. The Man That She Was Originally Expecting To Meet.
  • Neal Learns That His Dad Is Giving The Classic Family Car To His Cousin, Who Is Hosting The Party. Neal Had Been Expecting To Inherit This Car, At Some Point.
  • Tyler, Milo, And Molly Begin Their Search For Molly’s “Missed Connection”.
  • Neal Reaches His Breaking Point After His Dad Calls, And Tells Him That He Is Giving The Family Car To His Cousin. Neal Finally Stands Up To His Family, And Speeds Off In The Family Car.
  • While Searching For Molly’s “Missed Connection”, Molly And Milo Seemingly Become Closer. They Begin Finding That They Have Many Shared Interests.
  • Neal Wakes Up In The Backseat Of The Family Car, And Finds That Gibbs Is Driving. Neal Learns That He And Gibbs Partied All Night, And Are Now En Route Back To The City.
  • Neal Learns That His Father Has Reported The Family Car Stolen. Neal And Gibbs are Consequently Pulled Over By The Police.
  • Molly Finally Finds, And Meets Up With, Her True “Missed Connection”.
  • Neal’s Dad Agrees To Not Press Charges Against Neal/Gibbs For “Stealing” The Family Car.
  • Molly Posts On “Missed Connections” And Says That She May Have Known Her “Mr. Right” All Along. Molly Then Invites Milo Out For Coffee. It Seems That Milo And Molly Had A True Connection.

Favorite Episode Quotes:

1) “Come On, You’re Like The Third Best Looking Milo Here.” – Tyler

2) “You Mean Like Build-A-Bear But With Girls?” – Milo

3) “Captain Gibbs Is On The Bridge.”  – Gibbs

4) “Don’t You Do It, Curly Sue!” – Tyler

5) “Aw! Is That A Gorilla In A Tuxedo?”  – Gibbs

6) “Is It Weird I Feel A Little Like Fred From Scooby-Doo, Right Now?”  – Milo

7) “Go For T-Dog.”   – Tyler

I Was Definitely Glad To See That Men At Work Had Made It Back To TBS! This Became One Of My Favorite, Quirky Shows, That Seemed Like It Would Be Dull At First. However, There’s Quite A Bit Of Story, And Many Relate-able Characters In The Show. This Scripted Comedy Has Gotten A Lot Of Hate, Throughout It’s First Season, However, I Think That It Has Done Quite Well. Overall, This Is A Fun Comedy That I Would Like To See Last For A While.

~ Scott R.







Episode Notes/Recap:

  •  It’s Revealed That A Certain Group Of People Know The Truth About The Explosion That Killed Quinn’s Boyfriend. The Group Plans To Keep The Truth Hidden. This Group Of People Includes: Olivia, Cyrus, Mellie, Hollis, And A Few Others.
  • Olivia Tells The Group That She Will Fix The David Rosen Problem. Olivia Needs To Take Care Of The Situation, As David Is Extremely Close To Learning The Truth About The Explosion.
  • Huck Continues Attending Is A.A. Meetings.
  • Huck Gets Asked Out On A Date By A Fellow A.A. Attendee (Becky).
  • Olivia Begins Representing A Governor, And His Wife.
  • The Governor Killed A Man That He Found In His House. Apparently, The Governor Came Home And Found A Man Raping His Wife. The Governor Then Pulled Out A Gun, And Shot And Killed The Man That Was Allegedly Raping His Wife.
  • Olivia Begins “Fixing” The Governor’s Situation.
  • The Governor’s Spokesperson Does The Exact Opposite Of What Olivia Suggested. The Spokesperson Goes Public To The Media, And Says That The Governor’s Actions Were Heroic. Olivia Clearly Told The Spokesperson To Tell The Press To Respect The Governor And His Family’s Privacy.
  • It’s Revealed That When Olivia Was Working For Fitz’s Campaign, The Governor Was Also Running For President. Apparently, Olivia Ran Some Untrue And Negative Ads About The Governor, Costing Him The Election.
  • Cyrus’s Husband Goes Back To Work. The Man Works As A Journalist, In The White House. Cyrus Fears That This Situation Will Become Problematic.
  • Abby And David Continue, With Their Romantic Relationship.
  • For Now, The Public Is Seeing The Governor As A Hero. Olivia Knows That She Must Keep The Governor Viewed As a Hero.
  • The Team Does Some Digging, And Learns That The Rapist Was Actually Having An Affair With The Governor’s Wife. It Seems That The Man Wasn’t Raping The Governor’s Wife.
  • Olivia Confronts The Governor’s Wife. The Woman Admits That She Was Having An Affair With The Man. When Her Husband Walked In, The Woman Cried Rape, To Prevent Her Husband From Knowing That She Was Actually Having An Affair.
  • David Talks With a Source. The Source Tells David That Hollis’s Company And/Or Hollis Wasn’t Involved With The Explosion, That Killed Quinn’s Boyfriend.
  • The Governor Tells Olivia That They Shouldn’t Break The News That His Wife Was Having An Affair.
  • Mellie Tells Cyrus That She Is Finished Attending The Secret Meetings With The Group That Knows The Truth About The Explosion. Cyrus Then Firmly Tells Mellie That The Meetings Aren’t Optional, And She Will Attend Them.
  • Mellie Tells Cyrus If “Defiance” Is Ever Brought Up, She Will Deny Everything. It Seems That “Defiance” Is A Code Name. Perhaps, Related To The Truth About The Explosion.
  • David Gets A Signed Affidavit From One Of The Contractor’s (The Man That Was Having An Affair With The Governor’s Wife) Friends. The Friend Says That The Contractor Was In Fact Having An Affair With The Governor’s Wife.
  • The Governor’s Wife Is Arrested. The Woman Tells The Truth About What Happened. The Woman Admits That Her Husband Killed The Man, Because He Thought His Wife Was Being Raped. The Governor’s Wife Says This, To Prevent Her Husband From Being Arrested For Murder.
  • Huck Goes On His Date, With Becky.
  • The Governor Speaks To The Press, Imploring The Public To Forgive His Wife. Olivia Feels That Taking This Tone, Is The Best Option.
  • While In The Governor’s Office, Olivia Finds Pictures Of The Contractor And The Governor’s Wife Engaging In “Relations”. It Seems That The Governor Took These Photographs, Or Hired Someone To Take Them. It Seems That The Governor Knew About The Affair, And Has Been Acting As If He Knew Nothing About It, The Entire Time.
  • Olivia Confronts The Governor. The Governor Says That He Was Going To Kill His Wife, And Then Himself. However, The Governor Says That His Wife Yelled Rape, And He Knew That He Had A Second Chance. The Governor Says, That Because Of The Situation, His Approval Ratings Are Now Through The Roof. It Seems That The Governor Has Been Playing Olivia, And The Public, From The Start.
  • The Governor Knows That Olivia Can’t Turn Him In, Due To Attorney – Client Privilege.
  • Edison Continues To Ask Olivia To Go Out With Him, But Olivia Says That She Isn’t Yet Ready To Do So. It Seems That Olivia Isn’t Over Fitz Yet.
  • Huck And Becky’s Relationship Begins To Progress.
  • It’s Revealed That The Secret Group (In Which Olivia, Cyrus, Hollis, And Mellie Are A Part Of) Got David’s Job Back, For Him.
  • Abby Learns That David Source Was A Plant. Abby Also Learns That The Company Developed Software That Was Used On Voting Machines. Abby Passes All Of This Information On To David. It Seems That The Explosion Is Part Of An Elaborate Cover-Up.
  • An Unknown Man, Who Has Seemingly Planted A Bug In David’s Apartment, Overhears David And Abby’s Conversation. The Man Asks Olivia If She Wants Him To Notify “The Others”. Olivia Says No. It Seems That Many People Are Involved In The Conspiracy.


Tonight’s Episode Of Scandal Was Magnificent! Tonight’s Episode Had The Usual Dose Of Mystery, Scandal, And Conspiracy. Scandal Has Been An Epic Show From The Start, And The Second Season Is Continuing To Prove The Show To Be Great. In Tonight’s Episode, The Team Represents A Governor Who Killed A Man, Who Was Raping His Wife. The Team Learns That The Governor’s Wife Was Actually Having An Affair With The Man, And She Only Yelled Rape To Prevent Her Husband From Learning This. Meanwhile, We Learn That Mellie, Cyrus, Hollis, And Olivia Were All Part Of A Cover-Up. the Cover-Up Involved The Company That Suffered The Explosion. Apparently, The Company Made Software That Was Used On Voting Machines. It Seems That This Detail Also Fits Into The COnspiracy Somehow. However, In Tonight’s Episode, This Is All That We Learn About The Conspiracy. Olivia Learns That The Governor Did In Fact Know Of His Wife’s Affair, And He Premeditated The Murder Of Her Lover. Olivia Gets The Governor To Confess To This, However It Doesn’t Matter, As Olivia Can’t Turn The Governor In, Due To Attorney – Client Privilege. In The End, Olivia And The Team Were Played By The Genius Governor. We Also Learn That Olivia Wants To Revive A Relationship With Edison, But Can’t, Because She Isn’t Over Fitz. There’s Not Much More That I Can Say About This Episode Of Scandal, Except For The Fact That It Was Intriguing, Addicting, And All Around Awesome. For Fans Of The Show, I’m Sure You Already Know How Great This Show Is. Overall, I Would Absolutely Recommend Scandal. Watch Scandal Live: Thursday’s At 10/9C. On ABC.

~ Scott R.

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Here’s A Look At The Next All New Episode Of Scandal – 2×06 “Spies Like Us” –  

Episode Notes/Recap:

  • The Team Has Yet To Find Their 2 Missing Crew Members.
  • Marcus Gets In Contact With A Senior Whitehouse Advisor. The Advisor Tells Marcus That She Is His Negotiator. The Advisor Tells Marcus That His Son Won’t Get A Burial, Until Marcus And The Crew Surrender.
  • Marcus Releases C.O.B. From His Holding Cell, Under The Condition That C.O.B. Won’t Undermine Marcus, etc.
  • The Crew Learns That A Julian Serrat May Be Holding The 2 Missing Crew Members Captive.
  • Grace’s Father Asks The Perseus’s Developer To Find Out Who Sent The Nuke Order. The Developer Gives Grace’s Father The Information That She Has, And Agrees To Help Find Out Who Sent The Nuke Order.
  • Marcus Arrives, To Speak With Julian. Julian And Marcus Make A Deal, To Get The Missing Crew Members Back. Marcus Has To Do A Task For Julian, And Julian Will Return The Missing Crew Members.
  • The Crew Begins Their Task, For Julian. The Crew Must Transfer Drugs From One Of Julian’s Boats, And Put It On The Sub. The Crew Uses The Perseus, To Slip Past The Blockade, And Reach Julian’s Boat.
  • The Crew Gets The Drug Shipment Transferred, To The Sub.
  • The Crew Is Forced To Turn The Perseus Off, As It Is Draining The Sub’s Power.
  • The Blockade Destroyers Spot The Crew’s Location, As They Were Forced To Turn The Perseus Off.
  • The Destroyers Begin Firing On The Sub.
  • The Destroyers Aren’t Able To Damage The Sub, And They continue Moving Forward.
  • The Destroyers Once Again Spot The Sub, And They Turn Around, To Go After The Sub.
  • The Sub’s Crew Plans To Take The Sub Through An Underwater Canyon, To Escape The Destroyers.
  • The Perseus Developer Arrives Home To Find Her Hard drive (That Contains A Vast Amount Of Information About The Perseus) Stolen. The Developer Suspects That Her Romantic Friend, Robert, Stole The Hard drive.
  • The Crew Begins Navigating Through The Canyon.
  • The Sub Successfully Makes It Through The Canyon.
  • Marcus And The Crew Aren’t Able To Make It Back In Time. Julian Begins Executing The Crew Members.
  • Marcus And The Crew Are Late, But They Deliver The Cargo To Julian.
  • Julian Releases 2 Crew Members To Marcus. Marcus Learns That Julian Executed The Remaining Crew Member.
  • The Crew Returns To The Village, And They Begin Planning Their Next Move.
  • It’s Suggested That The Perseus Developer’s Dad Stole The Hard drive.


Tonight’s Episode Of Last Resort Was Great, But Slower Paced. In Tonight’s Episode, Marcus Learns That Julian Has Taken 3 Of The Crew Members Captive. Marcus Makes A Deal With Julian, To Get The Crew Members Back. Marcus And The Crew Slip Past The Blockade That Is  Surrounding The Island, To Retrieve Cargo From Julian’s Boat. Marcus And The Crew Retrieves The Cargo, But They Are Late, When The Meet With Julian. Julian Releases 2 Crew Members To Marcus. Marcus Learns That Because He Was Late, Julian Executed The 3rd Crew Member. The Crew Then Returns To The Village, To Plan Their Next Move. I’m Becoming A Huge Fan Of Last Resort. The Show Has Everything that You Could Want: Drama, Action, Mystery, Conspiracy, etc. However, Tonight’s Episode Wasn’t As Thrilling As The Previous Episodes, But It Was Still A Great One. Overall, I Would Definitely Recommend Last Resort. Watch Last Resort Live: Thursday’s At 8/7C. On ABC.


~ Scott R.

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Here’s A Look At The Next All Episode Of Last Resort – 1×04 “Voluntold” –

Episode Notes/Recap:

  • Warships Begin Closing In On The Island.
  • Marcus Activates The “Perseus” Prototype That Is On Board Of The Sub. The Prototype Works, And It Takes The Colorado  Off Of The Radar, Completely.
  • An Unknown Aircraft Crosses The No-Man’s Land Perimeter.
  • The Crew Learns That The Aircraft Is A Passenger Jet. The Passenger Jet Is Turned Around, And Sent Back.
  • Sam Gets A Phone Call From His Wife, Christine. Christine Tells Sam That The Government Is Willing To Give Him And The Crew Full Amnesty, In Exchange For Marcus, And The Sub. However, Christine Then Tells Sam Not To Trust The Government. It Seems That The Government Is Trying To Turn Christine, But Has Failed.
  • The Team Begins To Suspect That A HALO Team Parachuted From The Passenger Jet That Was Turned Around. If This Is True, The HALO Team Could Ambush The Crew, In A Matter Of Hours.
  • The Developer Of The Perseus Begins To Suspect That The Illinois Tried To Sink The Colorado, In Order To Seize The Perseus. The Developer Enlists Her Friend To Find Out Who Ordered The Illinois To Fire On The Colorado.
  • Sam Enlists A Team, To Intercept The HALO Team, If There Is In Fact An HALO Team.
  • Sam And His Team Begin Searching For The HALO Team.
  • Christine Learns That Sam Was Taken Prisoner In North Korea. The Government Tells Christine That Marcus Then Put His Own Career On The Line, To Save Sam.
  • Marcus Gets In Contact With A Government (Secretary) Official. The (Secretary) Official Claims That There Is No DELTA Team On The Island.
  • Sam And His Team Run Into What Seems To Be DELTA Members. Sam Drops His Weapon, And Goes Out To Talk To The DELTA Team.
  • Marcus Learns That The Individuals Are Actually Russian Spetsnaz, And Relays This Information To Sam. Sam Rushes To Cover, And A Shoot-Out Ensues Between Sam’s Team, And The Russian Spetsnaz Team.
  • Marcus Gets In Touch With Viktor, A High Ranking Russian Official. Viktor Says That He And His Men Want The Sub. In Exchange, Viktor Says No-One Will Be Injured. Marcus Relays This Information To The U.S. Secretary, And The Secretary Orders Viktor To Stand Down. It’s Not Clear If Viktor Will Cooperate.
  • Sam And His Team Eliminate The Spetsnaz Team. (James Discreetly Sniped Two Of The Spetsnaz Members)
  • Sam And His Team Make Their Way Back To The NATO Station. A Few Of The Team Was Killed, And Grace Sustained Minor Injuries. Sam And The Team Are Returning With 2 Spetsnaz Prisoners.
  • One Of Sam’s College Friends Arrives, And Removes Christine From The Government Questioning Session. It Seems That The Friend Is Now Going To Be Christine’s Lawyer.
  • The Spetsnaz Prisoners Are Secured, In One Of The Island’s Makeshift Jail Cells.
  • It’s Revealed That Marcus’s Son Was Killed 2 Weeks Ago, In Afghanistan, By Friendly Fire.
  • The Perseus Developer’s Friend Is In A Coma. It Seems That He May Have Come To Close To The Truth, About Who Ordered The Attack, On The Colorado.
  • The Crew Has Yet To Find Their Missing Members.

Favorite Episode Quote(s):

1) “Sometimes The Enemy Is Just The Man Keeping You From Getting Home.”   – Marcus

2) “I Got My Own List, A Lot Longer Than That”   – James

3) “Either Way, This Sucks.”   – Sam



Tonight’s Episode Of Last Resort Was Exhilarating! In Tonight’s Episode, Russian Spetsnaz Spies Infiltrate The Island. Sam And His Team Must Ultimately Confront, And Eliminate The Spies. It Seems That The Spies Were Sent, To Retrieve The Sub, And The Perseus Prototype, That Is On Board. The Developer Of The Perseus Begins To Suspect That The Illinois Sub Fired On The Colorado, In Order To Seize The Perseus. The Developer Enlists Her Close Friend To Find Out Who Ordered The Illinois To Fire On The Colorado. Ultimately, The Developer’s Friend Mysteriously Ends Up In A Coma. It Seems That The Developer’s Friend Came To Close To The Truth, And Was Eliminated. Back At The Island, A Few Members Of The Sub’s Crew Have Went Missing, And We Have Yet To Learn Where They Are. Two Of The Spetsnaz Spies Are Taken Prisoner By Sam And His Team, And Are Locked Up In One Of The Island’s Jail Cells. I Am Already Loving Last Resort, And It’s Unique, And Also Intriguing, Story. I Honestly Feel That The Last Show That Was A Great As Last Resort  Is Turning Out To Be, Would Have To Be LOST. Last Resort  Adequately Mixes Action, Thrill, Mystery, Conspiracy, Drama, And Dozens Of Other Categories, Into A Neatly Wrapped 1 Hour Time-Slot. It’s Too Early To Predict The Future Of This Show, But I’m Definitely Curious To See Where It Goes. Overall, I Would Definitely Recommend Last Resort. Watch Last Resort  Live: Thursday’s At 8/7C. On ABC.


~ Scott R.

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Here’s A Look At The Next All New Episode Of Last Resort – 1×03 “Eight Bells” –