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Episode Notes/Recap:

  • During A Meeting With The 2nd Mass, Weaver Begins Having Convulsions, And He Collapses. It Seems To Somehow Be Related To The Injury That He Sustained From The Harness. Anne Rushes To Weaver, To Assess The Situation.
  • Weaver Is Temporarily Restrained In One Of The Hospital’s Rooms. It Seems That The Poison From The Harness Bite Is Spreading.
  • Tom Tells The 2nd Mass That They Need To Get Help For Weaver. Tom Tells Everyone That The 2nd Mass Needs To Head Out For Charleston Immediately.
  • While Out Scouting, Hal And Maggie Stumble Upon Dozens Of Dead Children/Teens That Have Had Their Harnesses Removed.  While Checking For Any Surviving Children/Teens, Hal Finds Karen Face Down, Amongst The Dead Children/Teens (Apparently Karen’s Harness Has Been Removed, As Well). Karen Jolts Awake, And Pleads For Hal To Help Her.
  • Tom Tells The 2nd Mass That They Need To Head For Charleston A.S.A.P. Tom Is Informed, That Under Weaver’s Orders, The Men Drained The Vehicles’ Fuel, To Keep The Hospital’s Generator Going. The Vehicles Are Out Of Fuel, And The Generator Only Has 12 Hours Worth Of Fuel Remaining.
  • Tom Tells Dai To Assign 3 Teams, To Go Scouting For Fuel.
  • Hal And Maggie Rush Back To Camp With Karen.
  • Ben Tells Tom That They Can’t Let Karen Stay, Because She Is Still Attached To The Skitters. Ben Says That Karen’s Harness May Have Been Removed, But He Can Hear The Connection Between Her And The Skitters.
  • Karen Is Taken The Psyche Ward Of The Hospital, And Put Into A Secure Room.
  • Karen Regains Consciousness.
  • Karen {Claims To} Have No Memory Of How Her Harness Was Removed, Or How She Ended Up In The Woods, Facedown. Tom Informs Karen That She Must Stay In The Hospital Room, Until It’s Determined That She’s Not A Threat.
  • Ben Decides To Stay With Karen, To See If Something Is Out Of The Ordinary With The Situation/Her Return.
  • Weaver’s Condition Begins To Rapidly Deteriorate. Anne Thinks That The Poison Has Infiltrated Weaver’s Bloodstream.
  • Anne And Lourdes Learn That The Pathogens Inside Of Weaver Can Only Live In Cool Environments (Which Is Why They Have Stayed Close To The Surface Of Weaver’s Skin). Anne And Lourdes Cover Weaver With Blankets To Raise His Core Temperature. This Slows The Spread Of The Pathogens, But It Doesn’t Kill Them. Anne And Lourdes Think That If They Perform A Rarely Used Technique, It Will Disrupt The Growth Of The Pathogens. The Techniques Involves Weaver’s Blood Being Pumped Out, Heated To Over 105 Degrees, Cooled Down, And Pumped Back In. Heating The Blood Should Kill The Pathogens.
  • Jamil Begins Looking For Supplies To Help Successfully Complete Weaver’s Procedure.
  • The 3 Fuel Scouting Teams Return To The Hospital. They Didn’t Find Any Fuel, But They Did Find Anthony And Pope. Anthony Seems Unharmed, But Pope Is Unconscious. Pope Is Rushed Into The Hospital And Placed Under Anne’s Care.
  • Anthony Says That Pope Was Injured By A Mech Blast.
  • While Talking To Karen, Ben Gets Close To Her, And Some Sort Of Connection Forms Between The Two Of Them. Both Of Their Spikes Begin To Glow. Hal Walks In And Asks What Is Going On, Karen Then Collapses.
  • Karen Awakens. She Disoriented, But She’s Not Injured.
  • Weaver’s Procedure Begins.
  • The Hospital’s Power Goes Out Causing The Machine, Pumping Weaver’s Blood, To Go Out. Tom Begins Manually Turning The Pump, But If The Power Isn’t Restored Soon, The Pump’s Water Temperature Will Cool. It Won’t Be Able To Heat Weaver’s Blood Then.
  • The Power Is Restored, And The Pump Begins Working On It’s Own Again.
  • Tector (Who Was Assigned To Fuel Scouting) Returns With Barrels Full Of Gasoline.
  • Hal Begins To Suspect That Ben Is Trying To Recruit Karen, To Become An Ally Of Him And The Skitters.
  • Maggie Goes Into Karen’s Room To Question Her. Maggie Has A Gun Drawn On Karen For Protection. Karen Begins Talking Trash To Maggie, And Maggie Opens Fire On Her. Karen Uses Her Superhuman Abilities (That She Gained From Being Harnessed) To Dodge The Bullets. A Fight Begins Between Maggie And Karen.
  • Karen Knocks Maggie Out. Ben Arrives, And Karen Claims That She Is The Victim Of The Situation.
  • Ben Tells Karen That He Knows A Place Where People Like Themselves Can Be Accepted/Safe.
  • Karen And Ben Head To The Roof To Make Their Escape. Hal Walks Out Onto The Roof, And Tells Them That They’re Not Going Anywhere. Ben Chokes Hal, Until He Falls Unconscious, And Ben And Karen Escape From The Hospital, And Begin Heading For Their “Safe-Haven”.
  • Weaver Awakens, And Is Even Able To Speak. His Procedure Was Successful, And It Seems That His Condition Is Improving.
  • Pope Awakens And Tells Tom That The Skitters Are Looking For Ben. Apparently Pope Was Overrun By Skitters, And They Used Karen As A Medium, To Ask Him The Location Of Ben And The 2nd Mass. This Situation Happened 2-3 Days Ago.
  • Tom Rushes To Find Ben, But He Learns That Ben And Karen Have Escaped. Tom Also Finds Hal And Maggie Unconscious.

Favorite Episode Quote(s):

1) “You Know Weaver And His Schedules.”    – Tom

2) “Typical Guy, Making It All About You.”    – Maggie

3) “They’re Not My Masters.”    – Karen

4) “There’s No Other Choice, Is There?”    – Dai

5) “So Let’s Stop Playing Games, Okay?”    – Maggie

6) “I’m Sorry It Came To This, Ben.”    – Karen

7) “How Much Fuel Did We Burn Saving My Sorry Ass?”    – Weaver



Tonight’s Episode Of Falling Skies Was Great! Tonight’s Episode Really Focused On  The Mystery Behind Ben And His Glowing Spikes. Tonight’s Episode Also Threw In A Huge Twist, By Bringing (Unharnessed) Karen Into The Show. I’ve Been A Fan Of The Show Since I Watched The Series Premiere, Last Year. I’m Curious To See How The Rest Of The Season Plays Out, And I’m Excited To Hear That Falling Skies Has Officially Been Renewed For A Third Season. Overall, I Would Definitely Recommend Falling Skies. Watch Falling Skies Live: Sunday’s At 9/8c. On TNT.


~ Scott R.