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Tonight: NBC’s Deception Series Premiere

Posted: January 7, 2013 by Aaron M Zaffuto in NBC
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Tonight at 10/9c NBC premieres their revengey drama Deception. The show is full of twists, conspiracy & soapy drama with a cast that plays their roles so well you can’t help but get hooked right from the start. The premise is a classic story of a rich girl who gets into trouble but the show goes far deeper.

Deception Promo:

Aaron @zaffuto234

8/7c Whitney on NBC

8:30/7:30c Guys with Kids on NBC

9/8c Law & Order SVU on NBC:

10/9c Chicago Fire on NBC:

10/9c Nashville Recap on ABC:

“Clips reveal Rayna James’ and Juliette Barnes’ intersecting stories.”

It’s that day of the year to spend time with friends and family some who may not watch much tv.  If you can get away from Football and holiday themed TV here’s some quality shows to force feed them.

USA’s Suits- All 22 episodes are available to watch on demand until the 2nd half of season 2 begins in January. Best of all its already been renewed for season 3.

ABC’s Last Resort– Though canceled the creator has promised some closure in the final episodes. The show is a good example of quality tv and your grandpa or uncle who was in military might be able to relate to the show. All 7 hours are available on Hulu.

ABC’s Scandal– The suspenseful, drama filled show will keep you on the edge of your seat every episode. The show has had mediocre ratings so get them hooked on the short 7 episode first season on Netflix.

ABC’s Nashville– The rookie show following the lives of two fictional country singers is full of drama and music. You dan’t have to like county to watch but if you do that’s a plus. Just like Scandal the show has had mediocre ratings so get them hooked on the first 6 episodes on Hulu

What will you be watching today?

8/7c  Last Resort on ABC

9/8c Burn Notice 2 hour Winter Premiere on USA Network

(Just renewed for a 13 episode 7th season)

Burn Notice is back with a bang as Michael attempts to escape from Panama and take down Tom Card.

Recap Burn Notice Summer Finale 6×10 “Desperate Times”


9:30/8:30c Parks and Recreation on NBC

“Leslie is apprehensive about meeting Ben’s divorced parents for the first time; Tom turns to Jean-Ralphio for help pitching his new business venture to Ron; and Chris finds himself on an emotional roller coaster.”

Following one of the best episodes of the series the proposal took the show to a new level.

Ben’s Proposal:

10/9c Scandal on ABC