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Episode Notes/Recap:

  • Cragen Calls Benson, And Tells Her About Carissa, Whom He Has Found Dead, In His Bed.
  • It’s Revealed That Carissa Met With Cragen, And Accused Amaro Of Trying To Take Advantage Of Her, Sexually.
  • Benson Arrives At Cragen’s Place. Cragen Has Called 911, And They Are On Their Way. Cragen Has No Idea What Happened.
  • The Police Arrive, At Cragen’s Place. Cragen Is Taken To The Hospital, As His Memory Is Foggy. It Seems That Cragen May Have Been Drugged.
  • The SVU Gets Assigned A Temporary Captain, A Man Named Steven Harris. (Adam Baldwin)
  • Cragen’s Questioning Begins.
  • Cragen Is Forced To Reveal The Accusations, That Carissa Made Against Amaro.
  • All Of The Evidence Begins To Stack Up Against Cragen. However, The SVU Detectives Still Strongly Believe That Cragen Was Set-Up.
  • Delia Visits Amaro. She Tells Amaro That Ganzel And Cassidy Are Playing Him.
  • Cragen Is Officially Placed Under Arrest, For Carissa’s Murder.
  • Cragen Pleads Not Guilty, And He Is Denied Bail.
  • Finn And Rollins Visit Ganzel. Ganzel Suspects That Delia Is Behind Everything.
  • Delia And Her Attorney Provide Pictures Of Cragen, With Delia’s Escorts. It’s Not Clear If The Photos Are Authentic.
  • Delia Attempts To Strike A Deal. The Deal Is For Delia’s Murder Charge To Be Dropped, In Accordance With Her Cooperation.
  • Paula Foster, A Department Head For The N.Y.P.D, Tells Benson That Cassidy Works For Her Personally. Paula Says That Information Confirming A Few Of Cragen’s Charges, Came Up On Cassidy’s Wiretaps. Also, Paula Has Learned About Benson And David, From The Wiretaps.
  • Paula Agrees Not To File A Report, About Benson And David’s Relationship.
  • The SVU Learns That Carissa Formerly Worked For Delia. The SVU Also Learns That Governor Fletcher Was One Of Carissa’s Regular Clients, In The Days That She Worked For Delia.
  • Cragen Reveals To Benson That, For A Brief Period Of Time, He Was Using Delia’s Services. Cragen Says That He Only Did So, To Have Someone To Talk To.
  • Amaro Learns That Maria Is Moving To D.C., And She’s Taking Zarra With Her. Maria Claims That It Is Only Temporary.
  • The SVU Finds Iris, Whom Is One Delia’s Top Tier Record Keeper’s, Dead. Iris Knew Everything  That Delia Did, Regarding Delia’s Services. Iris Was Scheduled To Testify Against Delia, In Court.
  • Amaro Is Brought In For Questioning, Regarding Carissa. Amaro Maintains That He Never Acted Inappropriately, With Carissa.
  • Anya Solar, Whom Was The Last Person Left To Testify Against Delia, Is Found Dead, In Her Home Country Of Colombia.
  • Amaro Confronts Cassidy, And Tells Cassidy That He Wants To Know Who He’s Working For. When Cassidy REfuses To Divulge This Information, Amaro Draws His Gun On Cassidy.
  • Cassidy Maintains That He Reports To Paula.
  • Ganzel Finds The Wiretaps, In His Headquarters.
  • Cassidy Disappears, No-One Knows Where He Is.
  • Cassidy Arrives At Ganzel’s Headquarters. Ganzel Tells Cassidy That He Found Wiretaps. Ganzel Suspects The N.Y.P.D. Of Planting The Wiretaps.
  • Ganzel Agrees To Testify Against Delia, In Exchange For Full Immunity. Ganzel Gives The SVU Three Baseball Bats, That Thugs Used To Threaten Ganzel. Ganzel Suspects That The Thugs Were Hired By Delia.
  • The Prints From The Baseball Bats Come Back, As Belonging To Thugs, That Work For Delia.
  • Benson And Cassidy Begin Escorting Ganzel To A Transport Vehicle. Two Thugs Are Tampering With The Vehicle. One Of The Thugs Makes A Run For It, And Benson Goes After Him. The Other Thug Pulls A Gun On Cassidy. Cassidy Then Pulls His Gun, On The Thug. An Uniformed Officer Then Arrives, And Draws Her Gun On The Thug And Cassidy. Cassidy Identifies Himself As A Police Officer, And Benson Rushes Over To Stop The Uniformed Officer, But It’s Too Late. The Officer Shoots Cassidy Twice, In The Chest.
  • Cassidy Is Rushed To The Hospital.
  • Benson Begins To Suspect That Cassidy’s Shooting Was A Set-Up.
  • Finn Begins Questioning The Young Thug, That Benson Apprehended.
  • The Thug Says That He Just Started Working In A Car Theft Ring.
  • Amaro And Rollins Visit The Officer That Shot Cassidy (Officer Gonzales). Gonzales Cracks, And Says That Her Sergeant Pulled Her Aside, And Told Her About A Tip, On A Car Theft Ring. Gonzales Says That Her Sergeant (Sergeant Koudak) Showed Her A Picture Of Cassidy, And Told Her That Cassidy Was Armed And Dangerous. Gonzales Says That Her Sergeant Told Her If She Got Cassidy, She Would Make Detective.
  • It’s Revealed That Gonzales Was Sleeping With Sergeant Koudak, As Well.
  • Cassidy Awakens, And Benson Goes To See Him. Benson Tells Cassidy That Ganzel Made Him. Benson Says That Ganzel Called In A Favor, And Arranged For Cassidy To Be Shot.
  • Cassidy And Benson Share A Kiss.
  • Ganzel Is Arrested.
  • Ganzel Pleads Not Guilty, And Makes Bail.
  • The SVU Is Able To Get Ganzel’s Attorney (Querns) To Turn On Ganzel. Quern’s Steps Down, As Ganzel’s Legal Council.
  • Ganzel Admits To Querns That He Hired Carissa To Drug Cragen, So That He Could Set Cragen Up. Ganzel Says That He Learned That Carissa Was Seeing Cassidy. Ganzel Says That He Then Got A Knife From Cragen’s Kitchen, And Killed Carissa.
  • Querns Indiscreetly Records Ganzel’s Admission.
  • Cragen Learns That He’s Not Off Of The Hook Yet. Apparently, Delia Cut A Deal With The D.A. Delia Got Three Of Her Girls To Testify Against Cragen, It Return, Delia Has Received Immunity. It Seems That Cragen’s Charges Include: Solicitation, Forced Sodomy, And The Use Of A Deadly Weapon.
  • The SVU Learns That There Have Been Three Undercover Investigations, Regarding Delia’s Services. Delia Turned The First Two Undercover Detectives. However, The Last Undercover Recorded 18 Months Of Wiretap Conversations, Yet The Case Never Made It To Court.
  • Benson Learns That There Are Some Major Inconsistencies, Regarding Paula’s Finances.
  • Benson Confronts Paula, And Learns That Delia/Exley Have Been Paying Off Paula For 8 Years. Paula’s Daughter Has A Rare Disease, Which Makes For Expensive Hospital Bills. Delia And Exley Paid These Bills. In Exchange, Paula Had To Look The Other Way, Regarding Certain Issues, And Had To Do Occasional Favors For Delia And Exley.
  • Benson Arrests Paula, For The Crimes That She Has Committed.
  • Delia Is Arrested, For Her Crimes.
  • The Attorney General Is Arrested, As Well. It Seems That He Too, Was On Delia’s Payroll.
  • Many N.Y.P.D. Officers, Senators, And Deputy Mayors Are Arrested. It Seems That Delia Had A Vast Amount Of Officials, And Officers, On Her Payroll.
  • Delia’s Girls Recant Their Statements, Against Cragen.
  • Cragen Is Released From Jail. Once He Beats The Charges Filed Against Him, Cragen Should Be Able To Return To The SVU.
  • David Turns In His Resignation.

Favorite Episode Quote(s):

1) “I Don’t Need Slogans, Rollins.”   – Cragen


Tonight’s Episode Of Law And Order: Special Victims Unit Was Simply Epic! In Tonight’s Episode, Cragen Was Arrested For The Murder Of The Infamous Carissa. The SVU Began Investigating The Murder, Only To Discover A Horrendous Conspiracy. Ganzel, Whom Runs An Escort Service, Hired Carissa To Frame Cragen. Ganzel However, Became Angry With Carissa, And Murdered Her. The SVU Also Learned That Delia, A Well Known Madam, Had Been Paying Off Dozens Of High Ranking Officials, And Police Officers. Ultimately, Delia, Ganzel, And Everyone On Delia’s Payroll Was Arrested. Cragen Was Released From Jail, And He Is Now One Step Closer To Returning To The SVU. I’ve Been A Fan Of Law And Order: Special Victims Unit, Since I Started Watching It, A Few Seasons Back. The Show Is Able To Adequately Mix: Suspense, Thrill, Drama, Mystery, And Even Romance Into An Epic One Hour (Two Hours In This Case) Time-Slot. Overall, I Highly Enjoy The Show, And I Would Definitely Recommend It. Watch Law And Order: Special Victims Unit Live: Wednesday’s At 10/9C. On NBC.

~ Scott R.

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