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Sea Shepard - Operation Zero Tolerance

It Seems That Whale Wars Has Indeed Been Renewed For A 6th Season! I Know Fans Of The Show, Including Myself, Are Glad To Learn This. Whale Wars Is An Animal Planet Documentary Show That Follows The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, As They Battle In The Arctic Tundra, To Save Whales. The Sea Shepherd Volunteer Members Battle For Months With Japanese Whalers, In An Attempt To Prevent The Slaughter Of Hundreds Of Whales. For Years, Far Beyond The Length Of The Show, Captain Paul Watson And His Crew Have Tirelessly Fought The Japanese Whalers. Both The Sea Shepherd And The Japanese Whalers Have Many Dangerous Tactics That They Use On One Another, Constantly. The Show Has Gained Much Controversy In Its Previous Seasons, As Both The Sea Shepherd, And Japanese Whalers Claim That They Are Operating Well Within The Parameters Of Judicial Law. “Operation Zero Tolerance” (The Sea Shepherd Annual Anti-Whaling Campaign) Has Already Commenced, Which Means That Filming For Whale Wars Season 6 Has Already Commenced. Season 6 Of The Eye Opening Documentary Show Will Air This Summer, On Animal Planet.

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