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A follower and Chuckster, Richard (@ChuckVStheMovie) has proposed us fans do some work tomorrow promoting the cast (and crew if you want) and dvd realease date of our favorite show:

Richard- If we could get #Chucksters to do a #FF for each cast member with a #HashTag of #ChuckS5DvdMay8 we could really promote the Dvd’s

Beginning FRIDAY anywhere you can join in, and Saturday we can view how well us fans did on-

The Cast:

@ZacharyLevi (Chuck)

@Y_Strahovski (Sarah)

@JoshuaEGomez (Morgan)

@adamsbaldwin (Casey)

@RyanMcPartlin (Captain Awesome)

@MarkChrLawrence (Big Mike)

@Scott_Krinsky (Jeff)

@JesseHeiman (Fernando- BuyMore employee)