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Episode Notes:

  • Alex Continues Using Coma Arousal Therapy On Charlie.
  • A Man (Benjamin) Comes Into The Hospital, With Pain In His Abdomen.
  • Two Brothers (Johnny And Isaac) Arrive At The Hospital. Apparently The Two Are Roofers,  And They Both Fell Off Of The Roof That They Were Working On.
  • During Issac’s Surgery, He Stops Breathing, And Joins Charlie’s Out-Of-Body Form.
  • The Surgeons Aren’t Able To Revive Issac, He Ultimately Dies.
  • Benjamin Is Diagnosed As Being Anemic.
  • As Benjamin’s Discharge Papers Are Being Prepared, The Man Collapses On The Floor.
  • Issac’s Body Is Taken To The Morgue, But For Some Reason His Out-Of-Body Form Remains With Charlie.
  • Johnny Has A Severely Injured Leg That Requires Immediate Surgery. Johnny His Informed Of Issac’s Death.
  • As Charlie And Issac Wander Through The Hospital, They Witness The Death Of A Patient. The Patient’s Out-Of-Body Form Joins Them For Mere Seconds, And Then Passes On. (Why Hasn’t Isaac Passed On Yet?)
  • Johnny’s Wife Arrives At The Hospital. She Tells One Of The Doctors That She Needs To Talk To Johnny Before His Surgery, Because They Have Been Fighting/Arguing. Johnny Tells His Wife To Leave Because He Doesn’t Want To See Her. Apparently Issac Was Somehow Involved With Their Arguments.
  • It’s Revealed That Benjamin Drew Blood From Himself, And Drank It To Make It Seem As If He Was Anemic. The Doctors Learn That Benjamin Also Used Steroids To Make It Seem As If He Had An Ailment.
  • Johnny’s Surgery Begins.
  • It’s Revealed That Isaac Was In Love With Johnny’s Wife. Isaac Told Johnny About The Situation, And An Argument Began. The Two Were Arguing On Top Of The Roof that They Were Working On. During Their Argument, The Two Brothers Fell Off Of The Roof.
  • It’s Revealed That Benjamin Has A Mental Disorder That Makes Him Feel Safe In Hospitals. Basically, Benjamin Constantly Injures HimSelf (Purposely) And Admits Himself Into Hospitals, Due To His Mental Condition. The Doctors Call In a Psychiatrist To Consult Benjamin.
  • Alex Tells Benjamin That He’s In Denial About His Mental Condition. Benjamin Then Tells Alex That She’s In Denial About Charlie Waking Up.
  • Johnny’s Surgery Is Succesful. While In The Recovery Room, Johnny’s Wife Comes In To Visit Him And Says that She Didn’t Mean To Fall In Love WIth Isaac. Johnny And His Wife Make Up, But Then Johnny Starts Blaming Himself For Issac’s Death. Issac Begins Telling Johnny That It’s Not His Fault. It’s Suggested That Johnny May Have Been Able To Hear His Dead Brother. 
  • Issac Has Made His Peace With His Brother. Issac’s Out-Of-Body Form Passes On.
  • The Neurologist Observes Charlie And Tells Alex That His Condition Hasn’t Improved.

Favorite Episode Quote(s):

1) “That’s Another Excellent Question.”   – Charlie



Tonight’s Episode Of Saving Hope Was Magnificent!  I Like How The Series Focuses On Two Or More Individual Patients, But Also Focuses On The Main Character’s (Charlie) Experiences. I Must Say that After Watching The Pilot I Wasn’t Impressed. But After Seeing The Second Episode, I Have Become A Fan Of The Series. I’m Really Looking Forward To The Rest Of The Show’s Season. Overall, I Would Definitely Recommend Saving Hope. Watch Saving Hope Live: Thursday’s At 9/8C. On NBC.

~ Scott R.